Come Into Compliance: A Workshop

Rain Marijuana featureFree event today!

Press release:

Learn how to Grow Green and Grow Legal at the Cannabis Farmers Workshop brought to you by EPIC, Mad River Alliance, Humboldt Green and California Growers Association. Hear directly from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and Department of Fish and Wildlife how to participate with California water quality and wildlife laws; learn the steps necessary to be permitted under Humboldt County’s Marijuana Land Use Ordinance; and find out how to implement best management practices, with presentations by Pacific Watershed Associates and High Tide Permaculture, to ensure legal compliance. Attendees receive a 2016 Compliance Handbook.

What: A workshop designed to provide resources for regional farmers to come into compliance with state, regional and local laws!
When: Sunday, March 13th, 2016 / 11am to 4:20pm
Where: Mateel Community Center
Tickets: A Free Event

11:00am Welcome & Intro
11:30am-12:15pm Jennifer Olson, California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Regulatory Compliance
12:15pm – 1:00pm Tom Leroy, Pacific Watershed Associates, “Transitioning from Growing to Farming”
1:00pm – 1:30pm Short Lunch Break
1:30 – 2:15 Connor Mcintee North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory Program
2:30 – 3:30 Natalynne DeLapp, of EPIC “A Citizen’s Guide to the Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance”
3:30 – 4:15 Dan Mar “Water We Doing, Where are We Going, and How to Get There”
4:15 – 5:00 Study SessionAfter the workshop, stay and hang out with a concert by Object Heavy from 5-7pm! Food available by Simmered Down.


  • Farmers? Ha what a joke.

  • George Washington was a hemp farmer Ha

  • What a joke.
    Unless this is being put on by business growth professionals and real development consultants from Big AG/Wine industry, it’s a wate of time and most certainly ANY investment.
    Have your lawyer attend, many of these “consultants” are trying to capitalize on fear and feeding inaccurate information/laws to hook new clients.
    The anti-growth crowd does not have your business interest in mind.

    • So having the water board there means nothing? This is just a first step taking people who have been working illegally and bring them into compliance with Ag laws.

  • Well the jokes on you .It’s a new dawn …..

    • Yes, welcome to a stoned America. I can hardly wait.


      A new dawn? Really, just wait till they come out to your property and start writing up all your violations. Some of you hill folk should go to jail for what you have done to your land.
      You rednecks better start cleaning up, cover your landfills and plastic burnpiles! Get rid of all them piles of junk and garbage. They are coming and bringing the reamer along!

  • The real question for me is.. Do I trust the government ? answer No. I understand living in a quasi legal state is subject to a fair amount of paranoia , and I understand this procedure will offer some easiness to mind, but a what price ? The government looking into your business affairs does not sound paranoid free to me. I would rather deal with getting busted and paying a small fine and maybe probation than dealing with all these different state agencies plus the IRS. I pay taxes but I dont give them a microscope.

  • Don’t worry, they just need to know your parcel number and your social security number so when they fly over and decide that your ‘just barely’ (lol) not meeting there required regulations you will have basically already plead guilty.

    • You are correct Saucy, The government does not do anything out of a good heart, They have no heart to use. They are just another corporation like IBM, PG&E, ENRON.

  • This is funny. Do you seriously think the FEDS and local law enforcement don’t know where your operation is? As more cannabis businesses come into compliance, it will be easier to bust the ones that are not.

    • I believe giving the Feds info on yourselves takes away the probable cause out of the constitution, and would jeopardize your defense. Anyway the Feds at the best just want your money to pay the bureaucracy to manage this cottage industry. or at worse they see the mom & pop operations as competition. and no big business want or allows competition.

  • Too bad we aren’t going to see legalization for non-commercial growers.

  • I still remember when 215’s first became a thing…Everyone would post there little pieces of paper at there grow sites to prove that what they were doing was ‘legal’…I actually know someone who got busted and was supposibly completely growing within all the parameters and number count that was required at the time (this was a long time ago) Anyway cops didn’t care about the piece of paper that basically said “this person is allowed to do this” they cut it all down anyway. I’m willing to wager this new ‘come into compliance’ thing is gonna be the same exact thing…So go ahead and tell them exactly where your mega grow is at.

    • Better yet, don’t mega-grow. Or be sure to make it a clean scene.

      • Or how bout grow a few plants for your own personal use and get a real job and pay taxes and such, that you know pay for schools, roads, firefighters ,police etc.

        • Is a “real” job defined as something you don’t enjoy? What is a “real” job?

        • I agree with “??” plz tell us that. And also plz tell us how you afford to live around here working a ‘real’ job.

        • what is wrong with growing organically on a commercial scale while paying all said taxes. Not everyone wants to grow their own or have the space or time. Our problem is the failure to properly regulate this industry . The result is the mess we are in now. It’s been this way here for so long that most are fed up with it and at this point over it. Whereas in other parts of the country people are seeing this as an economic opportunity and voting legalization. In these areas there are large scale grow operations that are paying out the ass in taxes. Work in any large scale ag or farm operation, wether it be cannabis or corn, and it’s a lot of hard work. [edit]

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