Vehicle of Two Beloved Retired Teachers Rammed by White Chevy Which Then Fled


Today, in Garberville about 1:05 p.m. a white Chevy 4WD truck struck the parked and empty vehicle of two former teachers–Andy and Jean McKay. The orange Kia of the older couple was forced onto the sidewalk near the Umqua Bank where it hit a two hour parking sign. Fortunately, no one was injured. According to witnesses, the driver of the 4WD appeared to be attempting to hit a local woman.

According to Shanda Centeno, who sent in the photos, the man driving the Chevy fled the scene.

The California Highway Patrol Incident page indicates the vehicle was last seen headed up Alderpoint Road. Law enforcement is currently looking for the vehicle and the driver. According to scanner traffic, the driver reportedly has a firearm.20160311_131107 (1)



  • Hopefully the “local woman” will cooperate as a witness.

  • I’ll bet the perp is some dope smoking loser that hit the car and fled. This county is full of losers like this one. I hope the sheriff catches them and makes them pay.

  • So glad Jean and Andy are o.k. What’s going on down there? SMH

  • When taking photos, if possible get the license plate. Simplifies pursuit & apprehension

  • I know who did this, they are turning themselves in. He didn’t have a gun, no one ever saw a gun, so we can calm down that there’s some hit and run armed driver running loose. He was fighting with his crazy girl friend, and pulled in way fast and slid into the car. He did not ram it head on. He messed up big time, but is a long time local, never been to jail, he’s not some drugged out dangerous criminal. He will pay and mabey learn his lesson to not drive so wreckless in the future.

    • Hit and run. His car/truck was as good as a weapon. Shame on him.

    • You ‘know’ who did this. Now that you have your story straight just turn yourself in already.

    • Awesome. Bummed at the situation, yet glad to hear that he is turning himself in. Anger makes ya do stupid things (been there, done that). Hope he learns from his mistake, is able to make amends with the McKays and is able to move on with his life.

    • Haven’t seen his name in the “booked” list yet.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Oh yeah, he’s going to turn himself in. Hope so. Just in case, are you going to report the perp if he fails to do so? Wanna buy a bridge? Hope I am wrong.

  • And of course, this is because the owner was driviiiiiing a……just kidding. Inside non/humorous joke.

  • That loser and creep [edit]. fits that description to the T.

    • I’ve seen one or two other people say this too concerning this incident. Ugh… That guy is nothing but problems.

  • Not everything is as the media reports . A car got hit , a person fled . The rest is perspective and plain conjecture . The might be armed part is a disturbing and dangerously inaccurate statement . I wonder who made that part up ?

    • BRONC0; THE LOCAL WITNESS Tweeker is tripping because she stole his truck for 3 days that’s also why she lied about him having a gun [edit] the bath salts and Meth have her all messed up she made up the gun issue also [edit]

  • Watch where your walking?

  • Hit and run, no matter what.

  • That must have been the white 4WD truck that was flying up Alderpoint road five minutes later as I was driving down into town– going so fast he was well over the divider line and with a furious look on his face. Driving under the influence of anger is just as dangerous as any other mind-altering substance!

    • I agree but what is the excuse of all of the other a-holes driving like maniacs on AP road ? Drivers come speeding down the hill into AP like its a freeway. They do the same going back out. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets killed.

  • If he is really lucky the McKay’s will let him replace there vehicle with a new one and compensate them for this major inconvenience. But this will not change the fact he left the scene of the crime. And don’t fight with your girlfriend because it will cause more problems for you than you ever had in your whole life. Just let it gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!. And don’t come to town with a little gun ting mon the police and soldiers will shoot you down! !!!!!

  • Thank you Kato, it is difficult to know whether to add to the swirling rumor-river… but I was present when the object of his pursuit ran into a local business asking if she could hide from some guy who was after her, stating that he had just kicked a dog. When asked if she wanted the cops called, she said no way was she going to take it to the cops. We observed people in Ray’s parking lot looking in the direction of the hit vehicle. She left the building. What I heard about town was that he had chased her in his vehicle through the Shell station before hitting the teachers car. After the collision he allegedly blew through the stop sign and drove through town at a high speed. There were rumors that other cars were sideswiped. The scanner mentioned that he owned a registered gun. I do not know if the scanner reported that it was with him, or whether simply owning a weapon increased law enforcement response. Hopefully he has turned himself in, which would be to his credit… but his driving behavior was criminal. I do not know for a fact how much of the town rumormill was true, but these are the things I saw or heard.

  • He ALWAYS has a gun. He WAS trying to run over her. He LOANED her his truck. He DOESN’T do drugs. NEEDS anger management. WAS threatening to hurt her. She DIDN’T tell anyone that he had a gun. He DID use his truck as a weapon. And he LEFT the scene of an accident. (Any way you look at it that’s hit and run. A felony I think). These are all FACTS. I know them both real well and was nearby when this happened. Dumb ass move buddy. And with witnesses.

  • Love makes you lose your mind!

  • Hi Mrs. McKay! Glad to see you looking good, You were my teacher in 1971-72. I still remember the workbooks we did most of our work in very unique, questions on one side of the page answers on the other. We had to put a strip over the answers it was a fun way to learn.

  • funny There is alot of white 4x4s driving to fast on Alderpoint Road,daily.I Kinda of think this is one of them slow down punk.

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