Redheaded Blackbelt’s One Year Facebook Anniversary!

RHBB Anniversary

Can you believe we almost forgot?

March 11 is the one year anniversary of the Redheaded Blackbelt Facebook page. In just one year we’ve managed to get nearly 6,500 likes on Facebook. Wahoo!

We’re glad you’ve joined us. Don’t forget to tell your friends!



  • Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your articles and the subsequent comments and responses 🙂 Here’s to many more years!

  • Thank you for providing timely, accurate and well written local news presented in a thoughtful and respectful way.

  • Congratulations! !funny thing I canceled my news paper a year ago,didn’t need it I had up to date,right now,in my face great news and entertainment THANKS

  • Kym… Congratulations… You have made a huge contribution to our community and you continue to do it each day… Thanks so much for all your work..!!

  • Congratulations for your contributions to the community Kym.

  • I really like all your posts. They are always done with class and respect for the parties involved.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations! And thanks for all you do from one Mountain Woman to another.

  • As a former Journalist for radio, TV and newspapers, I really appreciate your unbiased coverage of all events. I read you regularly and applaud your efforts. I have been following you only for the last year or so but people in southern Humboldt put me in touch with your website. As a part time resident of Salmon Creek, I remember you when you waited on us many years ago at Tarintinos and your Dad actually went to school with my wife in Eureka. Those connections aside, it’s the professionalism you display in your work that impresses me the most. Keep up the good work. It’s so rare today.
    Ken S.

    • Ken, thank you. Just hearing about my dad from other people warms my heart. I miss him. I have to say that I never worked at Tarintinos but I did work at the restaurant in Miranda as a waitress so maybe that’s where we met.

  • Love your blog .But face crack ?

    • Facebook’s my friend…I get about a fifth of my readers through there…That’s important to a little site like mine.

      • The five trackers that hook to your computer when on your blog must be your friends also

        • Can you contact me about that? As far as I know, there are no such trackers other than something that WordPress and Google Analytics use.

          • Ghostery found 18 trackers

            Amazon Associates
            Advertising, Affiliate Marketing
            Advertising, Search
            Facebook Connect
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            Google Analytics
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            Krux Digital
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            Beacons, A/B Testing, Site Optimization
            Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, In-Text Ads
            SOASTA mPulse
            Twitter Button
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            • this list is wrong above sorry its only these delete above post
              Facebook Connect
              Widgets, Social
              Google Analytics
              Analytics, Analytics


    I don’t think I need more than what you offer right here,..thanks but no thanks!

  • Kym I so much enjoy your informative newspaper blog it let’s me voice my opinion and views .you have the best on line news and events in Humboldt mendo county’s keep up the estounding work how did you get so smart and we’ll written, and we went to t he same school lol

  • My day would not be complete without you kym.

  • The original, and one and only , Humboldt
    Co online news site with reader interaction. Keep it going!

  • Congrats Kym, Not an fb fan but you bring our world together. use the tools that work best, but Know they are sharp. carpenters adage. like the way you either censor or Repell trolls. keep positive and informative ,,, That goes for all of you.

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