McNab/Heeler Missing, Can You Help?

12804751_1696740403932980_4527230441638084622_nThis super cute two-year-old McNab/Blue Heeler mix went missing yesterday afternoon around Redway.

If you see Smokey, please call 707 223 2870.



  • Hope who ever stole her is taking good care of her. She looks like a very sweet girl. Lassie come home.

  • Have they found the dog?

  • We have not found him yet. I’ve been out looking every day talking to people and distributing flyers. Mostly in Redway –
    He was last seen in the woods across from Dazeys three days ago.

  • If you spot him please call me immediately @ 707-499-8853. Thank you

  • I deleted all my voice mail. If you tried to call and it was full I am so sorry!

  • Amy have you called redwoods rural as he may have headed there.
    Also recommend driving to the end of west coast road and calling him, there’s a swath of woods back there that goes down towards dazeys behind all the houses on north side west coast. There are phone poles at the end of road there that you could put a sign on for the folks in that neighborhood & at mobile home park.

    I hope you find each other soon!!

  • P.s. I have heard of people putting their clothes out to draw dog in with scent, maybe reds rural would let you put a shirt outside their door at both med&dental overnite&at least you’l know if he’s close enough to smell you 🙂

  • Theres a dog that lives near the end of west coast road that looks similar to yours, I would let the neighbors know about yours as suggested above, just in case they see your guy& think its just the one that lives there. That wooded area across from dazeys goes relatively far back and over a little ridge. I bet if you asked you could hike back there&see if your pooch followed the old logging road.
    I really hope you find him!

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