Iris Vonsieg: Fiercely Independent

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Iris Vonsieg, born on December 11, 1958 in Mainz, Germany, died on January 27, 2016. She is survived by her mother, Renate Thormann, and her son, Kyle Stanley. She was preceded in death by her sister, Siegrid Marie Kolec.

She grew up in Germany and came to Southern Humboldt in the early eighties. She lived in China Creek with Paul Kolec, whom she married. Later she moved to Harris and had a child, Kyle, with Harry Standley. She put Kyle through school in Germany but returned regularly to Southern Humboldt, where she loved to be and planned to return to.

She was incredibly hard working in her youth, helping many people establishing their homesteads.

She had a great love for animals and raised many, both wild and domestic. Her animals, or “critters” as she called them, came first in her life. One time, she put off having a broken leg set for 12 hours, while she made sure all her critters were safe, before taking care of herself.

Despite many medical challenges in her later life, she remained and was always cheerful and optimistic about recovering her health.

She was a very caring and giving person and always found time and energy to help and support others. A previous time she was visiting, she gave her car to a friend in need.

Her life was abruptly taken from her, at her apartment in Germany, during what appears to have been a robbery.



  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    One of the most incredible souls ive had the pleasure to spend a little time with, in this short time of life we are blessed with. Iris your troubles are past.You are in the light . Graceful be your journey on… thank you..

  • so sorry to hear this—a very pleasant human with good things to say/do—-will be missed—–so sorry Kyle, you are in our thoughts and prayers…

  • Isn’t the name Standley, not Stanley? RIP Iris.

  • Omg!! I had no idea. That is so sad. She was an amazing lady! 🙁

  • Always an inspiration to chat with. Her resiliency in the face of her physical health challenges was humbling. Fly free sweetheart Iris ..

  • Oh no, how horrible. She always looked forward to her trips home to Germany. She was a great person. Always a smile on her face. I will miss her.

  • She was the Lily lady to us. Always bought a few lilies when she came by. Bless her soul, may she rest in peace.

  • Her intelligence and sharpness could only be matched by her caring and warmth. All of which she championed and which placed her far beyond the spectrum of what most people are capable of. I was blessed to share long conversations that, to me, felt more akin to being a sole student at a symposium on life, opening my perspective on the world as a whole. She will be miss and may she rest in peace.

  • Oh no, Iris. Taken from us and this life. How sad. Rest in peace, fierce spirit and caring soul…It was good to know you.

  • Wondered what happened to her…… she had moved back to Germany? Man, that’s sad…..I remember her well…..Shoot, is this gonna be one of these years when lots of people disappear?

  • RIP lady. Sad story.

  • It were 2 guys the one turning 21 and the other one 25.
    it appears that they did not steal anything, but its suspected that they didnt have enough time.
    they got them in custodity and they will be prosecuted in about 6 month.

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