Happy 100th to Ione Garcelon!

12834720_10153945854428728_960625728_nFortuna resident Ione Garcelon celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday but her actual birthday is today, March 10. She’s been alive for an entire century!

Born in Eureka in 1916, she was the youngest of six children. Ione Hanson was raised in the Freshwater area. She married Arthur “Raymond” Garcelon in 1936 and lived much of her life in Fortuna. She was a homemaker who raised two children, Gerald and Janice, in Fortuna.

According to a family friend, until two years ago when the last one passed away, she and her friends who had graduated within a year or so of each other gathered together every month for lunch—every month since 1936. She’s the only one left.

Happy birthday, Ione Garcelon!



  • Those stories she has are probably the best! She seen em come and go around here like no other! Congratulations Ione!! I hope someday i can match that!

  • Big milestone WOW Congratulations AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Bless your Heart

  • Ione Garcelon is my great aunt although I’ve never actually met her. I would love to visit if anyone could tell me how to reach her.

  • old town observer

    Happy Birthday Ione!

  • Born in Eureka in 1916. That was about the time Eureka got rail service to points south. Happy Birthday!

  • My mom is 97, lives alone in Michigan, still drives, comes to the west coast to visit family every winter. She’ll be back here in mid/late April. I wonder if she and Ione would have anything to talk about? If so, it would be fun to listen. She talked about her mother boiling the laundry in a copper boiler. No wonder women didn’t work outside the home – there was too much to do inside it.

  • Happy birthday Ms. Ione Garcelon! God bless you.

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