Police Officer Subdues Attacker With Help of Medical Staff and Taser, Says Fortuna PD

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

MonroeOn March 9th, 2016 at approximately 1442 hours, a Sergeant with the Fortuna Police Department responded to the Redwood Memorial Hospital Emergency Room parking lot for the report of a female subject who was refusing to leave.

Upon arrival the Sergeant contacted Jamara Cheyanne Knight (age 36) of Loleta who was seated in a parked vehicle near the ER. Staff advised the Sergeant that Knight had waited in the ER waiting room for approximately an hour and then left before being treated, throwing items of personal property in the waiting room. As the Sergeant spoke with Knight regarding the nature of her ailments and interaction with ER, she became agitated and lunged from the vehicle. Knight punched the Sergeant rapidly multiple times in the face. With the assistance of ER staff the Sergeant was able to control Knight until the arrival of additional officers. During the struggle an X26 Taser was utilized as a drive stun to gain compliance. FOPD and RMH staff were uninjured in the incident.

Knight was subsequently arrested and charged with Assault on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest and Vandalism. She was transported and lodged at the Humboldt County Jail.



  • “…with the assistance of ER staff…” It’s a perfectly-written headline, but I still had to scan the article to be sure the officer didn’t subdue the attacker with a caduceus!

  • More like sad to see. That girl is like 100 Lbs. I wonder what her problem was?(& i’m not excusing the assault on the officer, that was a big mistake on her part).She graduated from CR some yrs back. Got married had a kid. So happy compared to her past. I hope she can receive the help she needs, considering there is still a child to take care of. Please Take care Jamara.

  • The real question is why was she not seen within an hour at the emergency room? Why did they take her to jail when she was still at the hospital for an emergency?

    • Yes, very good question indeed?

    • I dont know where you visit the ER at, but out of dozens of times having to go to the ER in my life…mostly at St Joes, I may have been seen in less than hour maybe two or three times. If she didnt arrive in the back of an ambulance, she has to wait like everyone else.

  • rukusronald@yahoo.com

    She wasn’t seen because the ER isn’t unicef, it’s a business! When unicef decides to run ER’s then she might want to check back in, until then it remains not a charity organization, but a money making business.

  • They pry took one look at her and new what she was there for. That chick has been a problem for a long time. She used to be my neighbor years ago. She was a very unpleasant person to be around. Looks like things haven’t changed. She routinely called the sheriff’s on me for doing stuff she didn’t like. I was never arrested nor cited, the most that would happen was the sheriff’s would ask me to stop doing stuff that irritated her so they wouldn’t have to come there. As far as the kid goes I hope things have gotten better for the child.

  • Oh well, how unfortunate. Long run it shouldn’t make a diff. Prolly get fasttracked for public service job or the like.

  • She looks anorexic she could use some dinner ,and a good night sleep

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