Explosive Devices, Stolen Guns, Heroin and Gang Ties Found in Econo Lodge Hotel Rooms Yesterday

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


Alberson on the left and Rodriguez on the right.

On 03/08/16 at about 11:35 a.m., an officer with the Eureka Police Department conducted a field interview with a male on probation near a motel on the 1600 block of 4th Street. The contact led to a probation search of an associated motel room. Five male occupants, most believed to have gang involvement, were detained in the room.

While searching the room, officers discovered what appeared to be three improvised explosive devices. Officers immediately evacuated all guests from the motel and set up a perimeter. The Humboldt County Sheriff Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) was called out to assist and EPD investigators obtained a search warrant.

The EOD team used a robot to carefully remove all three devices and render them safe. All three were confirmed to be explosive devices and included fragmentation material. At about 9:30 p.m., the scene was secured and the evacuation notice was lifted.

During a search of the room pursuant to the search warrant, officers found heroin packaged for sales, gang indicia, and evidence that an adjoined room was associated. Officers obtained an additional search warrant for the second room.

In the adjoined room, officers found three handguns, ammunition, just under 11 ounces of methamphetamine, small individual packages of heroin, evidence of drug sales, and gang indicia. Two of the three handguns were confirmed to have been reported as stolen out of Central California.

Two of the five detained were identified and released pending further investigation. One adult male was arrested on a juvenile probation violation and warrant. He was transported and booked into Juvenile Hall.

Jesse Rodriguez (30) and Steven Alberson (26), both of Tulare County, were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession of a destructive device and reckless or malicious possession of a destructive device in or around a hotel. Bail was set at $500,000 for each.

EPD would like to thank the HCSO EOD team for their invaluable professional service and assistance during this incident.Destructive Device (1)

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  • wonder what OR WHO they were getting ready to attack

  • Great job EPD, thanks for making the streets safer. What could have been the purpose of the explosive devices? Makes you wonder what the intent was.

  • Thanks for the photo of the bomb. Clears up my questions. af

  • I want to speak up for the Motel. It has been my go-to place when I need a room in Eureka. Nice people, competitive rate, good wi-fi and relatively quiet. Unless it’s proven that they added and abetted the criminals, don’t let these chumps ruin a good families business.

  • Put these criminals in jail for the rest of their natural born days! End of discussion! End of them harming anyone including your family. Maggie Fleming needs to ask for Government help to prosecute Federally. 30 years means 30 years

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    ExploXive? Still, a good report about a terrible situation. Hope these guys get prosecuted to the max. Wow, it was corrected even as I typed.

  • Didn’t know there bail was half a mill that’s awesome that means there still in jail now im getting a lil more faith in the jail system bravo EPD ,and DTF way to go

  • I always thought that was a good little clean hotel .This is not gonna do well for the hotel’s reputation,but they had to know what was going on in there rooms unless they had just got there .,but they were caught before the dope got on the streets of the devils play ground,

  • Two of the five were identified and released pending further investigation? Are you fucking kidding me? ( Not you Kym) Pipe bombs, stolen guns, and alleged gang involvement! Is it just me or are these all indications of potential violence? Only in Humboldt! What a joke! Not even cited and released! Identified and released! Ha!

  • Guns stolen from central california, hmm guess the gun owner wasn’t able to draw first and prevent the theft.

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