Dispensary Chosen as Arcata’s Business of the Year


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Some might be surprised that a cannabis dispensary received Arcata’s 2015 Business of the Year Award. Even Mary Ellen Jerkavich, director of the Humboldt Patient Resource Center was startled.

“We usually don’t get to be invited to be members of things like the Chamber of Commerce,” explained Jerkavich who has run medical marijuana dispensary for years. “It feels like Christmas…It is something that never happens for marijuana.”


The award

But Susan Ornelas a member of Arcata’s City Council who helped choose the winner said the medical marijuana business has been very helpful over the years. “We appreciate the cooperation HPRC shows,” she said. “They are good about taking people on tours and being open.”

In addition, Ornelas said, the time was right. “This…was such a year of change for the medical marijuana industry….With medical marijuana coming from a gray area into the light, [HPRC] symbolized what this last year was about.”

The dispensary’s Compassionate Care Program shows one of the many ways that the business offers assistance to the community. Their website says the program “provides catastrophic and terminally ill community members free and discounted medicine. Our goal is to ensure that the medicine we provide does not create a financial burden during the stressful stages of patients’ sicknesses and ailments.”

Jerkavich said that in turn Arcata has been very supportive of her dispensary. “Our city has been pro patient for a long time…It’s exciting that they are supporting us,” said Jerkavich.

Then she added, “I’m excited for my employees. They are the reason we get awards!”





  • Congratulations, HPRC.

  • How times have changed!

      • sharpen your pencil

        Yup. Arcata has to do something. They have chased the growers out. Ran multiple other dispensaries out of arcata, or simply disaloud them to operate, even though they have the same compassionate care programs. Arcata city council is a bunch off asshats that can’t make up their minds which road they want to hoe….. don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked for HPRC, however Arcata is a joke, and quite a pathetic one at that!

  • Congratulations! You earned it! Ya’ll are very imformative, helpful and compassionate about what you do! Keep it up! A very happy patient!

  • jimmyschmok@yahoo.com

    Is it because they pay the most taxes out of all the business in arcata? Well you bet your ass it is!
    Little smurphy looking Hsu clowns walking in all day to get some weed or wax to smoke, those clowns don’t have any local connections!
    The place is a gold mine!

    • Ive been going there for years and have never seen anyone that looked like an hsu student. Seen a lot of sick people and a lot of locals.

  • They employ individuals who have no clue about the community they serve and what a true non profit is.

    • That is SO untrue! Mariellen herself has tons of non-profit experience (I met her volunteering 20+ years ago). She hires locals because they are the most knowledgable about the plant, it’s medicinal uses and our communities patients. Their first cultivation manager is world renound local ganjier Kevin Jodrey. Great hires who are and stay Frumboldt.
      Congratulations, HPRC!

      • That word ganjier is a huge insult to the sankrit word. As soon as you make money on it it’s not ganja. And to throw a stupid ier on the end of a a word like that just makes the peoe saying it sound stupid. Babylon exponetial. Free the seed. A ganjier? That’s his description? Please. Capatlists.

  • Kevin Jodrey is far from a local

  • most of this will be a moot point after full rec is passed

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