Waiting…What Reporters Do


Andrew Goff of the Lost Coast Outpost stares at his phone. [All photos by Oliver Cory]

At the Econo Lodge Hotel this afternoon, everyone waits for a search warrant (see story here)–three possible pipe bombs wait, hotel occupants wait, law enforcement officers wait and reporters wait. A search warrant is being sought for the hotel room where the possible pipe bombs sit.

We don’t know what others are doing but reporters are checking their phones, checking their equipment, staring at the ground, and then checking their phones again.


Jeremy Chen from North Coast News checks his equipment.


The Times-Standard’s Hunter Cresswell stares solemnly at the ground.


Bobby Kroeker from Redheaded Blackbelt.

Oh, and when they get really desperate….they take photos of other reporters.

And, when one reporter thinks no one is looking…he kindly lends his jacket to one of the folks that had been detained earlier. (It’s cold out there!)


Andrew Goff shares a jacket with a former detainee who was wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts.



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