So Handsome That It’s Ill-Eagle….

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This handsome bald eagle was photographed by Jack Birdwell in Southern Humboldt “some time ago.”



  • beautiful and a brute....

    Yes a perfect fit for America, eagles will perch and watch other birds work hard to say catch a fish, then the eagle will swoop in and either steal the fish from the other birds talons or scare it into dropping the fish so the eagle can retrieve it. Then the eagle gets the meal that something else expended a lot of energy to catch and is left with nothing and no recourse. Sound familiar?

    The bully of the bird world, America’s spirit animal 🙂

    • But it looks so handsome…..

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I thought at least a few tribes had special dispensation to occasionally harvest an eagle for ceremonial feathers. Previously existing religion. Shucks. I’m sure they do not wish extinction for the birds. As we know, religious power is religious power. Doesn’t the founding myth of Mexico involve a snake and an eagle? Yeah, sure, there is some truth to your eagle description, but other cultures may disagree. America just screws everything up. What a buzzkill! Hey, did you know that The Blessed Virgin Mary is America’s Patron Saint? Last I heard. Why not complain about THAT? Stupid Catholics!

      • This is what I read about the feather collecting: A blind was built with boughs, and covered in coyote brush with a hole in the center ceiling big enough to get two hands through. Bait (dead rabbit) was tightly secured on the outside top, above the hole.
        Eventually, an Eagle would show up for the offering, and the person in the blind would grab the bird’s legs, and pull up to three feathers…but one was usually all. The bird was then released. This is a Blackfoot method, learned in Montana. af

      • I didn’t really care for the catholics comment.ive been my whole life and I can tell you I’m not stupid,that was mean,and uncalled for,no one is making fun of your religion so not nice

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          I meant it as a sarcastic joke. Sorry I offended your sensibilities. Under Catholic theology as I was inculcated with, all sorts of things have patron saints. Perhaps you saw the recent media blurbs on drug cartels with patron saints. Has it changed, is Blessed Virgin Mary no longer America’s advocate in Heaven? You tell me. The truth. We could use some celestial female help about now. The boys have blown it.

          I was responding to the “bully of the bird world” comment that since America is responsible for the world’s problems, we deserve an eagle emblem. Funny, Ben Franklin might agree since he wanted the native wild turkey as the national bird.

    • Don’t get all happy and patriotic on us now.

  • So glorious! Thanks Kym!

  • Great headline, Kym.

    • I thought the story was going to be about an injured or sick eagle. While watching the nesting camera last spring I saw the eagles were born with a serious, intent expression in their eyes.

  • Beautiful bird!

  • It doesn’t look ill. Whats wrong with it?

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