Man Attacks Another With Machete After He Suspects He’s Being Poisoned



A man was flown to an out of the area hospital yesterday after being attacked and wounded, said Commander Bill Stevens of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect, Dillon Hollis Wheeler, age 36, he stated, “went after the victim with a machete,” wounding the victim’s head and his hand.

While the victim was being treated and law enforcement was seeking the perpetrator, the suspect arrived in the emergency room a little after noon at the hospital and, according to the sheriff’s call log, “reported that he assaulted the subject because the subject poisoned him.”

Stevens said he didn’t know whether the suspect had “medical issues or substance abuse issues,” but he believed there was no attempted poisoning.

Wheeler has been charged with attempted murder.



  • Wow. Why the hell would someone show up at the hospital and admit that he is the suspect. I don’t know but it appears that he was homeless.

  • So hum bums seem crazier than Arcata bums. I chilled with bums when I was a teen and they were never this crazy, but then again I was in Arcata . STAY AWAY FROM SOHUM BUMS!!!!

  • Did they draw samples to rule it our? I hope so. Even so, that’s no excuse to harm another. Crazy.

  • This wasn’t a so hum bum, says del Norte county

  • Lets give them all a local home so they never leave.Poor home free folks


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    It’s hard to get out of them camps as well if you don’t have a physical address or some upstanding citizen vouching for you and providing a physical address to let the ones in charge know you actually live somewhere and aren’t just drifting around causing ruckus and headaches for others.
    These sort of folks belong in these sort of fema camps, it’s the perfect place to house these people and keep them occupied.
    Freedom isn’t free and it shouldn’t be a privilege for unproductive mentally ill or criminally insane drifters that are career criminals.
    Time to clean America up, everyone is fed up with this sort of crap.
    Ship these dirt bags off and house them in a fema camp near you!

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