Whoa, Southern Humboldt, Did You See the Lightning/Hear the Thunder?


Lightning animation from NOAA via WikiCommons.

Hear that thunder roll, Southern Humboldt! Look at that pretty lightning that you can enjoy guilt free because the earth is saturated and there won’t likely be any wildfires tonight.

We’ve had several reports of multiple flashes. But, don’t worry if you can’t see it yet or hear it. We’ve got a link to LightningMaps.org so you can get a basic idea where the storm is moving. Let us know what you see.




  • Heard some rumbling around 5:30 and a weak flash to the southwest of Ettersburg. NWS says thunderstorms are possible between 10pm and 1am tonight over SoHum.

  • Several really nice thunder crashes around 5;30 or 6, and a great deal of rain, which continues now at 11:30 pm. The lightning map shows only strikes at sea, and most of them making a line for Southern California.

  • We had a good hour+ of lighting over us at Benbow. My five year old loved it,turned all the lights and the TV off so she could watch it:-)

  • Saw a flash of lightning about 7:15, but it was too far away to hear the thunder (or my old ears don’t hear it that well anymore). Made a dash to the back door to let my Labrador in. Obviously her hearing is better as she was panting and shaking and, after getting the requisite comforting, headed into our bedroom and hid her head under the bed (the heck with the rest of her body, IHO).

  • My fur baby hides behind my back!!so funny.

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