Lost Your Quad? The Ocean Found It

IMG_0104A reader sent in this photo of a quad. The reader described it as being on the South Spit, one mile south of Table Bluff. The seat is roughly another mile south of the vehicle. If you get to the mouth of the Eel River, you’ve gone too far.

The question is…was it stolen and dumped? Or wrecked and dumped?

The reader, a somewhat terse fellow perhaps as text impaired as we are, gave the above cryptic directions. If any of you do hunt down the drowned beast, please pass on any more details as to make, model and vin.



  • Yamaha banshee

    • Polaris on that case it says automatic it’s got a CVT transmission

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Does look like a Yamaha Banshee that my bro-in-law had some years ago. Maybe the first year for it. A real screamin’ machine for the day, and Chuck had all the performance options. A real dune maniac.

  • Maybe somebody rode it out to sea, you know, goodbye cruel world style.

  • Cougar on the Mountain

    Definitely my old 1999 Polaris Scrambler 500cc 4X4 that my former partner bought for me(i have the bill of sale & vin # for it). Then my sneaky-tweaky-thief of a neighbor stole(“commandeered”) it from us while pretending to be on-so-neighborly. If anyone gets a look at the VIN, whether a picture or just copied down(don’t disclose the entire #)and post it, I’d be eternally grateful and get to work on removing it from that beach! I’ll gladly verify either the first half or the last half of the vin #.
    And if that’s not one of my now 3stolen quads(all since 2009, thanks neighbors!), I’m sure one of the repair shops in eureka(or Foruna Tire &Cycle, which is where my partner used to take our bikes & quads)could help locate the owner so they can do what’s right & get that sorry sight out of such a pretty place!

  • It’s probably all those things,because no body I’d know would be dumb enough to leave it,stolen wreaked,dumped stupid

  • Well no point in finding the owner really, that thing is toast. The cost of making it run again would for sure be greater then it’s value.

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