Distraught Male Juvenile Injured After Punching out Windows

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A stairwell splotched with blood after the incident tonight.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Humboldt House Inn in Garberville around 8:50 p.m. after receiving a report of an intoxicated male punching out windows.

When they arrived, they found a distraught male juvenile with an injured arm. Eventually a tourniquet was applied in order to slow down bleeding.

The youth was taken to the local hospital where he is awaiting transporunnamed (16)t to another hospital.unnamed (17)



  • william tillman

    I wonder what the glass did to him?

  • Graphic? I thought I was going to get to see his wounds.

  • I know a man
    Who has no use of his hand
    Due to his anger
    And a pane of transparent sand

  • I’ll bet he was on something. Meth? Heroin? No one in their right mind would do that.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Lol. Nice guesses…. heroin really. Crack, meth, pcp. Citizen of dumbsville

      • Umm you don’t know who this is I do [edit]

        • sharpen your pencil

          I never claimed to know anybody. However heroin isn’t what people use to go on a rampage…. maybe if they are detoxing.

          • People do get wacked out on heroine. I have a family member that did it and always became very mean and aggressive. Drugs affect all people differently.
            It does state that he was intoxicated.

    • Not true….I punched out a window and I was not on any drugs …..it was the male species that got me to that point

  • Dear ‘Citizen’
    What part of, ‘report of distraught, intoxicated male juvenile punching out a window’ leads you to toss Meth and Heroin into the mix. Just where do you get your ‘information’?
    Now I will make an assumption from this story, this young man is probably local, and has loved ones in our community who must be in shock. There is a road back that this whole family must travel.
    If you must post…how about a little compassion?

    • sharpen your pencil

      Because reading your post just releases bursts of passion into the atmosphere. Get off your high horse. This kid obviously has issues that more than likely stem from his home life. These are the kids that go columbine. Compassion yes, but this kid needs more than basic compassion, he needs mental health, which is a complete joke in humboldt…….

      • I was asking for a more compassionate grounding from individuals in our community, toward those who ‘go off the rails’. Kym’s post about the ‘Blue Hair Angel’ was a shinning example of meeting chaos with compassion. That story didn’t involve fists through windows where it was necessary to call the cops; but the Angel just saw a mother and son in crisis, and approached with compassion.
        I love Kym’s blog, it is a great service to our community. Yet, when I read so many comments that are just plain mean. I keep asking myself; why is there such a need to post rabid comments, as fast as possible, about those who are so obviously in pain.
        I do completely agree with you that our mental health system, especially in Humboldt, is horribly inadequate, and in many places just non-existant.
        There is a lot that is broken…and then there are Angels with Blue Hair…

      • Or you could consider the fact that this is a good kid, who has a full time job, and goes to school, and is a kind hearted person, who was having a really bad night. If you’re gonna say you’ve never acted out or done something stupid while drinking, you’re a liar. So yes, compassion is better than throwing out “well, must be drugs, what an idiot”

        One bad night doesn’t warrant mental health issues, either.

        • sharpen your pencil

          This incident doesn’t scream I am ok either. People that don’t have issues drink and don’t go breaking out windows. People with issues do. I’m sure there is good in this kid, however this incident is an obvious cry for help.

          As far as drinking and doing dumb things yeah, ofcourse, like make some completely disgusting meal and waking up in the morning like wtf did I do. Or maybe even the usual drinking in the woods and running from the cops back in the day, yes your right I was border line sempevirons.

          • People with issues? Don’t forget you’re a human too and there is no rating system for who has issues andbhow they act out. Some are just more intense. But you’re a human too

      • 100% agree with you

    • It doesn't matter

      I agree I actually know who this was and I can assure people it wasn’t meth or herion. He is a local kid who is well known & so loved..so all you people just assuming drugs should get your facts straight. You have no idea what he is/was going through or what was even wrong. This incident obviously has to do with anger & something must be going on in his life or happend that day. All we can do is hope he heals well and send only positive thoughts his way not throw negative vibes at a teen who obviously is dealing with something rough.

  • The kid is local..loved by his family and friends.. Distraught after attending a memorial.
    Blessings to the friends that helped him.
    My heart goes out to his family


  • old town observer

    Being young isn’t always easy, my sympathies…some things get better, good luck young one.

  • I hope things turn out okay. A few years back, a friend punched a window instead of somebody’s face & severed tendons & an artery in his arm.
    Man, that was scary…

  • Supposed Character aside this was a minor who was drinking at a memorial in plain sight of about a hundred adults. Am I the only one who thinks that this might be the real problem

    • djangoofthejungle@yahoo.com

      Your absolutely right, this is a problem and turned bad, but like every other real subject, it doesn’t get a dressed in this lovely community.
      His parents or the adults that supplied the alcohol should have gotten arrested for doing so.
      But hey, let’s not talk about that…someone might just tell it how it is.

    • Why would you drink at a memorial?

  • Really all this nonsense over some stupid kid. First and foremost none of you were there so none of have no idea what happened other than broken glass, blood and he was taken to the hospital. If you want to play detective then fucking go to police academy or get your private investigator license. @citizen why the fuck would you assume he was on a bender? How about these possibilities?

    Family/friend died or is sick.
    Girl/boyfriend broke up with him.
    Had enough with internet comments and peoples stupid assumptions.

    Think outside and inside the box.

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