The Storm Hits: Flooding, High Winds

The wind is beating against the windows and throwing waves of water in a good old fashioned Humboldt storm today. The radar above shows the extent of the storm. Below you can see the different watches, warnings and advisories issued for northwestern California.


Currently, rain is falling hard in Southern Humboldt. The National Weather Service out of Eureka just posted on their Facebook page, “A Flood Advisory has been issued for southern Humboldt and Trinity counties and northern Mendocino County through 730 PM this evening, 3/5/16. If traveling, watch for rock slides and ponding of water.”

The Weather Service also says, “A Flood Warning has been issued for the Navarro River at Navarro in Mendocino County from late tonight through Sunday morning. The river is forecast to crest during the early morning hours Sunday.”

Several mountainous areas have Winter Weather watches.

As of 4:15, there have been multiple accidents in this storm (See here, herehere, and here.) Avoid driving if possible.

UPDATE 4:47 p.m.: The National Weather Service tweeted some of the windiest areas:

4:20 PM – Wind gusts in the last hour: Buoy 46022 off Humboldt Bay 60 mph, Kneeland 64 mph, Cooskie Mtn 61 mph, Schoolhouse 57 mph



  • It’s pretty wicked outside right now the wind is blowing bad I’ve been watching the Eucalyptus trees behind me bend & sway with the wind power dimmed earlier to but nothing more then that

  • We just drove down from Eureka to Southern Humboldt. Lots and lots of rain.
    We saw one overturned car. It is a good day to stay home.

  • Here’s a screengrab of the California Highway Patrol Incident page at 5 p.m. It is definitely a time to stay home if possible.

  • Thank you Kym This storm isnt as bad here in Eureka as they said it would be. They had predicted 5-6 inches of rain by Sunday morning, with sustained winds 25-30 mph with gust to 50mph. It is raining but I think you got hit harder down there then we did, Our winds were maybe 15mph You stay safe down there

  • I just drove home from Redway to Alderpoint. Heavy rain, at last. One client cancelled his meeting because his road was blocked by a downed tree. I got really soaked going about 50 feet from the Solar Suites to the car, and I had an umbrella. The rain gauge showed 1.75 inches since this morning, and I emptied it so that it would not overflow (at 5″). Changed into dry clothes and going to have cocktails with my sweetie. There’s no place like home.

  • Nothing like sitting by the fire in a rainstorm. I don’t know if they still lose power up in Dow’s Prairie like they used to, but it happened all the time when I was there. Time to light the candles and fire up the Victrola!

  • Most rain sensors agree at around 4″ for the storm… Season totals differ. Con Camp shows 47 inches and the Miranda bridge (Sylvandale) gauge shows 56+ inches… Almost a 10 inch difference for the season…

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