Downed Power Lines Blocking Caltrans’ Bridgeville Yard

Caltrans District CT BlurDowned power lines have blocked the driveway to the Caltrans Bridgeville maintenance yard making it difficult for Hwy 36 to be maintained during this storm. However, Caltrans does have a Plan B.

“The equipment is in the yard but not all the crew,” explained Caltrans spokesperson Phil Frisbee. “We are waiting for PG&E to give us an ETA [estimated time of arrival].”  Once PG&E arrive on scene, they can power down the high voltage wires that are currently trapping the vehicles.

Frisbee explained that if PG&E can’t power down the lines soon then the crew will borrow equipment from the Fortuna yard to keep maintaining Hwy 36 throughout the bad weather that is currently sending rocks and trees across many of northwestern California roads.



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