Mendocino Sheriff’s Office Asking Public’s Help: Did This Man Pose as Law Enforcement?

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is asking if anyone has information that Nicolas Scarberry (see below) was involved in posing as a law enforcement official while committing “numerous thefts.” If so, they would like you to contact them. They conducted a raid on his residence in Laytonville and have released the following information.

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 03-01-2016 at 7:01 AM Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from law enforcement personnel from the Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force, County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Department of Justice executed a search warrant at a residence located in the 46000 block of Fisherman Drive in Laytonville, California.



During the execution of the warrant, Nicolas Scarberry was seen to have a handgun in his waistband and was confronted by law enforcement personnel.  Scarberry was given verbal commands, which he failed to follow.

Sheriff’s K-9 “Ruddick” was deployed at which time Scarberry was apprehended without injury to the K-9 or law enforcement personnel.  It was later determined that Scarberry was in possession of a loaded handgun.

During a search of the property personnel located over 100 pounds of processed marijuana, an active hash oil lab, processed hash oil, over 1,000 butane canisters, a small amount of heroin, numerous prohibited firearms and bullet resistant body armor.



Johnathan French and Armando Quiroga were contacted at the scene resulting in them being placed under arrest for the manufacturing of hash oil and committing or attempting a crime while armed with a firearm.  French and Quiroga were subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where they were to be held in lieu of $50,000.00 bail.

Scarberry was arrested for possession of hash oil, possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing hash oil, being a felon in possession of a firearm, possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony, felon in possession of body armor and being in possession of prohibited weapons.



Scarberry was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $100,000.00 bail.

In addition, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has received information that Scarberry may have been involved in the commission of numerous thefts while posing as a law enforcement official.  If you have any information regarding this potential activity then please contact the Sheriff’s Office tip line by calling 707-234-2100 or at by email.



  • wonder if he was one of the home invasion persons wearing sheriff logo on his jacket
    seen a few of those recently

    • I believe the ones your refering too are described as Native American in humboldt county uniforms, but you never know

  • This guy has been a total peice of shit since he was a little kid.

    • I resent this remark about Nick. I used to babysit him. Known him practically his whole life. I am sickened by where drugs have brought him in life and in no way condone who he has become, but this comment of his character as a child is false in my opinion

      • Maybe it brings insight into what type of person YOU are..
        he always has been and always will be a peice of shit.
        Im sure we can take a vote, might as well make it a public survey – snail mail style.
        1. Is Nick Rock a peice of shit?
        2. Was Nick Rock a peice of shit little kid?
        Check YES or NO.

        We can announce the verdict in the local paper.

        • The only insight that I can gather from Heidi’s comment is that she does not believe in calling children pieces of s#*t… and that bothers you? If you are trying to insinuate, by your comment, that her having compassion for him as a child says anything other than that about her, then what does that say for yourself?

          Sure, I can agree that Nick is a piece of work now, but I would never go as far to label him as a child, or any child for that matter, as a POS. Dealt a rough hand, not much to work with, troubled, or in need of positive attention, yes. Children do not choose their circumstances as they are born into this world, they do not have the tools to teach themselves the difference between right or wrong, nor do they deserve to be condemned for trying to survive in less than desirable conditions. A troubled child is just that. If that child is lucky enough to have somebody care enough to show them another way of living, then they can grow into productive members of society. Without that outside compassion and care, and with that condemnation that child doesn’t have a chance. So maybe next time you are inclined to label a child as a POS, think about what they might be missing and how you could potentially make a positive difference in their life, instead of projecting your negativity towards them.

          An adult who makes repeated poor choices, who hurts others and who is modeling bad behavior to their own children, go ahead and name blast to your hearts’ content. (I feel like Nick deserves all the nasty truth that’s being served here, and much much more. ) However, please don’t call children POS.

          So, to be the first to entertain your little quiz I will answer:
          1. Yes
          2. No

      • False statement

        Thank you Heidi xoxo

      • He was a shit head throughout childhood and teenhood. I grew up around him. . I witnessed him steal while bashing on others for doing the same shit. Now look at him. Worse ofF then the people he slandered.

  • About time ain’t it folks? Guy has caused enough trouble throughout the laytonville and surrounding communities. All catching up now.

    • Wait, doesn’t all this make him eligible for top of the pecking order? I thought that these guys were fast-tracked. I’m so confused by daily observations.

  • Scarberry pretty fitting last name, with all the meth scars on his face

  • He is supposed to have 100 pds of weed ,and the guy still steals typical tweek.

  • I know our family will sleep better knowing this deplorable piece of work is put away too bad my niece who he overdosed isn’t here to see it.

  • Candy whoever you are that’s a shitty thing to say! He may be an asshole drugs -will do that -but he’s got kids and they’re awesome so you should think about what you say

    • The Goddamn Neighborhood Watch

      I will back Candy up here. He IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a piece of shit. I went to school with him. He always made horrible choices with no regard for anyone else. He had more than his fair share of second chances to change his ways. He doesn’t deserve to be a father.[edit] Good riddance! This town has been praying for this day for a long time. Who’s next???

      • Wow, now you guys are condemning his children too? For his choices? I love his kids, they have a tough road ahead, but attacking them like this just goes to your character. Are your kids on the honor roll?

    • He has no kids.

  • Michael R. Ross

    So this loser has reproduced and has children? It`s time for a strong eugenics program to eliminate this sort of thing from the gene pool permanently. Sterilizing anyone who is convicted of any serious crime of violence would be a reasonable first step toward a thorough, comprehensive program.

    • ^^youd fit right in with hitlers Germany [end].

      minds like yours and the man in this article are two sides of the same demon. [end].

  • Boy people judge without thought. Judge not least ye be judged.

  • Our neighborhood was invaded last year by four men in a jeep who represented themselves as a 3 county task force (cops, building inspector, social services, fish&wildlife) without ID, badges, or manners. When contacted, Allman denied their official existence, and told us all his “men” have badges and business cards, and no such group “officially” existed.
    They were escorted out, and Allman called; just Duh on his end. But we later discovered that was not true, and that one of these vigilantes was a Ukiah cop recently fired for his strong-arm techniques in pursuing his version of justice. And hired by Allman….yep. Officer Hoyle.
    These miscreants had NO idea where they were, Lake or Mendocino; just driving the back roads looking for what they described as “environmental degradation.”
    We concluded that they were thieves casing the ‘hood for easy pickings, like CAMP used to do to supplement their pay checks.
    I’m curious that sheriff Allmen is interested in this latest incident. Apparently this guy, Scarberry, was too overt for Allmen to blow off. (Allmen’s response to our own inquiry was that if we did not have photographs, our allegations had no standing.)
    Now, motion-sensitive surveillance cameras are up and running. Good for the Hood. af

    • Was Hoyle really fired? Or is he still working major crimes task force?

      • Google: Officer Peter Hoyle for the history of this guy… af

        • You escorted Peter Hoyle out of the neighborhood?! Awesome!! Congratulations! THAT guy has been a loose cannon since he got hired up here (after shooting a child in the Bay Area). He and his small gang at Mendocino Narcotics Task Force have stolen more than we’ll ever see or know. Not just on the job but with their after-hour, off-the job unwarranted searches and invasions. They are dangerous criminals of the highest degree but you can’t totally blame Allman. Hoyle and his team are protected by the feds. That’s right! The darkest stories will never make Google nor will I repeat them here. Ask around, ask some old-timers. You’re lucky he didn’t shoot you.

        • Oh, I’ve had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting him… I know what he’s capable of.

      • POS Peter Hoyle has been “reassigned” to the Ukiah Police department as a Sergeant, “They” will not disclose that he was let go from MSCMCTF for Misconduct ETC. Anyone with any Data about this event
        are incurraged to reply, I would like him off the streets for everyone’s personnel safety!

  • I have to back Candy up as well, he is a piece of dog shit who deserves no sympathy for anything, all the young girls he got hooked on that garbage, he is responsible for a couple death’s that he has not paid for yet, however, I see karma is now kicking his ass, and anyone sticking up for him, you go live with him in prison, a good place for you too. he is an ass sore to this entire area, and a disgrace to the wonderful and beautiful people of mendocino, he brought hard drugs in here and used them to his advantage, and destroyed lives with them. He is a danger to every young girl and he is where he needs and deserves to be….locked up. the one girl he overdosed was one of the sweetest people god ever put breath into and he could not care any less for the loss of her young life or for the people that loved her. and I hope every day he spends in prison, he thinks of how he destroyed her and her family.

    • Yup I remember the young girl he was with when she died on an overdose of his drugs. Sad story. Then gets his dead best friends girlfriend hooked on drugs too for a couple years. Peace of crap. He also tried to take advantage of my friends teen daughter. Lukily we got to her before he did.

      • I didn’t give kerisha drugs I was clean then and am now its was j Paul and I told him not too you can ask her brother he was there.and about everything else ive allways been a caring person yes ive made bad decisions who hasent but think what you will I hold no negativaty towards anyone you obviously need to point the finger at someone insted of reflecting on love to all

        • You were never suitable for Kerisha.
          1) your a drug user & dealer
          2) you were Married
          3) you were to old

          I remember telling both of you on my back porch that I did not approve and I told you that she had not done drugs in months and that your so called sobriety was probably going to be short lived and I did not want Kerisha falling back because of who you keep company with . Then you promised at the first site of drugs you would call me and I would come get her . Maybe if you had not called jpaul borrowed money from Patrick and than call Mary and set up a drug party in San Francisco . You are a low life Lier I blame all of you but you the most for actually promising to make that calll instead I get a empty sweater and a phone call alright saying she is dead at 20 every single day I live with the pain in all of her family members hearts she would be 27 now you jerk and you directly caused her to die by giving her enough cocaine to kill a 300 pound man you heartless idiot. You are the one who made all this possible as well as the rest of your Friends.
          I have plenty more to say but your not going to like any of it because it’s true.
          Now I can only hope that people read this so they keep their young girls away from you . And by the way what you did to Jamal’s girlfriend is just one more deplorable act of a person who destroys everything you touch !!! Stay away from my family or I will have you arrested myself . Your Karma is going to kick your ass. I just hope you don’t take any more innocent kids with you.

  • But look what he has done to them ? Don’t you think He should have thought about what he was doing to them? When he was breaking into homes not to mention everything else ? He has children, That’s why what he did to one of our kids is even more deplorable. I hope you don’t have to live with the loss of a child because the pain never stops . He has no capability of love of anykind . He is a abuser in every way. The young women he has brought down with drugs are more than just my niece it’s a few as you all know . Do they matter? There is no excuse for any parent that goes out and puts their life in danger and others , therefore making sure the children have no one to raise them . Well let’s just say (candy and her comments are not the problem) He Is period . (Goodbye Nick Rock: Karma has everyone’s address) Sleeping well knowing Karma finally caught up to you) . I hope Kerisha & Jamal were the angels that guidied them to your door.

  • According to the booking page he was released at 11:45pm on March 1st… Kym, can you verify?

  • He is scum of the earth.. Every humans worst nightmare.
    Let’s hope he doesn’t frequent our lives any longer.
    He’s the the darkness.

  • He’s a danger to the community and back on the street already! His mother Ruby is no better and deliberately raised him that way. He was well known as a ripoff artist
    as a kid. Why such a low bail?

    • I hear you, disgusted, I was thinking the same thing, why such a low bail and usually it is because some woman did not do her job as a mother, is the reason why these kids turn out like this. His mother should be in jail too, maybe if the parents start having to pay for their children’s crimes, when it is clearly their fault, that they turned out like this, they should get the same amount of time, maybe it will make people step up to the plate and raise their children to be decent human beings instead of god forsaken soul less scum bags, because that is exactly what nick is.

  • Well if he is : I’m sure it won’t be long before someone else is hurt or worse !
    The guy is a drugged up unstable complete mess. Our community at large deserves better than to have share space with such a dangerous person . Parents keep a close eye on the teenagers and young adults because those are the ones he picks on,the ones that don’t know any better and are not street smart that come from good homes. They are the only ones that don’t see the danger. Doesn’t exist in the world they live in.

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