The Daily Californian Loves Shelter Cove

2014-12-15 16.06.36

Shelter Cove sunset by Burke Adrian.

Brace yourself, Shelter Cove……….The Daily Californian, the student run news outlet for US Berkeley, just raved about your “breathtaking beauty and serenity.”

According to the writer, Shelter Cove is “[h]ome to a population of less than 700 people, extremely spotty cell reception, gorgeous black sand beaches and a charming General Store…Shelter Cove feels like your very own slice of secluded paradise.”

(Check out the rest of the raves here.)

At a time when some in Shelter Cove are wondering what happened to paradise, UC Berkeley students are poised to discover you.

(Reading the article led to a discovery though…Did you know someone living in Shelter Cove has an Emmy?)



  • Awesome to drive down through the King’s Range and stay at the Tides Inn for a romantic getaway.

  • I hope the spoiled Berkeley students stay in Berkeley.

    • Are you mentally challenged? They are writing about Shelter cove being beautiful. Really? Spoiled Berkley students? Those students work harder, and are smarter than you could ever make yourself out to be. How’s about you leave and never come back, with your smug look.

    • If you can’t type anything nice, don’t act out your own issues here. This article was meant to be upbeat and informative.
      For the downers: Do you really think you get the last word?
      Happy people and their outlook on life really shows.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      How do you know they are “spoiled?” Why don’t you post your list of criteria for acceptable humanity? Did you make it to the Trump rally?

  • Did you know that a resident of Redway had both an Oscar and an Emmy in his awards case? Frankly the article sounds a bit like the yuppie take on amenities the one finds in Sunset magazine. The only things missing was a wine tasting tour and advice on growing a drought tolerant garden…which is in every issue of Sunset.

    • Did you know a resident of Carson City, Nevada Has 9 Emmey’s an Academy award or two? Get a life. Nice article Kym

  • If you click on the link, “rest of the raves”, you’ll find a complimentary article about their friends and The Spyglass Inn. It souded like they have a great time and great food! Cheers!

  • Actually Petro Vlahos, ex Redway resident, won three academy awards an Emmy and numerous other awards.

    • Yes Dave, I actually got to see them on his mantle. He won them for technical achievement. (although, he wasn’t technical enough to fix his air-conditioner. I was, that’s how I met him)

      My insatiable curiosity led me to ask him how he won them. He was a film photography pioneer. He developed the original method to insert one scene into another. We can do that now on our cell phones. However, back when Luke Skywalker was thrown down the shaft in Starwars that was a very big deal. It seems that Luke was not keen on falling down the shaft himself, so they just sent his image down it. Vlahos developed that system.

      Needless to say, he was an incredibly interesting man.

      • Yep…One of his several contributions to the film industry was what they call “traveling matte blue screen” which greatly advanced the ability to superimpose images which up until that time was a laborious and time consuming process. He also got rid of that bleed over border on images using the blue/green screen process. When he left our area he was moving to be closer to his grand kids.

  • thats all they need , more city drivers site seeing on briceland thorn road and not watching the road for turns and other drivers

    • Yeah…when tourists ask about the road to the Cove I tell them to watch out for the pick up boys and if one appears in your rear view , pull over. It used to be the Toyota boys but lately it seems to be not brand choice but big choice.

  • Romantic get-away!!!they need help there too!it’s a pretty drive,to get your head straight what ever.there are always “Debbie or Donny Downers!!

  • G-ma, well I met a British couple in Arcata that thought Ukiah was “a nice little place” after spending 3 days last September there, I could hardly stop laughing


      To a British, any place is nice where some drunk slob doesn’t brake bottles over your head.

  • Hopefully my property value will start to go up…and we’ll book more Weddings. Who knows if Shelter Cove will “take off” like it’s supposed to…but let’s not insult someone writing something nice. 🙂

    • Find something nice to say on this article, it’s not for you to rag about other issues. Selfish fools, make up tools, to hammer on about nothing.

  • Well, I can’t say that I’m shocked by some of the hate I’m seeing in these comments. Northern California has always been known to have both extremes. The extremely nice, and the extremely hateful. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you all that are being hateful live in the mountains and don’t appreciate nature for what it is. If students want to come to our town, explore, and appreciative of the nature around them, then let them. There’s no harm in enjoying life. They work hard at the number one public university, and very well deserve a break, and I couldn’t be happier that these young people came to Shelter Cove and appreciated their stay in a place we all love. So keep your hateful words to yourself, you’re not welcome in The Cove if you’re going to be hateful.

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