Political Cartoon Blasts ‘State Licensed Mega Grows’

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A political cartoon is making the rounds in Southern Humboldt this week. It was submitted to us by the cartoonist who prefers to be anonymous. She said that a combination of the recent regulations passed both on a statewide and county level as well as the successful Ganjier’s event held last weekend prompted the drawing. From the bulldog chained to a greenhouse covered with dollar signs to endangered animals and local families huddled in a forest being cut down to make room for another marijuana grow, the cartoon hits the highlights of those who fear the recent regulations only make it easier for greedy growers to pillage the environment. Regulations, they fear, allow cannathugs to hand money to government officials in order to obtain licenses and exemptions which permit environmental destruction.

What about you? Do you think the new regulations are just greenwashing?

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  • Exactly the island mountain bust it was gigantic,yet it was supposed to belong to members of calif cannibus voice humboldt nothing or nobody yet . has had charges filed that I know of,and has anybody thought about that? The cartoon depict that senerro to the tee .

  • Hope for environment

    I disagree. The new regulations are going to make it a lot harder for new grows to get permitted so in theory there shouldn’t be much more tree cutting–the land grab is pretty much over. And the compliant grows are going to have so many inspections it will be hard to get away with piles of garbage laying around and other blatant misconduct. But I guess we’ll see how it goes.

    • I’m not sure the new regulations are just greenwashing, but the cover of the Gangier convention program most certainly was. It looked like something lifted straight from Maxam. The cartoon above much more closely reflects actual reality.

    • You just gave me a business idea! Garbage garbage garbage. Obviously the garbage trucks never leave the main roads. What if we pimped out an 4×4 type mobile into an off road garbage pickup service. (Haha Mrap garbage wraps it up) No questions asked, just shut up & gimme your garbage. Or, rental it out per mountain per month. Expanding the off road service as possible. Neighbor’s can deal with the monthly cost like they do the road cost.
      Recycle center’s, turning plastics back into oil, soda cans back into flat sheet aluminum, and so on. Set up a plant that turns recycled material into specially designed Fog Nets that capture the morning dew for the days water needs.
      Community efforts, community jobs, subsidized by the taxes the cronys have already plucked for their own red tape imaginings.

    • its all been done before

      When you think about it, we’re on the 3rd or 4th land grab, actually. First from the tribes, then from the ranchers, then from the timber companies and now later it will be from the green rushers. All has to do with who can make the most money off it, and who will pay top dollar to get at those lands. Everyone has a price they’ll take for it, and there are those that will pay any price.

  • I just spoke with someone who was putting up 34 new greenhouses. Think about that. (yes, in humboldt)

    • Shhhh!
      & only 34?
      Seems like baby shit in comparison, checkout on google earth all of the Bulgarian owned/leased/run tracts from Petrolia as far East as the I-5 and as far north as Weed, probably even the Oregon border(probably in OR too, but the ones I know say they’re sticking to backwoods black market scenes in NorCal), and then west to the fogline just outside crescent city, anywhere you see tons of new roads, dozens of greenhouses, light deps & lots of new structures built or being built. My favorite spots to watch progress in action(& really feel lazy in all that “off” time us Boldt heads get to enjoy) are near Ruth Lake(off of 36) & Panther Gap(Honeydew/SouhFork).

  • The fact that they made it legal for people to run commercial grows, before they let your grandma grow 1 plant in her yard, kinda tells it all.

  • The government doesn’t care what you do as long as they can tax it and get a cut. They don’t give a shit about the environment as long as you pay them enough money.

  • If the current laws don’t stop all the illegal grows, why would permits make a difference? We still won’t have the man power to enforce any of it.

  • Same old shit on Post Mt, loggers dropping trees as fast as they can, 10 new big grows this week that I have seen, and I know there are more than that.. and nobody cares TCSO looks the other way

  • The megas get bigger. There will be no enforcement at this juncture and we all know that. Growing is now spread to southern Oregon and all over CA so the price is dropping and we know we all need to make as much $$$ as we can and now. There will be no enforcement from Fish and Game for a few years. HCSO has made it apparent they don’t care a bit. The grows are really blowing up this year. The Mattole Valley is already lit up w/ greenhouses and generators are heard everywhere. Business at all the grow stores and soil businesses is booming like never before. The big get bigger and the small are just trying to expand and blow it out for a good last couple years. The Ganjier dude came here in the 90’s and started huge clone business to supply the mega-scenes so we know what he’s about. The Island Mt bust will have no files charged. Those guys went back and replanted and pulled it off in those same greenhouses…so do you think anybody gives a shit at all? It’s a monster. We now have “legalization” that opened it up for HUGE corporate production yet made it a crime for an actual medical patient to grow their own….and people worship this false legalization model. They can’t wait to suck up to it. This county used to be revolutionary free-thinkers. Now it’s a gross sold-out free-for-all of posers pretending to care….but we don’t. We want the $$$$$$. A county full of little Trumps wearing hippie garb.

    • Cannathugs, apt name.

    • Remember that Allman said he’d be back in the fall for the Island Mtn. grows..?
      Did he go back..? Nope… South Fork of Salmon Creek has a guy running a dozer every day… Big greenhouses close to the creek… The neighbors have complained to the County and to Fish and Wildlife… No response to date…

      • I think just about every neighborhood is experiencing a Cannathug or more that doesn’t give a shit. I don’t know what is going to stop the ongoing shit-show in Humboldt. I have no faith in so called permits and regulations to do the job. I’m almost at the point of hoping corporate grows take away the competition so Humboldt can return to some semblance of normalcy .

        • My concern is that returning to “normalcy” is no longer possible. WW11 Song: “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm, After They’ve Seen Par-reeeee?” af

    • its all been done before

      50 “garden supply” warehouse stores in the county and they only sell three things: PVC pipe, topsoil and water tanks. People are drawing water like they all have vineyards, yet not a single one of them grows any grapes. At least I can eat the grapes or make grape juice if I don’t want to make wine from it.

    • Fantastic analysis.

  • Being normal is a thing of the.past!!what a shame our county has turned into.sad

  • It would be nice if we could go back to 99 plants
    It’s so blown up now

    • Here in Mendo, we looked at Humboldt’ 99 plant max with some envy… Here, it’s 25, and most of us adjusted to that limit one way or another. I doubt very much that the 25 limit was intended to preserve our culture, but it has had that effect. af

      • That’s really good to hear, as a visitor to both communities I certainly felt safe in Mendocino which is more than I can say for Eureka/Arcata

  • they just empowered the big growers…the ones we all hate are now in charge


  • lady in the water

    This is not ok! I am born and raised southern humboldt.
    In my almost thirty years on this planet I have seen this beautiful land torn to pieces, the river where all us local kids spent everyday is being sucked dry by outsiders AND locals.. WE are all to blame and now it’s time to say STOP with the greed and selfishness! I was not raised in a family funded by weed.. It is possible to have a nice life without growing big-time.
    Blessings to ALL!

  • “Homegrown is alright with me; homegrown is the way it should be”
    -neil young

  • Yea it’s too bad whats going on, when weed should be free!! Especially to those who actually need it! Not just business men. The argument from any big grower or gangier guy or wonderbug nrsery is they give money to the community… Yea, and there is a huge hole in Oregon where your dirt is coming from
    … God, hey Estelle, make laws that say ganja has to be sustainable and low input like a real sustainable farm. As little outside input as possible. These new laws are a joke and I totally agree it’s like a buncha trumps in hippie garb. And your weed suxand tastes like nutrients not medicine. What a joke!! Commercial medicine? Listen to your stupid selves…

  • THE best solution. Vote against Gov. Brown’s and the rest’s bill.
    This one keeps a 99 plant limit and 12 lbs. per person. Period.

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