Maximum Enforcement Day in SoHum Last Week Nets Five

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On February 25th 2016, Sheriff’s Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office conducted a one-day special operation in Southern Humboldt communities. The goal of the operation was to address several identified locations that were believed to be associated with criminal behavior. Sheriff’s Deputies also focused on maximum enforcement in downtown Garberville, which included foot patrols and high visibility strategies. Several local probationers were contacted and searched pursuant to their probation terms. In addition to issuing citations for observed violations, Deputies arrested the following people for various charges.

  • Thomas Leonard Lusk Sr., 07-18-60, possession of a controlled substanceimageservletLUSK
  • Perter Stanley Novak, 09-21-76, possession of a controlled substance / paraphernaliaimageservletNOVAK
  • Jennifer Inez Heald, 08-26-83, possession of a controlled substanceimageservletHELD
  • Christopher Tabor Sanders, 08-07-68, possession of drug paraphernalia / probation violationimageservletSANDERS
  • Michael James Campos, 07-21-68, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of over an ounce of marijuana, and probation violationimageservletCAMPOS

The Sheriff’s Office will continue with maximum enforcement operations and high visibility patrols for Southern Humboldt communities in the coming months. If you would like to report criminal behavior, or know of a residence or location that you suspect is involved in illegal narcotics, or other forms of criminal activity, you are encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Garberville Station at 707-923-2761.



  • Great job! Keep doing it

  • I hope the SO took a cadaver dog to Thomas Lusk jr’s place after they busted him for rape & kidnapping. He held that woman for several days before she escaped. You know he has done it before. Criminal family, every last one

  • Great job! Let’s take our town back and run these scumbags out of our town! I don’t feel safe using the ATM @ my bank.

  • Yikes, Mr. Lusk looks like satan’s son. Thank you law enforcement, keep it up !!

  • Redway could use a sweep also. Last time I was at Shop Smart a woman across the street was walking in circles yelling the same thing over and over at another woman . All those people that hang in front of Signature Coffee are up to no good.

  • Yay! Great job LEO!!! So happy to hear more are coming also! I agree “Eastside” !!!

  • Lusk has been taking young girls from our town who need a place to stay cause they left home, he has them drive him to the connections house plus he gets them strung out on heroin

  • I think it’s really rude to judge a whole family based on the actions of a few especially since my children and I are a part of that family and while I do not condone what happens and am sickened by recent events my whole family is not a criminal family get your facts straight yes like most people we have family members who break the law and we have ones who don’t so think before you condemn a whole group of people u don’t know

  • Yes indeed,this is another great job!!”Lusk “looks pissed.they all look like years of drugs.pitty

  • Waste of tax dollars. All these people are probably already out on the streets again. Mostly drug charges. Locking people up that have a addiction is not the cure, it dose not help. It just cost the tax payers money. Humboldt needs a treatment program for all drug addicts that enter our jail. So sad walking through town. The land of the lost.

  • thanks to Sgt. Taylor and his crew—–now lets Boycott the Shell station on mondays until they clean up drug sales/use on their property—-to some extent property owners are responsible for what goes on at their property—the post office lobby in Garberville is the spot to fix and sleep on the weekends—-careful what you touch…..

    • Yep! Shop smart is always booting people out of its parking lot. It’s not as bad as it was a year ago. Now they hangout across the street. I agree property owners should deal with the loitering problems on their property.

  • Were the people arrested just booked and released, or what? af

  • I used to work at 5th St day cleaning the flower pots got stuck with a Frickin needle,wow had to have all kinds of tests sucked.thsnk god I tested negative.that was a scary time

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