BBQ Brings Fire Engines to Squatter’s Habitat


Fire crews responded to a vehicle fire at a residence in Arcata [All photos by Oliver Cory.]

Multiple fire engines responded to the report of a vehicle fire in the 3500 block of Curtis Avenue off of LK Boulevard in Arcata about 4:37 p.m. today.

However, the source of the smoke was a BBQ in an abandoned single wide trailer, according to Sean Campbell Battalion Chief at Arcata Fire. He explained to our reporter Oliver Cory that it appeared someone had been squatting in the abandoned trailer and using a BBQ as a heat source.

When crews arrived on scene, they found no one in the building and the still smoking Weber…The building sustained no fire damage.12789725_1742240285995807_442920117_o



  • Failing to deal with homelessness in a coherent and rational manner costs us more in the long run.

  • A place in Canada gave & made homes for the homeless , whatever their problems were. The cost for doing that was far , far less then what we pay here in dealing with homeless peoples issues . Crime went down , police calls went down and so on . You know , it just clicked , I moving to canada . Fuck this United States of distractions. O wait I got to check my iPhone , it’s more important then talking to my neighbor .

    • Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Now git!

    • I am sure it made a difference for the city. All the tiny houses for homeless will need the land to put them on. They will need septic an water. And people who will maintain a home and treat it as a home. These tiny house neighborhoods can quickly become flop houses with folks who do not care about keeping a clean neighborhood. In the right location with the right people it can be wonderful alternative.

      • WhoAreThesePeople?

        Where, though? It has to be away from any land that is owned by a 1%er NIMBY asshole, and it seems that all the land is owned by 1%er NIMBY assholes. Like your mayor.

  • The BBQ did not start out in the trailer. They had been building a fire outside. When we went down to tell them not to start fires as it smokes up our house and sometimes sets off our smoke detectors, they dealt with the problem by bringing it inside before they ran. Thank goodness we called the cops to report the squatters.

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