Woman Assaulted Near WinCo Early This Morning

We got a message from a reader this afternoon that said:

At this point, we don’t have a lot of information, but here’s what we’ve been able to piece together:

Around 4:45 a.m. today, scanner traffic indicated a 44-year-old woman had been assaulted near the 3200 block of Elizabeth Street in Eureka. According to the scanner, the woman suffered a head injury.

As emergency crews were making their way to the area, the dispatcher noted that the suspect had already fled. Medical crews left the scene around 5 a.m.

That’s all we know at this point, but we’ll be sure to let you all know if we hear more.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Still a bad or should I say badder area of town

  • Didn’t that cop shooting happen around here?

  • some concerned person

    I live 2 blocks from there. The neighborhood is really iffy anywhere within a mile. California and Highland streets in particular. Winco/Harris St is a bit of a thoroughfare for the junkies at night going down behind the mall from there. There’s also any number of creepers and crawlers and GMOBs after midnight as I hear them poking around neighborhoods and alleys trying to get into trash, parked cars, mailboxes, yards, etc. Late at night they’re usually so thwacked out, an assault on someone, at least in their minds, they could have been fighting off bats and dragons. I’ve had to run a few of them out of my yard. It seems the worst times to be caught alone outside are after probably 1am and 5am.

  • A police detective told me that he would not recommend walking down, any part, of california street, if you look like you have anything to lose. Thank god I live on A Street. 😉

  • All I know is the neighbors were cleaning blood off our sidewalks from that junkie fight last night. From Elizabeth Street to the park where the kids play.

  • And where’s are fine EPD too busy looking for people talking on their cell phones while driving or with no seatbelt on

  • Why does everybody want to kill each other?What the hell is going on around here?Law better start opening up that can of whoop ass soon,cause we are going down,just like the Titanic.i guess we need to change the towns name,cause nobody feels like we’ve “found it”

    • Awesome Gma don’t you think there should be patrols in problem ares ? If I was the chief that’s what I would do I know they can’t be every were at once ,but there again our jail system sucks ,so we all know how well that works catch a Mexican with a pd of smack and a pd of meth and let him go he went straight to mexico ,and never returned

      • Yes indeed I do . correct,and we have to start somewhere anywhere.Law enforcement needs to pick it up,my family won’t visit anymore because of the reputation we have,and the have been coming here for generations,sad

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