[UPDATE: Road Clear] Walnut Drive Shut Down For Two-Vehicle Accident with Extrication

Photo from a reader

Photo from a reader

According to scanner traffic, two vehicles were involved in an accident on Walnut Drive around 6:45 p.m. Early reports indicate a Jeep Wrangler is on its roof and at least one person is trapped inside. The other vehicle is an Acura. We got word over the scanner that Walnut Drive is “completely closed down.”

At this point we don’t know the exact location, but we will update this post when we find out.

Update 7:03 p.m.: A reader tells us the accident is near the intersection of Walnut and Holly. The patient has been extricated from the vehicle.

Update 7:28 p.m.: Another reader tells us Walnut Drive is closed between “Holly and Cutten School.”

Update 8:30 p.m.: According to the CHP Incident Page, the road is clear.

UPDATE 10:32 p.m.: More photos provided by Chris Arnold below.

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  • Bad accident, Jeep was clearly speeding south and as it went around the curve at Holly it crossed the double yellow and hit the Acura head on. Guy had to be going real fast and this a 25 zone where people are often walking on the sidewalk. At least the 3rd serious crash by clowns speeding in this spot in the past year. Feel sorry for the Acura driver who was just driving normally until the Jeep barreled into him.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Crazy driving in Eureka gets worse every week. Very scary, not knowing where the next maniac is coming from.

      • The bad driving is not limited to Eureka. Cutten (where is crash occurred) is outside Eureka city limits. Lots of the bad driving I see in Eureka is by drivers living outside the City limits.

    • I live on McClaskey Lane, the speed limit sign in the picture with the Jeep is the Northbound lane going toward Cutten school. The Northbound turn at Holly and Walnut is a right-hand turn. Going too fast Northbound would have the G-forces pushing the Northbound vehicle into the Southbound vehicle. Judging by the amount of damage to both vehicles, they both were probably spun around, ending up pointing in the opposite direction they were traveling. Can’t tell which vehicle was going what direction though, based on the original pictures shown.


  • Wonder how much they want for that “up armored vehicle”the Sheriff is getting rid of. I might feel safer driving that!

  • SLOW DOWN,for the love of God.your still going to get there at least safely.Drive like you want to live.i watch everyone when I’m driving I don’t trust anyone.

  • Eureka should hold a race every year, where locals can compete in their own vehicles. They could call it “THE KNUCKELHEAD 500”!

  • Everyone should really keep there mouth shut about the situation unless you know the full story. No one knows the extent of the injuries being that people should keep there opinion to them self’s for BOTH victims and there family.

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