Placer County Put Out This Video About Cannabis…What Do You Think?

Regulating Medical Marijuana in Placer County from MyPlacer Video Portal on Vimeo.

Placer County put out this video explaining the reasons the county supervisors voted “to regulate medical marijuana sales and cultivation in unincorporated areas of the county.” The three and a half minute video, they say, explains “why we think regulation is what’s best for our safety, health and environment.”

While it is slightly specific to Placer County, the reasoning is applicable more broadly.  Let us know what you think.



  • A beauracratic utopia. How sweet……

  • A good explanation for the uninitiated… We know, here in Humboldt, that regulation quickly becomes a political battle of special interests… In other words “Follow the Money…”

  • Meanwhile, our “regional” water partners in the desert are growing a minimum of 600,000 lbs per year in one place. Just wait til the valley gets theirs going. Poor poor NorCal red tape fanatics will still be crying in poverty. I’m sure they’ll increases taxes & fees to compensate lmfao. Such stupidity.

    • Have you been to the valley in the last 10 years? Its a polluted wasteland, thanks to regulatory capture by conservative farmers who grew fat on subsidies. I wouldn’t hold them up as a positive example of anything.

  • The black market remains green

  • Hmmm. Alcohol. Cigarettes. A tired argument, I know, but a balance was struck in those industries, and we all know the alcohol vs. cannabis argument.

    Handle the agricultural (water quality, air quality) like any other agricultural commodity. How is tobacco handled in North Carolina? I remember a local farmer spreading his manure mid summer on his feed corn fields. STINK for weeks. Nobody complained, there were no constraints, and the smell of chicken shit and ammonia was WAY worse than any kush. Ever live in a paper mill town? Money talks.

    But this is a tax/regulatory grab over big money, and the survivors will be the mega companies that aren’t even growing right now, but paying lobbyists millions nationwide to secure their position in the industry.

    A nice warm and fuzzy video with a dark undercurrent. I wonder who actually paid for it. Indoor vs. outdoor? You mean you can’t grow it in your back bedroom alongside your lettuce and African violets (like my grandmother used to do – won many prizes for her handiwork)? Why IS that? So “WE” can know and tax and regulate and tax some more?

    Finally, the “safety” issue. Very, very vague. And she admits there is little data. Weasels are always going to steal, deal and squeal.

  • Apparently the marijuana growing in Placer has a horrible smell!!! I have never heard of this……certainly a fragrant plant, but a lovely smell, and strain specific tooo!
    What strain smells so bad that the county has so vehemently warned the public? We need to know!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      There were complaints in Willow Creek in recent years about reeking MJ plants. Really good indicas and many sativas can really smell. Some of my best indicas really reek when the bag is opened. It is possible for your small garden to irritate your neighbors if they are too close. Remember that when buying real estate. There are strains that are potent, yet not aromatic. I prefer the stinky stuff.

  • So cheesy, and the smell issue? Really? Lmao. We have a looooooooooong road ahead of us.

  • a fight for freedom.a fight to end slavery.a fight for all to vote.and we will fight for marijuana.The generations before us destroyed this place and made some stupid laws.Now we have to clean up the mess.The reason for black market and crime is because it’s illegal. Since the War on Drugs we’ve spent trillions of tax dollars so fat Feds can sit around and bust nickel and dimes.They lost the war on drugs.since legalizing medical, the cartels have lost major profits.we need to do what the Swiss do.Americans are awesome people it’s our goverment that’s evil.

  • I think a lot of people want to grow what they want, where they want, when they want, the way they want, as much as they want, hire whoever they want, pay whatever they want, without any regulation or government interference or taxes. Of course they want government protection though.

    Every other business is regulated and taxed. There are no free rides.

  • cannabis cures cancer

    So what it smells?
    So does your crying baby and its toxic, non-decomposable diapers that are filling up our landfills further contributing to ground pollution. Hey did you know cannabis is a heavy metal uptaker and help rejuvenate soil?
    Sure growers got big trucks but regular families got multiple cars, soccer practice, piano recital, shopping etc.

  • Hi, I’m from the Placer County government and just here to help you. Bend over now and enjoy it in the *ss.

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