Painted Vehicle Makes Neighbors Sick

Press release from Arcata Fire:

Arcata Fire District AFD KaleidoscopeShortly after 11:00 A.M. Arcata Fire District was dispatched to a possible hazardous material incident at the Bracut Industrial Park off of U.S. Highway 101. Initial reports stated employees could smell fumes coming from a nearby building and complained of feeling sick and nauseous.
Arcata fire crews arrived on scene and the first two engine crews immediately
evacuated the building. A third Arcata engine crew worked with Hazmat personnel from
Humboldt Bay Fire to develop a plan to make entry into the building. After crews
entered the building it was discovered that the building was being used for auto body
restoration. It was reported by the tenant that he had sprayed a vehicle in the building
earlier this morning.
Although an ambulance was called to the scene, no injuries were reported.
Arcata Fire District responded with two engines, one truck and one chief officer.
Humboldt Bay Fire responded with one engine and one chief officer. Arcata – Mad
River Ambulance responded with once vehicle, Humboldt County Sheriff responded to
assist with logistics and Humboldt County Environmental Health responded.



  • Big news

  • These are highly toxic fumes. Do they have a license for this activity at that site?

    • I suppose you would be happier if it where a butane hash lab wouldn’t you. Sounds like a neighbor who is just wanting to shut down someone trying to make a living in this black market Hell outside of selling drugs for profit .

    • How do you know what paint was used and whether the fumes were “toxic” like you assert?

      Just because you can smell the solvent from the paint does not mean you’re being exposed to “toxic” fumes.

    • I lived next to a body shop for quite a few years and fumes the get didn’t me all at!!

    • Toluene: the sweet smell of brain damage
      In Arcata when I ride on the bike path (multi modul) near Wing near Samoa Blvd. it sure does smell sweet there. I’m sure everyone who works there is wearing proper respirators as required by Cal OSHA. I’m not concerned about my exposure since I’m briefly passing by.

      • “Reader-supported” journalism? Are you fucking kidding us?


        • Since local blog journalism can only copy and paste from press a release it is up to the comment contributer to connect the dots.
          I bring up Wing Inflatable because they are a major employer to the City of Arcata and Humboldt County.
          $2.8M loan awarded to Wing Inflatables in Arcata

          “With 75 to 77 jobs, that’s going to have a huge economic impact on the city of Arcata.”
          I’m not judging bro.

          • I do find it interesting when people step in your place of business just to make an insulting comment. I wonder what they think. You do know I run this operation by myself most of the time with only part-time help? Yet, I manage to post at 3 in the morning about accidents blocking roads in Southern Humboldt, cover events in Eureka and Hoopa as well as post press releases.

            Of course, I use press releases as does every other news organization that I know of. I can’t go to every spot and interview every person I would like to. Yes, that would be better if I could but I don’t have the resources and you don’t pay me enough.

            • Come on Kym, you know we all love and appreciate you. Don’t let someone’s thoughtlesness drag you down. Keep up the good work for those that like you. Why not gloat that you could delete them if you wanted to? That would cheer ME up.

              • It’s sometime very satisfying, though not very adult, to think of deleting insults. I admit that.

                But, you know, Ernie, it wasn’t that the comment got me down so much as the idea that people like me who work on websites aren’t real people worth treating politely. In the real world no one, or at least no one that I count as a friend, would walk into someone’s business take the free stuff offered and then announce loudly in the owner’s face that they do a crappy job. You might test the free cookie at a bakery and then privately decide that their style of baking isn’t for you but it’s a rare person who looks at someone’s hard work given to them freely and then sneers loudly at it.

                (And, yes, I could delete them but I don’t delete opinions just because I don’t like them. Mostly I ignore comments like these but this morning I just decided to say what I thought.)

  • It didn’t occur to the fire chief, who is responsible for his budget, to look before sending in all those resources??? I guess measure z is working for him.

    • Other than the fuel expended during the response, it’s unclear how much this event cost from a budget standpoint. The equipment is already purchased, the wages are being paid even if the responders are idle, etc. etc.

      If the responding ambulance was an extra cost occasioned by those who complained of feeling “sick and nauseous” yet “no injuries were reported” (i.e. the ambulance made an unnecessary trip) then why not charge that cost to the ones who made the unnecessary complaint?

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