Missing Humboldt Eagle Found!


Found! Sequoia, a bald eagle with a local connection, who had been missing for days was just recovered. In 1988, Sequoia was found with a gunshot wound on a Ferndale Ranch and after healing was eventually relocated to a Palo Alto Zoo. She went missing this week from a flying demonstration.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sequoia flew off and wouldn’t return from her regularly scheduled flight. News media from the San Francisco Chronicle to the LA Times covered the story. She was last spotted yesterday west of Stanford near Arastradero Preserve.

However, as we were requesting information at 10:30 a.m., a spokesperson for the Palo Alto Zoo was delighted to tell us that she has just been recovered. A zoo representative was on the way to pick her up as we spoke.

Sequoia, whose gunshot wound left her with a paralyzed tail and a missing toe, could not survive on her own, the zoo said.



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