[UPDATE 2/26] Workplace Shooting Leaves 4-7 Dead, 20-30 Wounded Tonight, Says Sheriff in Kansas


Screengrab of a live KAKE tv appearance by Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton.

A mass shooting took place earlier this evening in Kansas. Four to seven people are believed dead and 20 to 30 are wounded after a lone gunman struck at several locations, according to the Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton.  The gunman was eventually killed by law enforcement at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas.

The Harvey County Sheriff’s Office released this information,

Around 5pm tonight, there was an active shooter situation that began aound the area of 12th and meridian in Newton where shots were reported. There were also reports of shots fired at Meridian and Hesston Rd as well as an active shooter situation in Excel Industries. The shooter at Excel Industries has been shot and killed. There have been numerous shooting victims as well as some fatalities. Families are currently being notified by emergency personnel. We will update you with more information as it becomes available

Seen on live tv, Sheriff Walton says, “Any place that thinks it can’t happen here, you’ve got to wake up.”

UPDATE 7:43 p.m.: Press release from the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office:

Law enforcement from multiple agencies continue to investigate a mass shooting early this evening in Harvey County. Four are dead, including the shooter, and 14 were injured, 10 critically.

Officials are working to identify all victims and notify family members. Family reunification and assistance is available at Hesston High School.

At about 5 p.m. today, law enforcement received a report of a shooting from a vehicle near 12th and Meridian in Newton. A male victim had been shot in the shoulder.

Shortly after that, a report came in of another shooting at Meridian and Hesston Road, where a victim had been shot in the leg.

The shooter proceeded north to Excel Industries in Hesston, where one person was shot in the parking lot before he opened fire inside the building. He was seen entering the building with a long gun.

An officer responding to the scene exchanged fire with the shooter, who was killed. The officer was not injured.

The shooter was an employee of Excel industries. His name has not yet been released. Police do not yet have any information about potential motives for the shooting.

Fifteen ambulances and two helicopters responded to the incident. Patients were transported to Wesley Medical Center and St. Francis Medical Center in Wichita and to Newton Medical Center.

Responding agencies include Harvey County Sheriffs Office, Hesston Police, Newton police, KBI, Kansas Highway Patrol, FBI, ATF, Harvey County Coroner, and multiple fire and EMS agencies.

Excel industries will remain shut down during the investigation, which could be lengthy.

Additional information will be available at a news briefing at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow in the training room at Harvey County Sheriffs Office, 120 E. 7th Street in Newton.

UPDATE 2/26: This is a press release from the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Kansas. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

WICHITA, KAN. – A criminal charge filed Friday alleges a Kansas woman unlawfully transferred guns to a convicted felon who was killed Thursday in a shootout with police in Hesston, Kan., U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said.

Sarah T. Hopkins, 28, Newton, Kan., is charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. An affidavit filed in the case alleges Hopkins knew Cedric Ford was a convicted felon who was prohibited from possessing a firearm when she gave him a Zastava Serbia, AK-47 type semi-automatic rifle and a Glock Model 22 40-caliber handgun.

Cedric had the guns when he was shot and killed by police Thursday after they were called to a shooting incident at Excel Industries in Hesston.

If convicted, Hopkins faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000. The Hesston Police Department, the Harvey County Sheriff’s Department, the Newton Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the FBI investigated. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lanny Welch and Assistant U.S. Attorney David Lind are prosecuting.



  • See we don’t need terriost we have enough of are own nut jobs to worry about,thats two in 45 days.

  • How do you know it was one of our own?

  • Um I think its one of our own too, any opportunity to whip up “terrorist” fears is seized immediately. It would be mentioned already.
    I think it should be federal law thst these offenders get immediate toxicology bloodwork and that information ought to be released to the public. Some medications make people psychotic. (Ideally heavy metal and mold testing too). Then we could see if meds are playing a part and (gasp) see if its not so much the guns that are the problem, its what’s making people do these things that needs to be addressed. The less hope there is the more these events will happen. People are seeking control over something in their lives and most people are working constantly and still cant pay the bills. So many people feel stuck.
    Funny how we dont call american offenders terrorists, we call them shooters.

    • We should call them killers! I’m A shooter and have never killed anyone.

    • You’re suggesting that we look for a correlation, not a causation. if people with mental problems are given drug s and then commit a crime, was it the mental problem or the drugs? Either way, it is the ubiquity of guns that allows people to kill with such relative ease. Terrorist use violence or threats to achieve political goals, no political goal = not a terrorist.

    • So sad, heart goes out to everybody hurt by this. You’re right, and an individual may feel enormous pressure and feel stuck with no way out. It’s especially hard seeing success all around you like locally where stratification hierarchy is doled out to dealers, illiterates, and the spasmodic.

  • And the spirit of the age deteriorates further…..the domestication of the human race is not going well. Is that smoke I smell? Babylon burning…..

  • All of these crazy shootings are everywhere.mental health problems are in every town in every state!!So very sorry for the family’s may God bless you all.

    • God did bless them, by taking their family members to eternal paradise. This was part of gods plan, like giving children cancer.

  • Twenty or so years ago, they blamed violence on violent video games. Then they rated them. Now they try to rate real people.
    Ever notice how good studies are used to create bad outcomes? Good jobs, happy people. Dedicated faith, well balanced families with good moral compass. Self governing with respect for self & others. Where are all the jobs, standards & liberties? Eat nutrious food, for body & mind. Why is all our food gmo & unlabeled? Why are organic farms, ranches, dairies, being raided & confiscated? Dam studies showed them exactly how to create the opposite affects for more losses.

  • My heart goes out to those who’ve suffered losses.
    My neener goes out to those who claim that all bullets kill.

  • This is sad but it’s so common it’s hard to even consider this news. I come here to get the news from our community that isn’t available elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll here plenty about the latest massacre this from the mainstream media. Keep turning out the great local news Kym. We need eyes on our own

    • I’m certainly not planning on reporting in depth on national news. I promise that by far my main focus is local news. But sometimes when a national news story breaks it takes awhile to get to our readers. I think introducing the story and posting links for those interested is helpful (and I’m following it anyway so why not share?)

    • Adam, Kym does an outstanding job of covering the local news. She does us a great service. No other source gives us 24/7 coverage with updated acurate local news.

      To pretend that the rest of the world does not affect us is only sticking our heads in the sand. I often enjoy reading LOCAL people’s opinions on national and international news. Where else but a local blog could you get those opinions? National issues like racism, sexism, religion, politics, etc. Yes, even marijuana affects us locally.

      I, for one, appreciate kyms dive into a broader news service, with local opinion on it.

  • Is this post not P.C. enough for RHBB?
    Another round of Black on White Gun Violence and the silence from the Left and from BLM and the Race-Baiters is deafening!
    A career Criminal (Islam is really popular among Blacks in Prison) who was released from prison upon the general Population by well meaning and good intentioned leftist, PC politicians. Then he kills all these people and we cant discuss it as it really happened ? If he was white would that make it better ?

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