Scotia Man Arrested After Striking Passenger With Car While Fleeing Police

Rio Dell

Photos from a reader

A man was arrested near Rio Dell after a brief car chase earlier this week.

Around 11 a.m. on Monday, Rio Dell Police pulled over a Toyota FJ Cruiser near First Avenue and Dixie Street in Rio Dell.

“The original stop was for an expired registration,” Chief Graham Hill said.

Hill said during the stop three people got out of the vehicle. As the people exited, the driver fled and struck one of the passengers in the process. The Toyota eventually stopped on the northbound side of Highway 101 near Wildwood Avenue.

The driver, 40-year-old Justin Tuey of Scotia, was booked for evading police, possession of cannabis, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of probation and driving on a suspended license.

Hill said the passenger who was struck by the vehicle fled the scene as well. When officers made contact with her later, she declined medical attention.

Rio Dell 2

Photo of the suspect’s vehicle



  • She must be a solid friend. I’d have done the same.

  • Fuckin’ Tuey you dumbass. Some people never change. My question is where did your dumbass get an fj cruiser

  • No charge of “hit and run” for striking the passenger with the vehicle and leaving the scene?

  • No charges for hit and run??what’s up with that.oh wait,I’m sorry this is Humboldt

    • Lol its corrupt Rio Dell cops they protect murders I saw some girl get shot. They did nothing but harass me for reporting it

  • Has to be a victim to have a crime if she won’t talk DA won’t file

  • If there wasn’t a war on consumers choices of what they consume, would he have relaxed and taken the ticketing in typical fashion?

  • Justins a total loser, his son was a really smart kid but commited suicide a while ago because his parents are both complete losers!!! Sad they cant get there shit together.

    • Whom ever you are maybe you should show who you are, Mr. Or Mrs. Perfect. That was completely uncalled for there are still many people that suffer from that incident including young kids. You need to remove this cpmment it has nothing to do with what his dad does now. Do you have any kids? How would you be after your only child died the way his child did? Check your mouth and I would like to meet you and shake your hand for living in Humboldt County and remaining perfect.

  • Love my FJ Cruiser with the 6-speed manual tranny. My off-grid friends make fun of it as a “City” vehicle, but with beefed up suspension and off road everything, it handles even the worst roads well. Plus, it’s fun to drive and takes regular grade gasoline. Gonna keep mine forever!

  • I was on a walk with friends from Rio Dell to Scotia on Monday and we were to close for comfort during this very high speed pursuit! We were all on the Scotia bridge when that vehicle came speeding over the bridge with the back door wide open and the Rio Dell Police chasing right behind him. If we would have been crossing the road there would have been no chance of us getting out of the way to avoid being hit!

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