Own Your Own Zipcode!

UntitledBridgeville’s for sale again. No, really. Go look.

For only $3,552 per month for 30 years you can own your own town. Or, for just $995,000 now you can avoid the interest payments. The 83 acre town made history when it was first offered for sale in 2002 on eBay. It’s been for sale several times since then including in 2006 when BBC News said the $1.75 million dollar price included, “three cows, eight houses, and a post office.”

Possibly the cows have died in the intervening ten years and that accounts for the $755,000 price drop…



  • Buy it and you can be the Mayor, Police and Fire Chief. As Police Chief you’re ‘department’ can purchase fully automatic weapons and get that MRAP the EPD gave back.

  • Wanna buy a Bridge(ville)? LOL

  • Fool born, maybe not every minute, but, well, buying Bridgeville would be a foolish thing to do.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Some of the ideas I’ve read put forth in forums the last couple times it was up for sale were…..interesting. One being a “commune” for hip hop artists. A rehab center. Tear it all up and build condos. Tear it all up and do nothing. Buy it for just the old bridge and use the rest for fire department practice. Youth hostel…..lots of stuff. And that was from people seriously considering a purchase. Then they all find out this is kind of far from LA or NYC and…nothing.

  • Already made housing for the homeless.

  • Old news…its been for sale for a few years now.

  • I actually considered bidding when it was first on eBay, as I had the money and a sense of rural nostalgia.

    Fortunately my rational brain hemisphere prevailed!

  • Its been for sale for 3-4yrs now.
    Taken off market for a few months, maybe not on zillow. Cant always believe everything you read.

  • The way things are now, you can buy Bridgeville but you could never own it. We all know who owns it.

  • Who owns it?

  • i hear the russians are looking into it for a future bulb farm.

    • The Chinese are buying up America land & businesses too. I think Russia mainly invests in uranium & other important mining goodies don’t they? Gizmo data details are online.

  • Bridgeville is not worth $1,000,000! There is no infrastructure. Sewage from one of the houses used to flow into the Van Duzen. House are falling down. School and post office are cool. Not sure if the rents collected would pay the mortgage and taxes. It can’t be developed without multi millions of dollars. Duzen dries up on the summer, so no attraction there. With the school, can’t turn it into a cannabis farm. Cant fish that far up river. Build some small houses with composting toilets. Create a place for young families to live affordably. Keep the dopers out.

  • It’s been for sale for over 10-12 years at the least it’s BS there is no money in buying the town except as a long long term hold or some guy want’s it just to say he owns a town. Lonnie Shadler owns Coleman Ca, for just that reason but it’s changed hands and been on the market because it isn’t worth what they are charging or someone would of bought it and developed it.

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