The Jury Is Out: The Trial of Skylar Nemetz in the Shooting Death of His Wife Draws to a Close


Photo of Danielle from the Justice for Danielle Rippeon-Nemetz Facebook page.

A jury in Washington State is deliberating today in the trial of a former Humboldt County man accused of murdering his wife who was also from Humboldt County. Family and friends are awaiting the verdict in the trial of Skylar Nemetz who attended Arcata High School and is accused of murdering his teenage wife, the former Tarrah Danielle Rippeon who was a cheerleader at McKinleyville High.

The two moved to Lakewood, Washington after Nemetz joined the Army. On October 16th, 2014 Danielle was shot in the back of her head with an AR-15 rifle while seated at the computer. Both prosecution and defense agree that Skylar Nemetz shot her but the prosecution argued that Nemetz is guilty of First Degree Murder. The defense argued that he was guilty of manslaughter.

We’ll update with the verdict when it comes in.



  • So Sad! Justice for Danielle!

  • Shot in the back of the head with a rifle ? HANG E’m HIGH!

  • I hope he gets the max!!!so sorry for her family still having to go thru this.God bless you all

  • Danielle was a truly a rare example of a 100% purely positive spirit, exceptionally admirable to the point that I don’t expect to meet more than a couple of people like her in my entire lifetime. To say that her murder is tragic would be a ridiculous understatement as the world really lost something uniquely special when she was killed. I’ve made a genuine effort to reserve judgement about whether or not Skylar took her life intentionally until the case was heard by a jury. I hoped it was an accident and absolutely want to believe so, however, after watching Skylar’s testimony and the closing arguments of both the prosecution and the defense on youtube I’m convinced he’s guilty of first-degree murder. Nothing else makes any sense whatsoever. My heart is broken and my faith in humanity is shattered. This never should have happened. Life in prison is a harsh reality and I take no joy or pleasure in that fate for Skylar now that he regrets his choice to pull the trigger because it won’t bring Danielle back to us, but it is what it is. Danielle did not deserve this. Life isn’t fair. I hope that both of their families and friends get some closure when the jury delivers the verdict and are able to move on with their lives, which were undoubtedly enhanced by the opportunity to know Danielle. Through her memory she will live on as a role model for so many us. I feel very lucky to have known her and am so sad and sorry that this happened. Thank you, Danielle, for being who you were and showing us all an example of how we should strive to be.

    • You are absolutely correct. I delivered medicine to her house when she was younger and she was the sweetest, smartest, kindest little person when she answered the door. I was truly shocked and saddened when I figured out that the person in this article was the same wonderful little girl with glasses I remember from so long ago. The world was truly robbed of a wonderful person who would have lived to make the world a better place I am sure. RIP Danielle

    • I’m truly sorry for your loss,she was a beautiful person,it must have broken your heart to write hoping with the beauty of knowing her will keep your heart growing and her spirit present.Their are truly wonderful humans out there you knew one.bless you

  • So sad prayers to Danielle’s family.

  • this is a tragedy of epic proportions –

    unfortunately, i never had the opportunity to meet danielle; however, i do know several members of her immediate family – the damage and loss of the life of such a beloved young woman is immeasurable –

    it is obvious, from what i’ve heard from family, as well as what i’ve read on the ‘outpost’, that danielle was an exceptional young woman; loving, thoughtful, kind and gifted –

    she has left an undeniable mark on so many, those who knew her and to many who, like me, never met her —

    i have never met skylar either, but it seems to me he has chosen the path of a tortured soul –

    whether he receives ‘life’, ‘life without parole’, or ‘the needle’, the verdict a jury or Court chooses for him will be far more humane than the choice he made for danielle –

    perhaps we, as a society, should be imposing the exact same method of torture and murder that a perpretator chooses, and imposes, on his victim –

    skylar’s immoral choice and act doesn’t give danielle, nor her family, any reprieve; instead, he has imposed ‘a death sentence for danielle’, and ‘a sentence of life, without parole’ on all members of her family, as well as his own —

    skylar chose his own path and should be held accountable for same . . . this is such a ‘no win’ for all — i hope and pray that the families can come to terms with the devistation and loss they suffer —

    • Very well said. Thank you!

    • Only God knows truly what happened. So while you are praying maybe you can say a prayer for your judgement. Because when you say things like “the needle” maybe you could take a minute and think “what if his mother is reading this.” You didn’t know him. So before you pass your own judgement say a prayer for some guidance. The tragedy is on both sides. Prayers for you all.

      • Thank you. His mother is reading this. When did personal judgement over another human being take presidence over right from wrong? I do not judge others but allow OUR MAKER to judge and pray for guidance to see good from evil.

        • You can pray for good vs evil but the fact is she was good and your son is evil. You were at the trial it’s not personal judgements, it’s a fact your son killed her.

        • A horrible death of such a beautiful girl has already happened. Let Skylar live with his actions his whole life. I’m not saying by any means he shouldn’t be found guilty but to say another person should be killed is just not going to make this right. I understand pain and hurt. I’ve been in these shoes. Lost someone myself before. Don’t forget he has a mother, father, siblings and other people who this has ruined and hurt. Why punish them for his actions by going after them or saying he deserves to die? They have a loved one in this too. Imagine seeing your own son..right or wrong…go through this. You love them no matter what. Let her love her son without imagining him with a needle in his arm.

        • Tellithowitis Truthseeker

          I bet that a lot of people would prefer it if Skylar could be in that Judgment seat before OUR MAKER. The sooner the better. Remove the log from your eye before you try to help others with what you think is in their eyes. You arent seeing things correctly. It appears to me that you are a disgrace to yourself. No one need to help you with that. Maybe it is because you don’t know your place and you push in and inflict and direct pain towards Danielle’s family and friends and people see that behavior. I’m not even directly involved and I’m pretty pissed off at what you have written. Completely Unbelievable. You are not credible and neither is your son. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from? By the things I have seen you write it is evident that you are a mean and hurtful person. I wonder how many people see you the way I see you. I wonder if you are even aware of what you do. Who knows? Maybe you’ve got a multiple personality disorder. Surely the both of you need a diagnosis and counseling and probably some medication. Maybe stay away from drinking and facebooking for starters. Who says the thing you say to people? Who even says the things you say even when you are trying to be nice and fluffy. If you are trying to gain some form of sympathetic support following, you are going about it all wrong. Check your numbers. You are on the wrong side of the dam. You need to be in the water in order to get your sins washed away. But you run to the mud pile so quickly, and often. I see that you try to step away from your statements and play this “Dani” loving, MAKER talking, diluted character that is better represented as a wolf cloaked in sheep’s skin. You make threats of lawsuits and you even go so far as to making the worst defamatory statements about some of the people who were much closer to Danielle than you ever were. I know because I have been following this case for months. Everything you have written. Everywhere you have written. Often, randomly, and unprovoked you aim your words to create and inflict pain and suffering in hearts that are already broken and trying to pick up the pieces. Then you delete those things you type and make yourself look loving, innocent, pretty and clean. But you are still the dirtiest one here. You have your son’s own blood, as well as Danielle’s blood on your hands in this. If either one of you ever had an opportunity to look innocent, it was destroyed long ago by both of your behaviors. No one is fooled by your attempts to make your son out to seem innocent. Neither one of you play the victim very well. It is clear who the real victims are in this and it isn’t either you or your son. If I can see right through you, so can others. Maybe few people call you out on your behavior because they are affraid of becoming your next victim themselves. You should re-read what you wrote above and apply that to yourself. Consider it advice for yourself.

        • Obviously this kid didn’t really care about right vs. wrong or he wouldn’t be in this situation

        • For goodness sake Danette, read what “friendly advice” has to say and show some dignity/respect. Your son took a life, have some class and stop attacking the people who actually loved her when you are trying to defend the monster who killed her. Talk about your sons’ life and stop attacking hers. You knew her for a brief second in her life, stop acting like you were family or a life long friend. She’s gone, you can stop pretending, go focus on your own family (what you have left of it)

      • Yes Kelli you are right. The tragedy is on both sides. There are no winners in this case. With that being said, I have followed this case from start to finish and have tried to stay mutual through out. I have read every article and watched every news clip on this case including the live courtroom stream on you tube. I was really impressed with the closing argument the prosecution put forward and was even able to sit thru defense’s poor excuse at innocence. I have drawn my own conclusion of guilt based on testimonies and evidence. The defendant’s cockiness and repeated lies on the stand hurt him more than helped him. I invite anyone who feels this was an accident to go to you tube and watch skylar’s testimony and his cross examination by prosecution. Then watch the closing arguments and tell me you still feel it was an ‘ accident’

    • Tellithowitis Truthseeker

      Thank you! Very well said!

  • So sorry for the family loss

  • I would have been the worst juror at this trial. Yes. The worst.

  • To D HELLER< MY gosh Lady, I have seen your posts to the family AND FRIENDS of Danielle. You are obviously delusional and the apple didn’T fall far from the tree. YOU SHOULD HAVE ADVISED YOUR SON TO MAN UP, HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE PITY THAN HIS FAKE CRYING DID. YOU DON’I JUDGE OTHERS, HA HA HA

  • I know that when Skylar was out on bail and living in fife with the ankle braclet e was staying with a family member as well as his mom staying there..the way he treated the woman who let him stay there and her daughter was out right scary…thst is why the had to move out of their own home for 3 days while the courts found another place for him to stay…Smoking weed…and very angry and scary towards them…shows me right there he has issues and wouldn’t trust anyrhing he says or does as well as his mother

  • How can anyone accidentally shoot their wife, then not even a year later have a new girlfriend! Then have this girlfriend there during the whole trial sitting with his family! THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT!

  • Skylar passed a lie detector test and a voice analysis test with flying colors. Anyone interested why the prosecutors failed to let the public and jurors this information?

    • He admitted it for Christ sakes danette. Take your mom blinders off for a minute your sons a murderer. You created an entitled spoiled brat who actually thought he can get away with anything it will be nice to see justice served. There were no tears because he wasn’t sorry he actually thought he could get away with this and that Mommy would buy his way out of it. And why would either of those tests even be important why didn’t his defense attorney present them if they’re so helpful. He did it PERIOD.

    • I’m more interested in why the defense didn’t use it…

    • You had better watch what you are posting on here DHeller. Remember the jury is still out and you can be held in contempt for posting inadmissible evidence. It’s my understanding that Skylar was not given a lie detector test and his voice stress test was inconclusive. But then again one has to be under stress in order to fail. How could he have passed a lie detector test when he was caught in multiple lies?

    • Mental illness sucks

      bahahahah, Psychotic People Can Pass Lie Detector test

    • The fact of the matter is lie detectors are based on pseudo science and are inadmissible as evidence.

  • Find it interesting his EXCELLENT defense team didn’t get those lie detector test in the trial! You rave how wonderful his defense team but that closing argument was a disaster! The jurors only have the cold hard evidence of what really happen! Think about who he is! A TRAINED SOLIDER! How does a TRAINED SOLDIER accidentally shoot his wife? Then render no kind of aid? I am really wondering how anyone could really think this was an accident? He used this same weapon every day in the military! I am a rational person but there is no explanation!

  • Advice to Dannette- I was once you friend…not a close one but I once considered you a friend just the same. I know, deep down that you are not the villain you have made yourself out to be. Let me say that again….YOU made YOURSELF out to be…..Nobody else….JUST YOU. Frankly, you have run a quite successful campaign to make yourself and your son 2 of the most hated people in Humboldt County. I understand that you are going through more pain than any parent could EVER imagine. Sadly….many, many others, however are going through much, much more…mostly due to the way you and your son have handled themselves during this trial. I know neither the victim, nor your son, but I have been trying to look at this tragedy with an open mind since it happened and can come to only one conclusion…Neither of you are capable of accepting accountability for your actions. On your page which you created as a “tribute” to Danielle you have posted many hurtful comments to Danielle’s relatives which you have since deleted and some you haven’t. Much like your son’s testimony, the majority of it is self-serving crap intended to sway public opinion in his favor. Can you possibly imagine how hurtful it is to them to hear you refer to Danielle as “Dani” or “like” your own daughter (her mother is in heaven) or the mere fact that you are portraying to the public that you were somehow closer to her than they were? Obviously not. I fully understand your basic instinct to protect your son and provide him with the best legal representation money can buy, but at what expense? Was it worth alienating those who were closest to you and even members of your own family? I have heard many times that you have boasted that your money will “buy” a good defense for your son. Fortunately, a lawyer is only as good as his client. I will tell you what your money has purchased you….More ill will than you can possibly imagine. If that was your intention, then you have received a large return on your investment. I will also tell you what your money hasn’t purchased you….Class, Dignity, Respect for other’s feelings. Many of these people that hate you and your son like no other, right now, and will forgive you and Skylar for what you have done….but many won’t. I realize that you feel that many of these people you have hurt are beneath you or have other motives for their support of the prosecution’s case. You are wrong. RIGHT NOW is the time for BOTH you AND your son to apologize and beg them for their forgiveness. RIGHT NOW is the time for you to reclaim any shred of dignity you once had if you ever want to walk down the streets of this county. RIGHT NOW is the time to put aside your personal agendas and accept responsibility for your actions. Not tomorrow, not next week, not at the sentencing…NOW!! I am not writing this out of spite or ill will towards you or your son…only a piece of friendly advice to someone I once considered a friend. If you cannot come to terms with these simple facts, then God help you, lady!!

  • So he passed a lie detector test huh? Oh, and a voice analysts test? So which story was used when he was given these tests? He told so many different stories I find that quite hard to believe. People that don’t even know Skylar the liar have came to there own conclusions by watching his conduct on the stand. The fact that you try and say he passed a lie detector test is a joke! Of course he didn’t pass! He told at least five different stories! Bottom line he shot Danielle in the back of the head and murdered her that’s the truth! The great love of his life right? As his new girlfriend is sitting in court everyday? Are you kidding me! Even in death you Danette nor Skylar have shown any respect for Danielle!

  • For the love of God, Dannette, each one of your posts on your “tribute” to Dannielle page become more vicious and demeaning to these poor people than the next. Was it your Chaplain that reminded you “why “Dani” chose to leave her family and join yours”? What did these relatives and friends of Dannielle do to you exactly, to make you want to twist the knife in their hearts and for you hate them so much? Want justice for their deceased loved one? I’m curious as to which version of your son’s story actually passed the lie detector? it certainly couldn’t have been all of them. If so, the machine was clearly broke. Do me a favor…Go back to the Chaplain, call doctor Phil, ask a homeless person on the street…ASK ANYONE if there’s a chance that you have lost all control of your emotions in regards to this case. You are clearly not in your right mind and as someone who once thought highly of you, I beg you to PLEASE….step back and look at what you’re doing and the example you have set for your son. He is clearly following your lead.

  • Danette,

    It’s pretty sad that EVERYONE sees right through your act! I agree with what everyone has said. You raised a spoiled brat, and you think he’s going to get off on murdering his own wife?? How sick are you? What is wrong with you??
    I also once knew you. Not a close friend, but I knew you, and spoke with you on occasion. Once this horrible tragedy occurred, and I saw how sick you were, I could never, ever fathom talking to you.
    I pray, I PRAY! That Skylar pays for what he did to his precious wife. I also pray for you, I pray that you get the help you DESPERATELY need!!
    If you don’t see the problem here, maybe you should do some soul searching.
    Pray that the judge has MERCY on your son. I personally don’t think he deserves any.

  • Armor All American

    Many brides leave their family when they get married –no big deal. There’s a statement that Danielle left her family and joined the Nemetz family –no big deal. But then added an unfounded, seemingly desperate claim that it was because of judgements by her family and friends. Furthermore, COMPLETELY overlooking the fact that Danielle’s HUSBAND (and NEMETZ CONNECTION) THEN SHOT and KILLED Danielle! Even the defense has said that (at a minimum) manslaughter 2 has been proven. Gee, WHICH FAMILY would YOU want to belong to??? No SANE person believes all this claimed love from the Nemetz family — just lies, entitlement, control and jealousy issues by the Nemetz’s. Tell any soldier or veteran the facts of this case, leave the names off, and they’ll tell you, straight out, that a soldier who holds an assault weapon, points it at his wife from behind and then shoots her cleanly through the back of the head is guilty of performing that act INTENTIONALLY. You cannot fool another soldier or a sane civilian for that matter. NO amount of claimed “love” can undo this crime. And in attempting to do so, it just makes the claimer appear the BIGGER FOOL. For SHAME!!! America is NOT with you, and many psycho- and socio-paths can pass a lie detector test. It’s no wonder the Army wanted nothing further to do with Skylar Nemetz and discharged him. He’s done nothing but sully the image of many other soldiers who serve with principles like honesty, integrity, and humbleness.

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  • This girl was like a sister to me and it makes me sick someone do this to her… Her family has suffered enough… God dammit it makes me sick to my stomach that someone would do this to her.. So he deserve’s life…. But i have to put this into gods hands, since he has her now..

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