Cannabusiness: Mexican ‘Tourists’ Earning Big Money in the Emerald Counties


A screengrab of yesterday’s article about trimming in the Emerald Counties on Excelsior’s website.

A news site in Mexico City reported yesterday on a “new migration trend.” According to Excelsior, young professionals and students in Mexico come to the Emerald Triangle on tourist visas in order to make money as marijuana trimmers. According to David, a young anthropologist quoted in the article, it is possible to make over $8000 per month.

Google’s translation of the article states, “At 26, David, an anthropologist by profession originally from Mexico City, is dedicated to travel the world. To raise money to continue [his] journey at this time in South America, last year he worked six weeks in marijuana farms in Northern California…”

The article says that “The migration towards the Emerald Triangle-made up of the counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity- is unprecedented… .”

Working on a tourist visa is illegal and, of course, much of the marijuana market is still black market but David says that a “trimmeando trimmeador.” that speaks good English can earn enough money to travel in other countries.

“People come from all over the world, and many parts of the United States, to work on the same, because it is quick and easy money…[You] do not have to be a genius to trimmear,” says David.



  • Build that wall!!

    • I don’t think the wall will keep people on a tourist visa out…

    • After tens of tunnels discovered and numerous boats stopped entering San Diego a wall will not stop people from entering California nor drugs from coming across the border not to mention coming in thru Louisiana. The demand for drugs is huge and the money too enticing to stop the inflow. And when you travel in California’s agricultural belt and observe harvesting of fruits and vegetables you don’t see any Americans in the fields. You want lettuce on that burger, sorry no Mexicans no lettuce.

      • No but building the Wall will sure help to stem the tide and set up a defense primeter. Also, did you know that Trump plans on having Mexico pay for it? Win/Win.

        • Did you know Trump’s a Fascist pig? Whadya mean “no”?

          • Wait, you’re worried about right-wing politics which can be defined as social stratification and inequality? Well we have had that for a long time locally and nationally. A lot of us are ready to try something different in case you haven’t noticed.

  • $8,000 a month! Sounds a little like B.S. to me.

    • Not really. Clip over a pound a day @ 200.00 a pound for a month .

    • No… it seems about right during season. 260$ per day

    • It’s not BS for someone who actually works hard at it. Someone given the opportunity to come from their poor country of Mexico to the Emerald Triangle for work is likely to work hard at whatever the job may be. $8,000 will go a long way in Mexico. I’d even bet that they don’t bitch and complain about every little thing they can think of and they’re probably appreciative in the end.

  • A coyote might make $8,ooo a month though!

  • They took our jobs!… Actually that’s a good thing… Trimming sucks!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Word. As far as I’m concerned I would rather people from Mexico were trimming for me before I’d even consider the euro trash around here. They literally smell like shit!

    • Immigrants have been doing the work that whites won’t do for years.

  • From what I’ve heard, it’s not just visas. Something about a deal between open borders & cartels. There’s books about it. Easy to research info.

  • Could someone please write an in depth article about the Russian mob (Bulgarians) here in the cannabis free fire zone?

  • Wow, loose lips sink ships. Enough articles like this and it’s going to be harder for foreigners to get up here during harvest. Oh well, Darwin Award. More work for the locals. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb not to take pictures with plants and send them all over the place. Idiots. As far as workers complaining…most of them just want fair conditions, and giving jobs to foreigners for less pay and worse conditions, is the equivalent of what big corporations started doing in America almost 100 years ago. So don’t be a hypocrite and keep the jobs for Americans who actually live in this country..

    • You seriously should try thinking before commenting. If you did think before leaving this comment then you probably shouldn’t comment at all.

  • Sebastián del Río

    Small correction: “trimmeando” = “trimming”

    a trimmer would be a “trimmeador.”

  • I don’t like the current weed industry, however my experience of Mexican migrant workers has been extremely positive, they will work 3 times faster than most lazy ass white stoners, and for the most part they will keep their noses clean. Roll on recreational cannabis, let All farmers give it a go so we can see a real free market. I will have my tiny violin ready for the greedy growers who can’t make a living when there’s real competition.

  • They are hard workers. I would like to do an indepth article on political and judicial corruption in Mendocino where I live. My friend a Mendocino county resident of over 40 years is being sued and evicted out of his home by a former Mendocino county judge Galen Hathaway who has done this many times using questionable documents and bogus land partnerships to in effect steal property. He was suing someone who went in front of him on a criminal case which I think has to violate ethics rules. There are many cases out there like this and if people started writing and talking about it more people would come forward and a clearer picture begins to emerge that shows how “business” is done in the emerald triangle.


      That’s old mendo politics at work as usual. Look at the history there. Who surprised it keeps rolling along? Something in the water down there. You don’t need to look very far to see the county govt supporting losers. It’s common policy to do so.

  • Mr. Hathaway’s brother while drunk claimed his brother the judge has acquired over 4 million dollars in property in partnership with a notoriously crooked land financer Steve ??? a simple title search would be quite revealing. If he was indeed helping to identify people that had criminal charges and possible drug problem then in partnership with Steve offering hard cash loans at what were decent terms but including a land partner on the note. Then the partner refinances the note to over 12% interest without the original party signing the note. Miraculously the original owner gets arrested and judicial foreclosure proceedings begin. Galen Hathaway has over 34 years on the bench in Mendocino county superior court and if he was suing people that were going in front of him in criminal cases and I have documents to prove this and has acquired anywhere near the amount of land and houses that his brother claims then this should be investigated. Hiding behind a judges robes while committing what are at the least serious ethics violations denigrates the court and the office he held.

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