Southern Humboldt Man Receives Major Injuries in Accident Early Sunday Morning

CHP California Highway Patrol BlurEarly Sunday morning, a man received major injuries after an accident on the Avenue of the Giants. At approximately 3:40 a.m., Jubal Sherman was traveling in a 2008 Chevy Pickup south from Jordan Road on Hwy 254 (the Avenue of the Giants.) According to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson, Sherman was intoxicated and driving at a high rate of speed.

“Due to his intoxication, he lost control and the Chevy collided with a tree,” said the spokesperson. “He was trapped and had to be extricated by volunteer firefighters.”

Sherman sustained major injuries. He was taken by ambulance to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna and then flown by Reach air ambulance to a Santa Rosa medical facility.



  • Love and prayers to Jubal and family.

  • River Runs Through It

    We love you Jubal! Stay strong through this, don’t let this ruin all you have worked toward. Peace

  • My heart and prayers go out to you, Jubal. You are so very loved. Make it through this man.

  • Thank you for hurting only yourself, Jubal. I hope you learned a lesson about drinking and driving like an idiot. Thank your lucky stars that you didn’t kill anyone and wind up spending the rest of your life in jail for second-degree murder.

  • So sorry to hear. Holding Jubal and family in healing light.

  • Damn Jubal. Please get well, be ok

  • Glad that tree wasn’t someone’s loved one. Damn Jubal, you should know better!

  • Its hard enough driving threw those trees sober, ugh

  • Karma for killing the man in Tahoe while drunk.

  • I challenge you to go to him and his family, tell them to their face it is bad karma. Just a typical troll. The dude did his time for the crime. Get over yourself.

  • The people posting negative hateful comments need to STOP. You don’t know anything about him. How ridiculously uncharacteristic this was of him because he barely drinks. You don’t know about the aftermath of the last accident, don’t you realize how much his loved ones are trying to stay positive right now. He is the single most generous person I have ever met and I know him well. If you don’t have anything nice to say keep it to yourself, . Kind positive words this is NOT the time to be a hater. Lots of love and light need to be sent. I love you so so much Jubal, so many people do. Lacy..

  • Please be kind, this is hard enough for our family. People make mistakes. Just be kind.

    • people make mistakes, but learn from them.
      also, mistakes shouldnt kill others, shorten their life on earth because you are a drunk!

  • Time for rehab, quit drinking, its a much better life☺

  • Jubal is a great man, very involved and loving in his community.
    The facts are still out and unfortunately, many people are guilty before proven innocent on blogs these days.
    These are moments when the Internet does our small town no justice.
    Heal fast and steady Jubal, the community is behind you 100%.

  • Haha this website is a f in joke

  • wish the best for you and your family. Be positive Jubal-be strong!!!

  • I knew his dad, Jed. he was a good man also, a Harley rider too. Hope this young man recovers.
    we all have sinned so throwing stones will hurt the thrower much more than the object of your scorn.

  • I hope he heals quickly and I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers! I’m so sorry his loved ones are having to deal with this! Much love to the Shermans and extended family ___💖Sarah Thiele

  • Damn jubal, I’m so glad your alive bro! You’ve always been so giving and hospitable and always gave a bed to sleep in when to me if everyone’s else’s house was full up when I’d be Rollin through town. I wish you a speedy recovery jubal. You have an angel watching over you. Be good man,stay strong! I’m gonna say some prayers for you! . I hope I see you sooner than later!! I’m bummed now I didn’t call you a few weeks ago when I was in town visiting. Wish we got to grab that bite to eat now more than ever. How crazy life can be and make you just think. BIG UP JUBES!! SEE YOU SOON!!

  • Tonight I lit a candle for Jubal and played the most positive Midnite with this prayer:
    May you be unburdened by the darkness of judgment. May whatever ghosts that linger disapate with the fog. May your body and mind heal with promise of a strong future. A healing.

  • So odd…why are we supposed to have healing thoughts and prayers and much love for some drunk drivers and not others? Any one else it would be fuck you and piece of shit and shame on you.

    • Exactly! The Southern Humboldt delusion rears it’s ugly head yet again. The people in this area are ridiculous! Glad he didn’t kill anyone…AGAIN!!!

  • I find it sad and truly cruel to make such harsh and hateful statements! This family is going through a hell that we all fear and pray won’t happen to us and our loved ones. I knew Jubal many years ago and grew up in southern Humboldt. He is and was a good person regardless of his unfortunate poor choices. Have a heart people, for shame! Sending much love and positive vibes to the Sherman family.

  • Does anyone know how he’s doing!people can be so harsh,some of things said here no family should have to hear,it’s hard enough,I’m sorry you have to read it.SHAME ON THEM

    • Would you be saying that if he killed someone from your family? Southern humboldt is a frickin’ joke! More drunks here than anywhere I’ve ever lived, and I lived in wine country!

  • I just wish that every person who had something hateful to say would take a long hard look at their own life and realize how many times that they lucked out. That kind of ugliness defines them, not this guy. If they were honest, they would probably join me in saying “there but for the grace go I” and wish well to this guy who didn’t luck out, and to his shocked and fearful loved ones.

  • I am his brother.
    Jubal is the most wonderful guy ever. Caring, sweet, giving, funny and protective of his family which includes a great amount of people in Southern Humboldt.
    Yes he has made another mistake, which thankfully has only hurt himself physically (lots of people emotionally). He needs to STOP drinking for the rest of his life. He will be dealing with it for a long time and its not going to be easy. He has wonderful family and friends that will help him thru this as evident by the majority of comments left hear. Sincerely thank you from Lennon, Shawn and I for all your love.

    For all the negative comments I would cherish meeting you at the Eel River Cafe and discussing this further. I can fill you in on all the parts that you have no idea about. The thing with people like you is you have nothing better to do then be negative, you would have found faults with Jesus if you had been alive when he was, probably throne some stones and spit at him. Again unless you are a Priest, Nun or Rabi I bet you have some things you have done in your life that aren’t so great, no maybe not a bad as some but still not good enough to judge others until you are perfect yourself. People like to talk shit about others to make themselves seem better, well I wish I could take that shit and ram it down your throat, see I’m not perfect either.

    Dad (Jed Sherman), me and all your family and extended are Praying, Sending great Positive vibes and Non-stop LOVE to you Jubal… You Will Get Thru This!

    “None of us should be solely defined by the worst thing we have ever done”

  • Don’t worry Jesse everyone who judges on here will some day be judged themselves, by a lot higher power then an a-hole with a keyboard and anonymity, hope jubal pulls through

  • If you don’t know him or didn’t grow up with the guy, go to South Fork, or roam Redway as a kid in the 80’s then piss off. He will pay for it. Not good enough? Need to get your self-righteous indignation out there for everyone? Make you feel morally superior? Guess what. You’re a tool and nobody likes you. Does your family even talk to you? I have to say that Jubal, from my memory, has a good heart and is a likable dude. So, out-of-towners, trolls and holy rollers sit back, shut up and let it play out. Like many boys with whom we grew up, another young man from SoHum has fallen. His life, unlike the lives of others we knew, has been spared. He will need his strength to deal with the gladiator pit to which a judge may very well send him. It’s not about the drinking and driving for all of you geniuses casting aspersions. It’s about an injured and flawed friend, brother, etc. We are all just one little move away from the wrong side of the law and the prison industrial complex.

  • You gotta be accountable for your actions .40 years plus living the same life 20 years .getting into your car and driving drunk over chasing pussy at 4 in the morning knowing u did the same shit back in late 98 . When all your boys were with u in South Lake. But u decided to drive anyways to chase so stripper chick in Reno to pass out on the wheel and kill a man a put anot her person in a wheelchair for life .jubal was very lucky the first time to go to prison with a light sentence and getting out early and then to do the same thing again. I don’t feel sorry for u nor I’m gonna sit here and hear u guys try to preach Christian words when the majority of u lack knowledge in the word. [edit] Ignorance is the word and this time he will probably be doing some serious time. Keep it 100 !!!

    • This is actually making a untrue accusation.

      Please remove this hear say that Shawn seems to think he needs to spew.

    • Shawn… just like twenty years ago, you and your comments are still irrelevant. If you want to remain anonymous, perhaps you shouldn’t use your lame porn name that you were using back then. You obviously don’t know the story behind that night and him “chasing some stripper chick” (it was his girlfriend…and she didn’t live in Reno). If you don’t want to hear how much we love and care about Jubal, maybe you should just not read the comments…better yet, how about you not comment because honestly, your spelling and grammar is so poor it’s hurting my eyes trying to figure out what you are saying. Don’t make this about you. People care about Jubal. He is an amazing person. There is a reason why he has so many people worried about him. -sincerely, some stripper chick

  • Jtcannon your being a total ass. What happened in Tahoe was beyond unfortunate. It sounds like you know him relatively well. If you do know him, you know he has a big heart. A lot of people throw “he/she has a big heart” around lightly but Jubal really does have a huge heart. The mental repercussions from that horrible mistake have been heavy. He did his time and now he has to live with that on his conscience for the rest of his life. I just don’t understand the point of bringing that up, he’s the one that has to deal with it not you or anyother negative people.. And you obvious don’t know him now because he doesn’t live this reckless life, he’s really mellow and doesn’t ever drive drunk. Myself and the people I’ve talked to were beyond shocked At what happened because it so out of character. If you have a problem with him, whatever, but this is not the time/space to persecute him. Don’t you think he’s going to do that to himself enough. Like I said before he has huge heart and I would imagine he’s not just going to let this role off his shoulder lightly. No matter how much I had an issue with someone, I would not attack them when they were in the state that Jubals in. Plus have some damn compassion for the family, they don’t want to read this crap.. And seriously not the place to call out Jesse, that’s tacky. Just because he got in two horrible accidents almost 20 years apart doesn’t mean it’s been a pattern. It’s super unfortunate and he’s going to be his own biggest critic. No other person was involved thank god, so stop bringing up the past. I hope if you, or any negative people, ever make a bad mistake people show you a bit of sympathy (especially if you have only hurt yourself) or just keep their mouth shut and not preach hate.. If it’s not supportive you should keep it to yourself on this public forum during this time. and again if you know him you should know this will affect him. You do not need to feel sorry for him if that’s how you feel. But he’s in a hospital bed, in a coma.. Don’t be compassionate but you don’t need to voice your negativity. And I hope if you ever make bad mistake people don’t throw hate your way because it’s not necessary, you’re the one who has to live with the mistake. I’m not Chistian but My heart aches for people, especially sensitive compassionate people like Jubal who have to live everyday with their choices. Nobody was hurt but him.. So please just keep the thoughts to yourself or take it up with Jesse privately. This is so shitty for his family, or him in the future to read. Nobody else was involved so you don’t need to defend another person, and the what if he hurt someone else is pointless because he didn’t. Please please people keep the negativity in. Reading the mean postes rips my heart out because I know him and he is so good. I wish you could see him through his loved ones eyes. Healing light and love to Jubal and fam🌻

    • Lacy … I understand you guys wanna have some compassion but u know what that isn’t gonna happen with me. This guy is not an idiot obviously through out the years the first incident costed somebody’s life put another person in a wheelchair also costed jubal some freedom. I don’t care what u guys say for him to not only get into a vehicle intoxicated and also try to flee cops knowing what he put himself through from the first year just absolutely stupid and ignorant. U want compasion? This is the real world u do stupid shit the second time around I don’t feel for u .yes I’m glad ur still alive but u know what this time your ass is going to be doing some jail time and don’t cry like bitch this time u did it to yourself. Where were your friends at ghetto time when this happened? Because I tell u what if I was around that night and overheard him going to get in car to drive off again getting some trim .he would definitely would be getting an asswhopping because jubal knows damn well to not even be near any car keys at that state of mind.sorry but if can’t handle this I’m sorry .I’ve been a friend from long ago passing me off because even us his friends went through it the first time. Even gave him a job while going through trial. Now this happens? Nope sorry not playing that role.change your friends whoever your hanging out obviously doesn’t have your back.

      • You have the right to not feel compassion and dislike Jubal and have whatever feelings toward him. I just feel like some of what you said, and the way you said it was mean and just not necessary to post. You don’t know the events of the night. I disagree, I know his close circle and they do have his back. You can call us ignorant and not understand why we are sympathetic. Just some of the things on this feed seem mean and inappropriate especially now. And sure, me and I’m assuming others are just protective. I wasn’t trying to be a bitch, just protective of someone I love. Agree to disagree.

        • Lucy – I’m not trying to be a hard the truth is he should not even been driving at all. He’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone that night .where’s the support team? Friends? The first time we were all there to help and get u through it .the second time don’t feel sorry for u . That’s it

    • [edit] people make mistakes …except u he has friends n family that love him if u got something to say all nasty …do it n person not in the internet [edit]

    • “….doesn’t ever drive drunk”.

      Really? I’m seeing here that he has already killed another person while driving drunk and has now had another major incident while driving drunk. I think the dismissive attitude toward such a selfish behaviour is what’s unfortunate here.
      Other people do worry about it and make it their problem because we all share the road. The past incident is definitely relevant here as it seems the lesson to be learned wasn’t fully taken in.

      • shitty comments indeed. some seem to be from people who do claim to know him – harsh comments towards jubal and his loved ones.

        as harsh as they are, they are mostly correct with their beliefs. his loved ones here are also correct in theirs, but i don’t believe they’re justified in as far as making excuses for jubal’s actions.

        the fact is this guy does obviously drink and drive. those knowing him & making posts telling us he doesn’t might not see him do it.

        most of the comments are very passionate whether they are positive or negative. i’m very sad for this young man, and also very hurt.

        my pain about this is that i’ve had loved ones die at the hands of drunk drivers. is there anyone who has not experienced a sudden loss of a loved in exactly this manner? dui, it’s criminal because it leads to major trauma and death of innocents.

        i think the anger seen is hurt, betrayal and fear. i also feel these reports kick sensitive nerves…we strike out at those who seem to defend, excuse and enable his dangerous acts. the defense invalidates those have been killed by dui drivers. invalidate our pain and fear and anger.

        yes, jubal needs and is entitled to the support of loved ones at this time. i’m sure jubal will always be horrified about the fatal wreck. i’m just as sure he is as described, a huge community asset…kind, wonderful, generous.
        with that said, those things do not mitigate this recent dui.

        it was just by luck he wrecked a tree and not me, or anyone else.

        sorry to the people hurting now and wishing all the best in bad situations.

  • My heart sunk the morning I heard of this accident. Can’t imagine this town without Jubal’s kind eyes walking about. So much love going out to you man. Pull through this. I can’t wait to give you a big hug!! Speedy recovery – mentally and emotionally. I was just getting used to a smile on your face <3

  • Jubal, Shawn, Lennon, Jesse- Sending LOVE and COMPASSION to you all. My family and I are thinking of you all so much and pulling for you all to come through this with as much strength as you can muster. May your body and mind heal well, Jubal. Our love to you all at this time and onward through this. Nonny is sending her love and prayers as well.

  • This is exactly what I hate about the Internet. People can say whatever horrible thing they want and hide behind their anonymity like cowards. This is not the time for criticism, but for prayers and good wishes for the family. Since when did God give anyone a right to judge others? And who among us has never made a bad decision? May God bless Jubal and help him to heal quickly.

  • Humbolt needs "help"

    [edit]All these delicate snowflakes from humbolt who seem to avoid the reality of someone’s past an ignore it and pass it off as if it never happened , that’s one thing the judge will not do!! This should have never happened “AGAIN” but it did and just bc someone has a big heart, Community involvement doesn’t make this Ok! So keep burning your sage holding on to your energy rocks [edit] !!!!

  • Humbolt needs "help"

    “Wow”looks like some Orwellian sensor ship ..
    Modorater you do know about our first amendment? If you can’t post the whole truth delete the whole comment… You must be ok with sensor ship, I am not so either do the right thing or continue the false narrative.. [edit]…….

    • Yeah whoever is mediating this is a fucking joke. My whole publishing statement is choosing up and edit to thier status .freaking socialist I want my statement exactly what I said.

      • We got your point in your two lengthy comments. Kym can moderate HER blog site as she sees fit. First Amendment rights don’t apply here.

      • If you feel like your not being heard and your being edited. You should just give Jesse or Lennon a call and tell them how you feel. Or better yet call Shawn and tell her how you feel. Will that make you feel better?

      • I will gladly delete any comment that you made. Contact me at This is a private business. I do not have to provide a platform for insults or accusations of criminal behavior. Differing opinions are allowed. Accusations of criminal behavior without law enforcement issuing similar accusations or insults to fellow commenters will be edited out or deleted.

        • U know u wanna post a blog and have a statement in news but when the truth is revealed u guys wanna fabricated the words and be selective to what fits your stuff

          • This is just me. Not “you guys.” It is my personal news site. I encourage commenting with a diversity of opinions. However, I reserve the right to remove all or part of a comment using racist, sexist, slanderous or insulting language.

            I don’t add words or “fabricate” comments.

   allows anyone to have a blog. If you want to create one and have complete say over what gets written there you may. Here, you have to follow my simple and relatively easy guidelines..

          • Wtf u guys talking about criminal behavior? U guys are all criminals are u fucking joking ? Go spend another 100grand on trying to get jubal a lawyer on this shit.hes definitely gonna do some time

          • Shawn L Silva it’s easy to say when not using your real name.

            Thank you Kym for Editing this trash.

  • Accusations of criminal behavior “unless law enforcement issuing similar accusations” what the fuck is wrong with these people .. Accusations are apparently only allowed by police by not by us at which they are just accusations .. I’m confused by dumb people!!

    I’m done…..

    • It’s called slander and it can get you arrested. You can accuse someone of illegal behavior to law enforcement. Or you can choose to accuse someone elsewhere and deal with the consequences yourself. BUT, on my site, I will not allow an anonymous account to smear someone with what may be untrue accusations. If you think the accusations are true, then go tell law enforcement. Otherwise, someone may choose you next as a victim and allege all sorts of untrue things which are difficult to defend against when the person making them has no true name and no address which allows him to be held accountable.

  • I am not concerned with whether it will get him arrested. I’m concerned with my reputation and what I allow on my site. Anonymous accusations are not allowed.

    • Shawn L. SILVA = Jt can

      • Ron .you can call me whatever u want Shawn Ron Juan whoever. But at the end of the day what I said is the truth.dude killed somebody and put another person in a wheelchair and that’s the truth.hes an idiot for even thinking about getting into a car and for the last time I don’t feel sorry for him for being in his situation .u guys keep saying he has a good heart he’s such a good person then why he do what he do?he could of went head on again and killed another person.while u guys want compassion and sweet comments well what’s next free jubal he’s innocent?

        • I’m sorry you have no friends. Really I am.

          Shawn L Silva = JT Cannon

        • I’m sorry it bothers you so much that Jubal has friends and family that love him. Yes, he has screwed up, anybody will admit that. Do you expect his friends and family to forget their love and hate him as you do? Your need to try to convince everyone that he should be kicked to the curb by his loved ones is pathetic. It’s not going to happen so give up your hate for him and carry on with your life , I’d say you are more than a little obsessed.

  • Following this blog has been extremely frustrating but it has taught me another lesson on how to deal with difficult people. It’s best to absolutely ignore outrageous people, as hard as it is. Nothing says FU more than crickets. Some people believe any attention is good attention even when it’s negative. Look how easily one self-righteous, bitter, negative person high-jacked this thread. This really speaks to a much bigger problem where people gossip more and deal less and less like adults with face to face issues. People who’d rather call the police or the county instead of work on their grievances with their neighbors. I’ll let this be another lesson for me personally to judge less and not let my intentions be high-jacked by haters. Again, Jubal, Jesse, family, “may you be unburdened by the darkness of judgment” let all the love over shadow. This is the time for healing💛

  • I happen to know jubal he is a really great guy. I also know Shawn and I happen to see him 3 weeks ago at a reggae concert in downtown sac.hooked up me and my wife passes in the show plus bought us rounds of drinks .I know for sure he would not be on here talking trash nor I wouldn’t wanna be provoking anything with him neither [edit] Prayers for jubal and speedy recovery .blessings

  • Hey people. These hurtful comments are unnecessary. Who is hurt by hateful comments? Not Jubal, if that is your intention. You are causing pain to his friends and family who are already hurting enough. This kind of targeted criticism against an individual in a situation like this is inappropriate.

  • Hey jubal, I don’t know if your even gonna read this at some point when your able, or if you’ll even want to because of all all the bulsshit drama from the keyboard warriors but if anyone sees this post like his mom or his bro of Justin. Can you tell him mike(Zann) and my girl (tracie) have been thinking positive thoughts about him everyday, thanks I hope you guys gets Some rest in these though times. Thanks and prayers to you and your entire family.

  • This is the first I heard about Jubal. I love Jubal like a brother. I hope he heals and all the negative words are a persons opinion who doesn’t love Jubal anyways. That means they don’t matter to me. I hope and prey you get well so I can see your smile and beautiful eyes and give you a hug. One Love

  • Southern Humboldt makes me laugh at how big of enablers they are. THEIR CHILDREN can do whatever they want and they enable them to the grave. The surviving parents will even bail out the idiot that killed their child, ENABLERS! I’m thankful I wasn’t or my loved ones weren’t on the road ways. Prisons are filled with big hearted idiots, and I hope that is where he goes back until he learns not to drink and drive. Get treatment southern Humboldt!

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  • Kym-
    I admire your strength and editorial smarts. Thank you for what you do. This is such a difficult and controversial story, full of lessons for our community. You are handling it just right.

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