Assault Victim ‘Unconscious’ at McKinleyville Chevron

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, a man was assaulted at a McKinleyville gas station tonight.

Around 10:45 p.m., a member of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was waved down by several people at the Chevron Station in the 1600 block of Central Avenue.

HCSO said over the scanner that a 25-year-old man had a head injury and was unconscious. Medical crews were requested.

We don’t have a lot of information on this incident yet, but we will update this post when we find out more.



  • This county is getting worse every week in the news. Already our county sits at the top of the list of California counties with the most crime. and all this thanks to Prop 215 and Prop 47. Time to move away folks! The homeless cockroach-like dope smokers and growers are here to stay and are multiplying!

    • Don’t forget the poor white trash meth heads…

    • That’s right gtfo this is our county now!

    • sharpen your pencil

      If you think prop 215 is the problem and not prohibition you are a tool. Feel free to ride off into the sunset any time asshat.

    • Ya know what. I’ve lived here for 9 years so far, and the type of young people in the social scene has changed quite a bit. Used to be rich growers throwing around money like crazy, trustafarians, trendy hippies, and plaza wookies. Now the growers spend less money at local businesses (except for the Toyota dealership), a lot of the friendly hippies have been replaced by wiggers and cholos, and the plazoid wooks mutated into meth zombies. Hearing “the growers are ruining Humboldt” is getting so old! How about the mexi cartel meth and heroin enterprises? Or Bulgarian human trafficking? When was the last time the Sheriff busted a cartel operation wide open and arrested 20+? They do it in San Jose. What has more of an impact on Humboldt, pot growers or ignorant drug addict mutants breeding, abusing, stealing, and teaching these skills to their offspring? Who’s to say?

      • Love your post, tell it like it is!
        Glad I decided not to have kids at 15 and stuck with that decision. I can’t fathom how any survive all this and try and be normal. Crazy world here in Humboldt.

  • We need more law,and for them to get serious about their job,which is protecting it’s citizens and stop letting go criminal’s who commit awful crimes,their not afraid of the law.they commit crimes in Frickin broad daylight !!Humboldt needs serious help.

  • How about training the dogs in the shelters for police dogs,they can sniff out anything and are loyal.they make good cops.and at least they wouldn’t all have to be put down.they run faster than their human,don’t need a gun,don’t take any shit get their person!!maybe criminal’s don’t like being bit

    • Yes, quite a grand idea. They sniff out and find the worst kind of “pond scum”. I think they would like being useful.

  • Safety Rule#1 Don’t deal with people you don’t know.
    Safety Rule#2 Don’t smart off to people you don’t know.
    Safety Rule#3 Protect yourself at ALL Times. With rules 1 and 2.

    • I agree. Too many people are ready to be a smart ass to perfect strangers. I carry pepper spray.
      Please parents teach your children how to behave in public. If your child starts saying rude or impolite, disrespectful things to a stranger while you are standing right there, consider it a teaching opportunity, tell them they are an embarrassment , and go sit in the car. This reflects directly on your parenting (or lack thereof) and you should be embarrassed!

      • I forgot to have kid’s on purpose. We have enough adults who can’t and won’t be a parent. Sadly we are getting more folkes believing someone else will do it for them.

  • As a result of the minimal policing that allows citizens to grow weed many violent,trashy and bad people have moved to the area as a way to make easy money while still picking up free social services. Thus crime increases. I say roll on recreational legalisation make the price of weed the cockroaches scuttle back home .i will live with a few businesses closing if we can clean up humboldt and stop the environmental destruction.

    • Another good idea!!there’s alot of good ideas I’ve heard lately

    • Tired of the free ride

      The “free” stuff is the huge problem. All you have to do is show up in our county with no income and wha la you have food stamps no more proof of residency. Free cell phones for your drug deals, and plenty of free food programs why wouldn’t a person want to be here, live off the tax payers all while breaking into their homes and cars to say thank you for working your ass off while i live off your tax dollars. NICE set up they got going here.

      • Oh…Gawd! Stop yer insane bitching! It’s not the problem you desperately describe… it’s a fucking hell on wheels trying to survive homeless anywhere up here… hey, “Tired of the Free Ride”…. let’s see you hit bottom with a couple hundred thou medical bills… lose your comfy house and end up with the exact people you are describing,,,,can’t imagine it? Nobody ever can…. good trick: have fun learning your survival skills ….and use the mantra, “Never Cause Harm”…

        • Hey, I learned to dumpster dive long ago. There where no programs like that when I moved to a smaller area and learned to take care of myself and never begged to live. but what I left behind IS like Eureka now. It is ugly there and I drive through it without any need to stop, shop or get gas. I just want nice people and tourist to feel safe there.

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