Snowy Owl (Hedwig vs Raven?)

so ravenA still from a new Harry Potter movie shows Hedwig the snowy owl forced to the ground by Voldermort’s evil crow raven…

Okay, not really. We made that part up.

But, birders across Humboldt have been thrilled with the unusual sight of a snowy owl on the South Spit. (Not quite as thrilled as Harry Potter fans would be at the thought of a new movie but pretty close!) These handsome hooters normally breed in the Arctic and migrate to Canada and the northernmost states but, rarely, do they come as far south as this one has.

Birders are particularly thrilled because they were just treated to a great grey owl unexpectedly in the area. (See here for photos.)

Thanks to local photographer, Ann Constantino, for sharing her photos of the snowy owl with us. See some of her videos peering



  • Yes, let’s promote witchcraft and evil. Just what the kids need. Focus on the beauty of God’s creation, not the darkness in men’s souls.

    • I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Magic in stories shows the ability to conceive what does not exist and, if there is a god, surely s/he would joy in her/his children showing wisps of god-like imagination.

      • I like your comment but it cannot apply to the abrahamic god. The texts make that particular deities feelings on this topic clear. Btw, hypothetical gods need not have sex.

      • Wonder-filled response, Kym. Thank you. God is subjective. I see the divine in the miracles of nature, of which we are a part. May we all feel the Spirit within and all around us, surrounded as we are by the awesome beauty of nature in all her forms.
        Call it miracle or call it magic; it resonates just the same…

    • Owls are symbolic of wisdom and unseen truths. Maybe if we focus on ridding ourselves of ignorance-bred fears, we would be able to see the true beauty beyond our narrow view.

  • Plus it’s a disputable point in religion if it was magic or not that God used to create the world.

  • Usual lefty commentary. Every appearance of a pretty bird is “spiritual” and/or inspires some reference to pop culture. Pure postmodernism, not old school journalism where people with integrity did not take sides. I was hoping “pop will it itself” would come true but it ate us instead.

  • Thank you Ann for your sharing of this awesome Snowy, and thank you Kym for putting the photo and article together!!!

  • To hell with all the crap above I’m just thrilled to see such a magnificent and beautiful creature that inhabitants or humbold co, and with all the bad that is going on the one thing these owls do .hopefully put back some good in our ffd up trying times we live in ,and thank you kym for the wonderfull pics

  • Thank you, Ann Constantino, for the awesome nature pics and videos. You rock the wild nature scene!

    P.S. Is it really a crow or a rascally raven above the snowy owl?

  • Given the efforts to rid our county of rodenticides (which would affect the food chain of these two), it lifts my “spirits” to see either of these amazing creatures (put whatever lefty/religious spin you want on that). Ironically, the native cultures of the Pacific Northwest attributed great power to both birds. But it was the nocturnal owl most often associated with devils, and the highly intelligent raven was typically a beloved trickster, who helped humans in their many plights.

  • “With a reasonable man I will reason” I find it ridiculous to argue God in the face of such wonders of nature.

    It is much more interesting to me to wonder how-it-all-happened than to pass it all off as “God did it”. If there is a God, it would have to be found in millions of years of evolution.

    I simply appreciate that there are such things as Snowy Owls, Ravens and Ann Constantinos.

    While I am on the subject of nature, has anyone noticed the Manzanitas this year? If you haven’t, they are blooming wondrously. I don’t recall ever seeing them blooming so profusely. Go find one and walk up to it, within a foot, and revel it’s microscopic beauty.

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