Gyppo Ale Finds a Home

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Originally planned for a site between Redway and Garberville, the Gyppo Ale brewery and gastropub, had trouble securing approval. Just this week, they were accepted in Shelter Cove. Julia Peacock, one of the owners wrote this delighted piece:

1915636_477395012445958_1082249370916156178_nCan you believe it? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  Josh and I have been dreaming up creating a space for our friends, family and fellow community members to come, kick up their heels, swill some beers and enjoy one another’s company.  We have been diligently working away at it.  I have to admit we almost gave up.  Being kicked down the road for as long as we were was not a fun process and I may have some lingering post traumatic distress, but nothing a beer can’t handle.

But on Thursday, all that changed and it changed for the GOOD.  We were item number 7 on the Shelter Cove’s Resort Improvement District Agenda and I was thinking this is going to take a long time.  Actually it did take a LONG time but the meeting was fascinating. Phillip Young, the general manager and the Board of Directors are a group of busy folks but they have got a plan and they have vision. They are out there writing grants and implementing projects all that follow along with Strategic Plan that shoots out 10 years in the future.  We heard about a collaboration project with Humboldt State University to make Shelter Cove one of the first communities to be completely energy sustainable by creating a solar electric micro-grid system. They approved a design for a beautiful new community center that all residents can be proud of.  They are supporting the Harbor Districts efforts to clean up the fish cleaning station and remove a dilapidated building. On and on it went and I was in awe.

Next up us, Consider Commercial/Industrial Project: Gyppo Ale Mill. I was of course nervous but it was for absolutely NO reason.  I had met with Young in the late part of last year and gave him our project numbers. He had his wastewater and water folks take a look at them.  No Problem!  The board had a few questions for us. No Problem! The board meeting attendees made some comments but they were all extremely kind and supportive. I am such a sucker but I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes.  It was incredible!  They brought the action item up for a vote and BAM, unanimously they voted to approve the project.  The entire room cheered and clapped. My heart almost burst I was so happy!

There it is. The Gyppo Ale Mill has FINALLY found a home.  We of course don’t have a building yet and we have to go through Humboldt County Planning (HCP) but that seems easier than what we have dealt with in the past. A huge round of applause to Phillip Young, general manager and the entire Resort Improvement Board of Directors, Susan Fox, David Sommer, Michael Caldwell, Nanette Corely and Jac Hargrave. Your professionalism, organization, positive attitudes, commitment to our community and timeliness is very much appreciated.  Please everyone let’s make a toast to these good folks and I suppose this is just a little reminder, never stop dreaming!  Cheers!




  • Congratulations! One more reason to visit Shelter Cove!

    • And one more reason to be especially cautious while driving to/from Shelter Cove!

      I also agree with the points made by Real World and River Runs Through It – the lack of clean water supply & relative lack of customers. I do wish Gyppo success, but really wish the Garberville/Redway location had worked out!

  • Way to stick it out congrats on your future biz and best of luck to such a dedicated group of people.

  • Good luck with the coastal commission and the sensitive environment north and south of shelter cove . I see an environmental disaster for the community. They also don’t have enough water as it is .They keep drilling wells trying to shore up the community water after being kicked out of telegraph creek .Must be pot growers with unlimited funds

    • You’re stoned out of your mind . Shelter cove has tons of water . So much that we don’t have a reservoir , we just pump what we need from telegraph which is our main source . Water runs out of all the culverts in to the ocean year round . Check your facts [edit].

  • River Runs Through It

    Shelter Cove? Doesn’t seem the right place for your business. Not enough people to support! A brew pub needs foot traffic, locals and tourists to survive. I think you should reach out to owners of other breweries and get their input. The overhead is massive so please consider this before putting money into a place where not enough people will frequent. Don’t want to be negative but no restaurants have made it long out there, and if you are only there to serve alcohol then you will have a great deal of drinking a driving away from your establishment to face. Best of luck to you.

  • Too far, too twisty for me to ever drive to drink.
    Best of luck

  • I am saddened to see Garberville lose another business…

    I wish Julia and Josh much success.

  • Let’s get high!

  • Lame to the 20th degree!

    Horrible location!!!!! Shelter cove is already plagued with alcoholics and drunk drivers. As a recovering alcoholic who actually has PTSD from a few traumatic events I find the future business owners comments about getting PTSD from opening her brewery pathetic. Couldnt you think of a dream for a positive business that contributes more then alcohol, we have plenty of boose and weed here, how about some worthwile goals now? Thanks for contributing to our drunk driving issue and putting a brewery in the middle of paradise.

  • I will travel to try your Ale nice place to day trip, cold one even makes it better

  • Let’s just be happy for a local business starting up. If it’s a family environmentand has some good food/brew. It will do great. I would drive out on a Sunday afternoon with the family for sure. Good job guys. And remember the only way to drive the cove road is to act like there is a huge drunk diesel truck around every corner.

    • Sweet, I love living in fear and acting like a drunk might plow into me every turn on the drive home! Let’s live in fear and add to the problem instead of working on the issue, woo-hoo! Have fun drinking then driving your family home.

  • I agree its not a good location. However, everytime I go out there I’ll stop and have a cold one or ten! Then I will stay over night in a Hotel and not drive.

  • Shelter cove is dead

    Ummm bad business mistake #1, starting a business in shelter cove! Come on, 80% of the houses in the cove are empty vacation rentals or for sale. Most of the business are for sale or could be bought. The cove is a joke of a place to try to survive a business. Good luck but I suggest u pull out while u have a chance

  • I think you guys will have issues with the zoning out there. I don’t know what a craft brewery needs to be zoned but check it out if you already haven’t. The Coastal Commission is always a crap shoot. If a Conditional Use Permit is required under the zoning it will mean the neighbors to your project will have input into the outcome of the permit and what gets built. Still got a ways to go but having the green light from the R.I.D. board is a good first step.

  • not to be a negative nancy, but I just wanted to echoe what others have said…Cove is bad location. Sure an o.k. amount of people live out there, but it’s so far out and I personally just think it would be a bad decision to do the brewery at the cove…But i don’t really know, it’s just a gut feeling that it won’t be that profitable, or certainly not nearly what it could be simply being established elsewhere.

  • The Cove is a magnificent location. It has only one actual restaurant and is a vacation destination for certain. It’s the entrance to the King Range. And yes, alcohol is the drug of choice in Shelter Cove. And the fact is time will tell. So for all you nay sayers, you’ll have plenty of time to come back and say I told you so. But the Cove is one of Calfornia’s best kept secrets and the brewery is a great fit.

    • The cove is the best kept secret, let’s keep it that way or encourage sober visitors, kayakers, hikers, etc. Im far from stoked about having a brewery in my town! There already a 3 places to eat and get drunk with another being remodeled right now, that’s enough for an itty bitty town.

  • We have enough drunks and people really like to litter our road with Bud and Coors cans enough already and they seem to think anything goes out here and do stuff they wouldn’t do in there own areas just look at all the crap after 4th of July and three days worth of fire works going off at all hours with no regard for the folks and pets trying to go to sleep so I feel we dont need anymore people driving drunk and going off the road after one too many on there way home the rid also telling us to conserve water so now they can use our water and pay less for it!

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