[UPDATE] Man Hikes for Two Days to Get Help for Two Stuck in Snow, Rescue Being Mounted

A posse is getting ready tonight for a search and rescue in the Fish Lake Road area west of Orleans, confirmed Sgt. Brian Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office about 7 p.m.  Late this afternoon, a man arrived at Pearson’s Store in Weitchpec saying that he had been hiking for two days after having gotten his vehicle stuck in the snow. The man reported to law enforcement that he had left two people still in the vehicle.

“We are gearing up the posse,” said Taylor. “We have volunteers that are search and rescue.”

The rescue could be difficult as, he said, “the snow line begins about nine miles up Fish Lake Road.” The two individuals are “fairly deep in the snow,” said Taylor, and the rescuers will probably need a snow cat to reach them.


One version of a snow cat. [Photo by Melensdad via Wikimedia Commons]

We will update with more information when possible.

UPDATE 2/21: The two individuals were located last night as they were hiking out. The Sheriff’s Department says they were in good condition.



  • Wonder which way he walked to get to Weitchpec? Up and over? Down and around? Brutal experience. I hope everyone is ok.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Best choice in such a situation is to go back down the road you came in on. You know the way ahead is snowbound. You know that the road you just drove on is trail-broken by your rig for easier hiking. The way you came in was from civilization on a good road so that is where rescuers will come from, and where you know what is there. If he bushwhacked his way through deep snows and through the night, it’s a miracle he made it. WTF they were doing is a good question. Possible testosterone poisoning.

      • If they came all the way in from the north it could be 40- 50 miles back they way they came. Weitchpec is just over the ridge from Fish Lake but a long hike in the snow…

  • Don’t they gate that road, so this doesn’t happen?

    • People who know the area know back ways to get back in there withiut goung thru the gate at hwy.96. Doesn’t make it a good idea, though…

  • Wow he’s lucky to be alive.im hoping and praying for his friends!

  • only land owners and forestry service have keys to get up there this time of year so its most likely thieves or poachers the people who live up there know to keep a chainsaw and a shovel with them at all times

    • Way to judge complete strangers about an event you weren’t there for. Your a real class act, wish we all were as smart as you and knew everything!

      • I don’t know everything… but I know better than to go up Fish Lake Road in the middle of Feb. I don’t know who the two were that were stuck in the car … yet. I do know who the man that hiked to Pearson’s is and uhhhh… can’t think of any reason why he’d be up there this time of year… Oh! Looking for next years Christmas tree!!

  • Why don’t they send a helicopter?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Don’t know what they are landing on in deep snow. Maybe a Coast Guard rescue with the chopper hovering. If the rig made it that far, then snowmobiles should be able to easily reach them on the same route, already broken in by the “vics”. Darwin’s natural selection at work.

  • Any word on the two people left in the vehicle?

  • Maybe they were up there looking for the Patterson Gimlin film site. Bigfoot.

  • Thanks for the up-date.glad their safe!!!

  • I am thankful they were all found alive. Enough sad news without another tragedy. Yay Sheriff’s Department. M

  • fiveyearsaheadofmytime

    They were probably just going “fishing”.

  • I’m so glad all were found safe. Thanks for the update Kym.

  • I don’t know much about this story, but I did stay at a holiday express last night.

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