UPDATE 10:05 a.m. Woman With Life Threatening Injuries


The entrance of Redwood Memorial Hospital. [Photo from here.]

Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna is on lockdown following a body being found nearby, confirmed a spokesperson for the hospital this morning.

Details are still coming in and we are attempting to gather more information. Meanwhile, if you have an appointment with the hospital this morning, please call and confirm before going there. 

UPDATE 10:05 a.m.: According to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht of the Fortuna Police Department, at 5: 15 a.m. a “female subject with life threatening  injuries” was found on the northern portion of Rhonerville Road. As of earlier this morning, the woman was not deceased but was in serious condition, he said. The Fortuna Police have opened a criminal investigation.

He said that while Redwood Memorial Hospital was not on lockdown, “We [were] just restricting access for privacy and the integrity of the ongoing investigation.”

UPDATE 10:16 a.m.: According to a person at the hospital this morning who for privacy reasons doesn’t want to give her name,

We arrived at 5:45 this morning for a scheduled procedure. The ER entrance had at least 4 [Fortuna Police Department] vehicles pulled up in front of it. We went to the main entrance (which is unlocked at 5:45 each morning; the only overnight entry is the ER). At that point, it was open.

We heard that a multiple-stabbing victim had been brought in possibly from the roadside of Rohnerville Rd. That victim was brought into surgery at 7, and surgery went on for several hours. When the victim was brought in, they went onto lock down in case their attacker followed them to the hospital.

That has been lifted. The hospital is open, things are functioning normally….We were told that as a standard procedure they lock down when the victim of a violent crime is brought in “in case it’s a gang thing or somebody follows them to hurt them while they’re here.”

She commended the “excellent staff” at Redwoods Memorial Hospital for their behavior during the incident.

UPDATE 1:48 p.m.: More on the story by clicking here.



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