Wild Standoff in Clearlake Includes Chainsaw, Baseball Bat and Pellet Rifle

This is a press release from the Clearlake Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

12744472_1049689905087249_5088852726859690954_nOn February 17, 2016 at approximately 9:16 PM, Clearlake Police Dispatch received a 911 call from a male subject. The male subject claimed that he was “Lucifer” and “God”. In addition the subject stated it was time to go and that he was going to take people with him. Dispatch believed that the subject may be on some sort of narcotic. Clearlake Police Sergeant Lenz, along with Officers Flores, Franklin and Nixon responded to the residence located in the 3800 block of Manchester Street to conduct a welfare check on the subject. When Officers arrived at the location, the subject made claims that he had “guns.” He also made statements that he was going to kill his neighbors and himself. He refused to obey officer’s requests while making these terroristic threats. The suspect, who at the time was only identified by a first name of Michael, was in a locked fenced yard. He was delusional and made threats to kill the police officers, the neighbors and then himself. The officers developed the opinion that the suspect was under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect to come out of the fenced and locked yard, however the suspect remained uncooperative and continued to make threats. The suspect then started toward the house. He was ordered to stop by police, but refused. Sergeant Lenz attempted to stop the suspect from entering the house and possibly arming himself by deploying a Taser at the suspect. The Taser had little effect on the suspect and the suspect ran inside the residence.

The suspect used a Baseball bat to break out the front windows of the residence while saying he had “guns” and claimed there were other occupants inside the residence. However no “guns” were seen at that point and no other voices or subjects could be heard in the residence. The suspect continued threatening Police Officers and at one point started a chain saw inside the residence. He could be heard yelling and screaming inside the residence. Officers continued to attempt to negotiate with the suspect who then started throwing large rocks and a baseball bat at the officers out of the front window. Officers continued to try and talk with the suspect to negotiate his surrender but were unsuccessful. At one point the suspect was observed by officers carrying what appeared to be a rifle. The suspect placed the rifle in a tactical position near the broken out front window of the residence and then retreated out of sight.

At that point once the firearm was seen, Officers contacted the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and requested a SWAT response. This was necessary due to the threats made and the observation of a rifle. Officers maintained tactical positions and continued to attempt to negotiate with the suspect. The suspect failed to comply with numerous orders. He could be seen on occasion walking and sitting near the rifle but made no further threats. As a precautionary measure several adjacent residences were evacuated while Officers awaited the Sheriff’s department response.

Several Sheriff’s Deputies along with additional Officers from Clearlake Police Department arrived on scene and set up a perimeter around the residence. After several hours and continued efforts by law enforcement pleading with him to surrender peacefully, the suspect finally came to the front window. At that point the suspect picked up glass from the broken window and placed shards of glass in his mouth. The suspect then climbed out the window where he was met by awaiting law enforcement officers from Clearlake Police Department and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect who was identified as 27 year old Michael Jacob out of Grass Valley was safely taken into custody.

The rifle Jacob brandished was discovered to be a loaded, high powered pellet rifle. The rifle appeared to be a realistic looking firearm. A safety and security sweep of the residence revealed no other occupants inside nor was any other firearms located.

Jacob was transported to the Saint Helena Clearlake Hospital for treatment and examination due to him possibly swallowing glass.

At the time of this press release Jacob remained under observation at the Hospital pending his medical clearance for incarceration. After his release it is anticipated that he will be booked into the Lake County Jail. Charges are being submitted to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office for several felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, brandishing a replica firearm in the presence of law enforcement, resisting law enforcement officers and threatening law enforcement in the performance of their duties.

The Clearlake Police Department expressed a deep gratitude to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for their response and assistance in bringing this matter to a safe resolve.



  • Damn, I admire the restraint shown by the police in this situation. Officers well justified in using deadly force managed to capture an obviously deranged man without killing him. Out in Blue Lake a few years ago a man well known to have mental health issues was gunned down for brandishing a rake. If these cops had been around, Robert Garth would still be riding his bike around collecting junk.

  • Joe Friday(DRAG NET)

    Good job men ! And you kids take note. This is what happens when you start smoken the Reefer!

    • Been watching to much Reefer Madness propaganda again? Willing to bet there was a lot more going on with this nut than being stoned. Either way, props to law enforcement down in Lake County. Great job.

  • another idiot taken down in clearlake
    many thousands more to go
    GOOD job CPD

  • Wow way to stack a bunch of felony charges on someone having a bit of a mental problem. I am sure having him plea to just a few of those charges will be a WIN-WIN all around.

  • its funny about mental problems.Most are from doing dope not refer .He cost the county thousands of dollars to deal with his dangerous drug problem.with his threats he should be managed under probation and a bit of time in the pokey wont hurt him a bit either.

    • The LEOs were doing their job. Why does that somehow cost “extra”

    • you look at everyone getting arrested now . humboldt or anywhere
      90 % or more are on probation
      how does managed probation help someone or keep them out of trouble

  • The report doesn’t mention finding drugs or paraphernalia, nor are there drug charges mentioned.

  • It was a cry for help.Damn i.hope he gets it

    • Great answer! It is a cry for help and I hope he gets it, although rather drastic his outreach could have been deadly, my brother once reached out for help by buying a fifth of tequila and posting up on his ex’s front lawn, when officers got there due to a restraining order, he walked to the police car and said I just want help, he has been clean now for 6 years… True story

  • Those law enforcement officers showed a great deal of restraint, patience and humanity in not just taking him out for all his threats and bullshit. He’s one lucky dude. I hope to learn what the toxicology results are….

    • Lake Co cops seem to have had either “extra” training or are so familiar with mentally disturbed citizens that they don’t shoot first and ask questions later. This amazes me, as the Meth situation over there seems even worse than in SoHum/NoMen. Blessings on their (instinctive?) humanity. af

  • Mommas, dont let yer sons grow up to be tweekers.

  • Thought it might be Ash at first and the deadites were after him.

  • Law enforcement should have the option of using a tranquilizer dart in these situations, like they do with other out of control animals…. Fortunately this one resolved without anyone getting hurt.

  • It was a nice change to see they didn’t kill em EPD would have rittled the place with bullets they got no heart
    Good job clearlake PD

  • Why do people call drug abuse mental illness? Its not, its simply a lack of self discipline and personal responsibility. How ever I would bet he was probly on prescribed medication of some sort, probly just getting on or off some kind of psychotropic.

  • Sounds like PCP was laced on the weed, if it was the only drug involved. That PCP is extremely dangerous, stay clear of it.

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