Two Local Businesses Commended For Helping Victim of Theft

A reader contacted us to commend two local businesses on helping regain stolen tools. Here’s the email we got on February 15:

CaptureWe were the victims of a robbery…in Old Town. I’m telling you this story because it has a good ending which is all too often missing from everything I read about Eureka.

We are remodeling an apartment that we own in Old Town. A little after 9am our guy on the job site called to tell us that the drill he had just been using was stolen. While he was upstairs a thief stole the drill downstairs. My husband immediately called Humboldt Fasteners, where we had purchased it and got the serial number. He left for work and I started calling all the pawn shops and then the police, yes in that order.

Just after my husband arrived at the job site the police came to take a report. 172906_185002524877709_8100841_oWhile he was talking to the police I was calling the last pawn shop that opened at 10am. I was on the phone with the pawn shop when my other phone rang, it was Eureka Trading who I had called first, they had our drill. They also had our router that we didn’t even realize was missing yet.

I immediately called my husband  who was still talking with the police and within an hour of our tools being stolen we had them back. The pawn shop was able to get the ID and address of the thief, so who knows maybe he will even get [cited] for his antics.

Thanks to Humboldt Fasteners for keeping serial numbers and thanks to Eureka Trading for getting our tools back.




  • Good story we need more like this,Eureka isn’t all bad but that’s what is usually all you read about.

  • Quick thinking, good moves on your part.

  • And that’s how ya do it!!!Perfect

  • Love to hear good news for a change.

  • Kudos on getting your stuff back. You are very lucky in this case when most people are not. It would be nice to know who the perp was so we can all be watchful of them if they come around.

  • And that is why I am very careful not to leave my tools out for a moment. Because that’s all it takes for some shitbag to steal them.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Did you read the article? It states the worker walked upstairs and while he was upstairs someone came into the first floor. It’s breaking and entering, not grabbing it off the curb.


    So the good news is that sometimes you get lucky and get your freshly stolen articles back after having been burglarized or made victim of a theft.
    The sad news is that you can’t even go upstairs anymore in a place your working on , what on earth is really going on, that’s like getting groped while reaching down to pick up dropped keys,….really??
    Get these dam tweezers out of our lives already! Please and thank you! And asap!

  • eureka is a nice place. but those stealing tweezers will get your have to be street smart in oldtown.because thats where the soup kitchen is.haha.i had more stuff stolen when I lived in arcata.the more we lock eureka down and stand up against these scum the better chance eureka has being a good town.un fortunately not a lot of people are in to putting the scum in check.where ever I go I make sure people around me are safe and I keep my eyes on these tweekers.tweekers walk all over us because we let them get away.

  • had the lock cut off my espresso trailer and the 5500 generator in it stolen-called humbolt pawn-said they didn’t have any 5500 generators.dropped by- not only was my generator there but another one too,side by side.then was told if i wanted to give them the money they put out for my goods stolen they would give it back-srry,not buying my stuff back.the police came and they prosecuted the thief and 8 months later i got my generator back and had to pay 60 dollars to get the water and styrafoam out of the gas-because they are victims too,when really most pawnshops are stolen goods fences.thankyou pawnshop for helping these people and hope you didn’t charge the owners for buying stolen goods

  • Awesome Allan !

  • I always have such a great experience at Eureka trading company. The owner is amazing and the service is great. It is so nice to hear good things happening in Eureka!

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