[Road Clear] Pedestrian Injured in Accident on Fourth Street


All photos by Bob Kroeker

A 54-year-old man received major head injuries after being struck by a Dodge pickup on Fourth Street about 3:16 p.m. The victim was transported to the hospital. According to Eureka Police spokesperson, the current status of the victim is still unknown but he is alive. 
Two lanes were shut down near the intersection of 4th and O Street as the California Highway Patrol and Eureka Police investigated the incident.
UPDATE 5:25 p.m.: Fourth Street is now open.


  • Hope he will be alright.

  • In the last two weeks I had 3 separate close calls in eureka, ca. . 1 guy was crossing against the his red light on L st. Going toward Rita’s @ fifth st. eureka ,. It was 6:30 am , dark I had the green light for awhile doing 32 mph . I didn’t see his brown , no reflected clothing . I hit the brakes hard when my headlights picked him up and he flipped me off. The other guy with a backpack on riding a bike in the the bike lane swerved out into the chicken center lane flipping me off again while finally looking over his shoulder to see that I was slamming my brakes on 3 feet from almost striking him . Run on sentence . The other guy with his back turned to me just crossed in a cross walk hoping all would stop for him . Trusting that all drivers are paying attention. I wonder , Idiots or just no fear of dying . Or just so much on their minds trying to survive .

    • Also, drivers won’t stop, slow down, or obey speed laws. These behaviors endanger pedestrians and cyclists. Share the road or stop driving.

  • EUREKAS got the worst and most inconsiderate drivers I have ever seen
    And the pedestrians and bycicle riders are just as inconsiderate between the 2 we must have one of the highest rate of pedestrians hit per capita
    My all-time favorite is when a police car hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk .after he was released from the hospital EPD arrested him for running out in front of a cop car .a freind of mine was the only witness to that accident says it was theEPD officer was totally at fault .iz there a law against running out in front of a cop car .im really not shure myself

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