Late Night Weirdness: Gun-Throwing Man Arrested at Bar


Photos by Bobby Kroeker

A male and female came into the Li’l Red Lion Cocktail Lounge on Tuesday night. The regulars thought they looked creepy. They each had glass of water and then left.

A little before 12 a.m., the male and female returned to the bar. On this occasion, the male went to the back smoking area, which has a chain link fence. He threw a handgun over the gate for an unknown reason. The customers started yelling, and about 4 males in the bar followed him.


Police detain the male suspect

At this point, the Eureka Police Department arrived on scene and detained the male and female. The male was arrested, but it’s unclear if the female was let go or not.

Nobody knows why he did it. It made no sense. The vehicle they drove was parked sideways in the parking lot — not even in a parking spot.



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