Upskirting: A Lost Phone Shows That Local Women and Girls Are Being Victimized

12695463_10153916989274464_706735074_oSelfie taken by the owner of a phone that has multiple upskirting videos of local women and underage girls.

A phone found on the river bar in Southern Humboldt contains over 700 videos, some of which were shot under the skirts of local women and girls without their knowledge.

Were you a victim?

Upskirting: taking unauthorized photos under a woman’s skirt. 

Downblousing: taking unauthorized photos down a woman’s shirt.

The videos on the phone contain numerous examples of upskirting and downblousing as well as buttock and pelvis shots of multiple women–some of them recognizable as locals filmed in public locations from Southern Humboldt to Eureka.

Though photos of women and men can, of course, be taken in public places, according to California law 647(j)(2), any person who uses an electronic device including a phone camera to secretly record under or through someone’s clothing without their consent is acting criminally. Women and men have the right to expect privacy under areas covered by their clothes.

Michelle Vandenack discovered unsettling videos when she was attempting to find out to whom the lost phone belonged so she could return it. “I took [the phone] home and put the [SD] card on my computer trying to find the owner,” she explained. “What I found was disturbing…over 700 videos… [many] of local women focusing on [their] ass, breast and private parts.”

The women range in age from about 16 to 65 and don’t realize they are being filmed, she explained. “It’s as if [the phone’s owner] has his phone in his hand casually but still recording.”

Vandenack recognizes several of the victims including two local, underage girls.

This reporter knows one of the juveniles. She’s been in my home. She’s sweet, pretty and smart but she doesn’t recognize that while the phone’s owner is talking to her, he’s holding his phone down below her hemline and angling the camera so he can film her panties.

The videos mainly take place in multiple businesses in Southern Humboldt. Vandenack described seeing videos taken in the Miranda Market, Shop Smart, Rays Food Place, the Chevron and the Shell Station. But, explained Vandenack, he also took videos in northern Humboldt as well.

In several of the videos, she said, “[The phone’s owner] introduces himself as David. Says he’s from the Bay Area and up here for real estate….[He] speaks English and Spanish.”

She says he often uses a similar line. “You’re so beautiful. God bless. Do you have a husband/boyfriend?…Can I get your number or leave you mine?”

He also took selfies. (The photo at the top is one.)

During her research, Vandenack heard the phone’s owner give his phone number. Using this, she tracked down what she believed to be his name, David Nunez. With that name, I connected him to this Facebook page which contains photos of him also.


One photo from the Facebook page of David Nunez.

We’ve given the phone and the SD card to Sergeant Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. If you believe you might have been a victim, please contact Sergeant Taylor at (707) 923-2761.



  • I hope the douche is charged! Excellent work by those who recovered the phone and the illegal videos.

    • Yes…charge this pervert and pursue conviction. Thanks to the noble efforts of those who recovered the phone – and RHBB for reporting this story – the Sheriff’s Office should have no problem bringing this guy to justice.

    • Oh my god I didn’t recognize this picture on the first selfie with the sunglasses on but when I scroll down and seeing him in the black t-shirt in the black pants. This is the exact same man that followed me all around shop smart telling me how beautiful I was trying to get my phone number, telling me how good I smelled. I never let him get close enough to me I did tell the cashier that he was creepy I told him to leave me alone. Ran into him again at the liquor store about a month after that and he tried the same thing I said don’t you remember me back up buddy. This was several months ago maybe five or six. I just remember how he made me feel uncomfortable that’s why I told the people at the store to watch out for him, picking up on the old ladies what a jerk. At least I didn’t let him get close enough to me I hope, although I did have a dress on it was quite long. I think it’s disgusting. I feel bad for all the young girls that he did this to their not as smart as us older women. I don’t know what made him think I was going to give him my phone number or that I even wanted his he’s definitely a sicko I’m glad they got the goods on him.

    • I remember him and his name from somewhere. I have a friend that always gets a lot of attention from guys because she is a beautiful human and out going. I think I had to tell him to leave her alone. I really hope we don’t find out that he has done worse, like body’s and sh#@.

      • I think it happened in Willow Creek. So so hum is not his only hunting grounds. He kept grabbing her arm and telling her to go outside.

        • A friend of mine knows someone claiming that this is the guy she woke up to. She originally accepted a date. Went out & doesnt remember anything but waking up to him and SEVERAL guys on her! If your reading this sista, please go the HCSO and report this. If ur on his film, you have leverage for charges. Get this Ahole off the street! Ladies be careful, he has friends here. Shame on you boys!

  • Nasty Bast—- needs to go to Jail

  • Remove this woman’s name ASAP

  • I’m almost sorry you turned him in to authorities. [edit] I hope DA Maggie Fleming proves me wrong about this and gets some charges that actually stick. I know how I feel about creepy jackasses abusing our sisters and daughters and mothers…Don’t be surprised that many of these videos might now exist on the internet…

    • No shit. I’m sure there is a long list of dad’s from SoHum who would have gladly helped with that.

    • Sadly, I think you are right that these videos might be on the web. There are whole sites devoted to upskirting.

    • Okay, Kym, I now get that you will edit out any references to any violence under any circumstances. I can respect that and this is your blog. Is it possible to at least say I think this guy deserves a couple punches? Honestly I do believe that limited, measured beatings can actually make a better world by demonstrating that certain actions will have undesirable effects. I’m not sure legal charges always carry the same weight!

      • I only allow advocating for state sanctioned violence ie death penalty. And yes, I’m aware that is a little ironic.

        • old town observer

          and then there is the ‘defense of oneself and others’ which has a lot of rhetorical if not legal latitude.

          dude should have to register as a sex offender, he can’t be fixed

      • I’ve been punched and I’ve gone to jail. Believe me, going to jail is a much better deterante then a couple punches from fellow criminal. (Remember, beating a human would also make you a criminal and no better then the human your hitting.) That’s why as a child I would asked to get spanked instead of grounded, big deal, a few minutes of punishment instead of days, sweet! But sense you are so obsessed with violence and constantly leaving violent comments you should be happy to know most people get beat up in jail at least once. No can you be happy?

  • Next Photo Megan’s Law

  • So nasty!!what a perv.Hope they get him.hes f-ugly,no wonder he does this . Triple D-BAG.thanks for reporting this ass.thanks kym

  • The woman’s name should be removed.

  • and everyone secretly wants to see the photos, no doubt…

  • A while back, maybe 10 years ago, I saw a guy at the Eureka 4th of July festival with a camera attached to his foot. This was before I understood why he’d do that, and I quickly lost him in the crowd. It’s typically a very busy, very packed event. I’ve had my wife and kids wear jeans to public events since.

  • This is beyond awful, and remember that in Redway we have a stalker on the loose, who had a restraining order out on him by a Redway woman business owner, who he harassed for 4 years. He even rode his bike 4 miles up China Creek to her property to stalk her. He broke the RO, spent time in jail last summer, and now he’s out and stalking Sunshine, including sending her 10 disgusting text messages in one night. She spread the word throughout our area, including putting up posters with his pic around town. He stood there and watched her do it. He is extremely mentally ill. There are more pix of him on this site. Tomorrow she goes to court to get her own RO, as are the folks at KMUD. He camps out behind D’Matos, he has even come onto private property on Redway drive to harass a young woman there. Please be vigilant. He rides his bike around Redway. His name is Bill Tynes.

    • Sheesh! Maybe permanent place billboard(monitor pics could be taken) for alleged or proven. Who is not curious about that? Keep up to date on these people. some cops have poor record plus be here know is up to you. Tools more tools.

    • Tynes seems to be growing a beard…

  • Honestly this is just like teenage boys who put mirrors on their shoe tops when I was in jr.high. Or like reggae on river some years.
    Pretty minor.

    A lot of men are pervs. Most.And our society accepts it and promotes it. They dont admit it here esp as they know there are many empowered women.
    I’d be more worried if he was offering them drugs or something. “Victimized” is a pretty strong word for this situation especially compared to what’s going on these days.
    Almost all men look at some kind of porn and this is a lesser version of that, we are being filmed all the time and being in public gives you no rights to not be filmed however someone decides.

    At least he’s just filming and not slipping roofies and raping, I know its not pleasant but trust me there are waaaaaay worse things we women outta be protecting ourselves from.

    There is at least one man in no hum practicing as a “healer” throwing “play partys” (play like a kid idea not am advertised sex party just to be clear) who is 43 & has admitted to hitting on & liking girls 18-22 after he hit on a 16 year old by bringing her flowers and chocolates to her work. She felt so uncomfortable she called her boss and her mom. Yes he knew her age, his ex knew said teen since she was a little girl&he had been in said teens work with his ex the day prior to the flowers.

    He has been called out, the biz owner where teen works banned said dude from the biz, and yet dude is still “teaching” here.
    This getting young girls to be sexual by telling them you’re helping them heal has been rampant in the healing community for years. Ie a certain massage school in no hum.

    I can’t name names as I know kym cant put out conjecture, lets just say I would recommend staying away from classes taught by men who write for the Isis Scrolls.

    Just an example of other more pressing issues, to me at least. This video dude ought to be watched to make sure his behavior doesnt escalate of corse. Its never fun to have something done against your will, like cha-cha&booby videos, but its happening every time you go out, you are being tracked and recorded and even filmed in bathrooms and fitting rooms sometimes (under guise of theft prevention).

    • The Center for Civil Discourse


      It appears you have set the bar very low for civil behavior.

    • You think this is OK?? It’s like Trump saying waterboarding is just a harmless college prank. These HUNDREDS of women and young girls are being violated, their privacy ignored, all for the prurient sickness of this guy and the people he posts these pix and videos to. This is sickness. This is mental illness. This MUST stop. At least he didn’t roofie them! What kind of sickness is within you?? To say this is acceptable is totally beyond any sense of society’s moral codes.. He hit on Peggy! Twice! I say we put up cameras to catch him and predators like him and kick them in jail. Bill Tynes was there for months last year and is out and making more women right here in Redway scared for their safety. These men need serious mental health help, not only jail. Do you even KNOW how that feels? To be hunted? To be afraid of the dark. Afraid to walk to your work followed by a man screaming obscenities at you?? Underage porn is acceptable???? Any porn preys on desperate women who get lured into that world. Lots of interviews, studies and documentaries prove that! [edit]

    • But He’s obviously not just a curious kid. He is a grown man. He gets away with this, whats next? Window peepin? Then what? Many grown men rapists started out with small before they committed actual rape.

    • Right Whelp a lot of men are pervs, hell, I don’t think one man in all my life has looked me in the eyes first! It’s a natural to look at something beautiful, boy’s are curious, girls love a good looking sexy man, I think this Public shaming needs to come to a halt, let it go, who ever found that phone should have just given it back and said “eww”. What about the phone owners life?? Did he really deserve this?? IDK, but I know if someone found my phone and plastered my face all over assuming allegations, I would be pissed, Just my opinion…..I bet 1 person in 5 households has some kind of fetish that other people will judge.. Like you said, pretty minor in today’s society….embarrassing for the women , yes, but probably not a “harmful” agenda. People have feelings, good hearts ( maybe he is a good person) and yes strange habits but we are all human……

  • Not allowed to print a comment saying what I would do if I ran into this SHORT HAIRED pervert.

  • his face book page says he’s from San Francisco

  • it doesn’t show any local friends on his Facebook page, so does he travel around collecting these awful pictures and videos? Another level of having to be safe in our community. There’s also been talk recently of women being given the date rape drug in local bars

  • One would think a guy with a phone full of upskirt voyeur photos would keep his FB page a little more private. For one, he lists IHSS as his employer in the Sacramento area. Awesome. A creeper peeper is doing in-home health care. What else does he have photos of?

  • Rape culture if I’ve ever seen it. Girls have every right to wear what they please. No one has the right to photograph private areas. You’re just another part of the problem

    • never said that people have the right to photograph private areas what are you talking about?

      • “Boarderline advertising”? Advertising what, getting their privates photographed without knowing? Because some girl thought, this skirt would be perfect for guys to sneak a picture under, right? Because that’s what all girls who wear short skirts think, right? How silly of me to think that girls dress the way they want for THEMSELVES.

  • I watched several videos and it was very clear to me that while most of the women were unaware that they were being taped, several were following a familiar strategy when dealing with an overly familiar man. I do it myself. No matter how uncomfortable a man is making you, don’t make a scene–just keep being nice and edging away. It’s a survival strategy that has served women for years.

    That said, surely you aren’t using that outdated if-a-woman-dressed-provocatively-she-deserves-rape argument? Because I can tell you that one of the videos shows a woman in pants wearing an apron. Nunez is following her around as she works filming her ass and pelvis. I don’t believe it is illegal to do that because she fully covered but it is certainly wrong and very creepy. And she certainly wasn’t dressed any different that most modern grandmas.

    • Thank you, Kym, for debunking that “advertising” nonsense. These women and girls may not have been strictly “victimized”; they were violated none the less.

      • old town observer

        That is blaming the victim by saying ‘a woman is advertising’ by the way they dress is a pretty nasty thing to say, and it is common.

        It is often used as rape defense.. ‘she was advertising/asking for it/begging me to/she made me do it..’

    • no, I’m for sure not making that argument, I’m just saying unless this guy has some freakishly long arms, I don’t really see how he can ‘upskirt’ unless the skirts are pretty high especially without the girls seeming to notice. But anyway undeniably a creeper.

  • I am so sick of you fools posting stupid stuff in reply to serious issues ……..borderline advertising??? saucy sounds like you might be the creep!! I wish there were faces to some of you trolls posting!! Always got something to say!! I saw some pics on his phone and am ready to go ballistic!!My freinds 17 year old was in his videos and was violated!! this sneeky creep dirt ball does not need your words of encouragemnt…….you trolls need to start a club…..D.umbasses I.n C.reeps K.lub

    • Um sounds like your the troll, how am i encouraging?? I was just saying I don’t really see how this guy can upskirt unless the ‘skirts’ these girls are wearing are pretty darn short to begin with. I’m not saying this didn’t happen because obviously it did, but I’m just questioning what the overall length of the skirts and or the length of this guys arms are. THAT IS ALL.

  • Scam!
    you idiots gave your email??

  • When you accuse a female of advertising by wearing clothing that allows some of her skin to be visible, you are are offending all women everywhere and encouraging perverted behavior. Stop saying that. It’s wrong. Nobody has the right to touch me even when when I’m naked unless I want them to. Period. Same applies to all humans on earth. There is no implied advertisement in the clothing we choose to wear. Ever.

    • OMG…I Never said that people have the right to touch you, NEVER said that people have the right to ‘upskirt’ you. I was simply trying to comprehend how this guy was getting these pictures / videos and the girls must have been wearing really short skirts was the best I could come up with. But kym clarified that he was ‘dropping’ his phone at there feet. problem solved.

    • [edit] it’s like men getting away with rape cos “she was asking for it” It’s not hard to angle a phone to look down a woman’s shirt. Yes there are women all over with low cut shirts (Dazey’s just hired one and I am shocked by her sexy look), and short skirts but that NEVER gives a man the RIGHT to violate her in any way shape or form.

  • [edit]

    Sorry Kym for the rude comment, but we all know this guy needs to be stopped.[edit]

  • Personally I think you all need to work on the humanities in your town these days? I was just there trying to help my kid. I had to fight with the owner of Buddy’s Auto Center cuz he was taking advantage of a tricky situation and put my kid into one of the roughest times she has ever seen. He denied her access to the vehicle she was driving after he towed it, and left her out in the cold for the holiday season. Thankfully my kid is resourceful, because your town has the worst service to stranger that I have ever witnessed. I called the methodist church and spoke to Paster Beth and she did nothing. I called the Lutheran church in Arcata and was hung up on by the Pastor when I was calling on the body of christ one last time before I appealed to my friends to help me get the money together to go and reason face to face with Steve at Buddy’s to let my kid have her phone and her birth certificate and her social security card! Her purse was stollen probably by a church goer, because the homeless as you call them were the ones who helped my girl. Not the churches, but the people whom the churches in your town are professing to help. My kids went to many of you, and well, you did not pass the test. If Jesus said to care for the least of these, that is not what you’re doing from what I witnessed? It would appear that Arcata and Eureka are running a racket, the law enforcement in town just keep the Correctional Facility full, bringing people off the streets to a cold drunk tank or sell. And then these folks are tied to the town for not having enough money to get a home to stay in? And people want to call them transients? Well, while you guys obsess about evil, you are the perpetrators of the most evil act, to forget your brother in the streets. I was hung up on by Officer Damon of the CHP was no assistance to me, the CHP were going to leave her on the side of the road after she was in a wreck and save a mans life? Rob from Eureka AICP hung up on me after I had the nerve I guess to tell him the ideas about how to cure the homeless situation were at best a dream. He does not sound like person who truly is looking for answers, if you hang up on the Mother of one of the citizen of your area what does that say about you? My daughter is planning on going to school at Humboldt University. But because I live in the Valley my opinion is void in his world. Sounds more like a dictatorship to me. If the public servants are to good to hear from a citizen, they need to go. My parents both worked in city government folks, so I get it. I get that you all have a problem, and that the same mindset that got you there is not going to get you out. So stop living this nightmare.. Get to know your neighbor man, get to know the business owners, make them accountable. People are so quick to judge, people are so quick to put down, so quick until it them. My kid was judged by many law enforcement officials, she never been in jail, but you guys took her there. There is shit storm coming your way. And the only way out is to start practicing christ love. Help someone today. And stop talking smack about folks you don’t know? Like what does that help? So done with this kind of shit. Do something today that matters, which would be help someone who’s got less than you, pay it forward. Fear- False, evidence, appearing, real.

    • You’re delusional as fuck. Maybe your kids should put on their big kid panties and not rely on others or a pretend being to solve their problems.

    • I find it strange that every person you had contact with treated you and your daughter badly. Could it be your attitude ??? Your rant serves no purpose on this thread.

    • The owner of Buddy’s is not Steve. The owner is a good guy and goes out of his way to help folks out…. that’s the nature of his business. There is more (or less) to your story.

    • Tell us to not talk smack about people we don’t know right after you ranted and raved about this entire area in that bizarre mega-paragraph. What does any of that have to do with a creepy perverted, probable serial rapist anyway?

    • What in the heck are you talking about? Or should I say ranting about?

  • Great Goddess!
    This is about the worst case of self-incrimination I’ve seen since I selfied myself robbing the In-N-Out in Ventura last year, then posting it on Instagram! I tried to delete it but (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…POLICE – OPEN THE DOOR NOW!) Err….gotta go,bye…..

  • Jan 4, 2016

    And why hasn’t this been spread more?(from Chiv)

    U.S. Forest Service employee to be arraigned tomorrow on 2 alleged lewd acts on a minor male child

    Roberto Beltran, who is employed locally by the U.S. Forest Service will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon on two felony counts, Count 1 forcible lewd act upon a child, John Doe and Count 2 Lewd or Lascivious Act on a Child under the age of 14. These acts allegedly occurred “on or about November 5, 2015.”

    He was arrested but released on bond.

  • In all seriousness: As technology rages on – will it be possible to have privacy? There’ll be button sized cameras everywhere – bathrooms, bedrooms in motels, you guess it. They’ll be tiny, cheap and hard to detect.Batteries that look like a regular phone battery, but have keystroke logging, vid and sound monitoring…..the possibilities are limitless. All anyone will need is a few seconds access to your phone, your house, your car……invitation to paranoia? Perhaps……Maybe we should get used to being watched…..I dunno. People wanna watch me go to the bathroom, shower, dress? Hell, I don’t care……for those that do, there’s cheap countermeasures, but who wants to research all that? Man, it’s a mess. The two-edged sword dilemma in spades. Maybe the Islamic law of wearing complete covering of women is on to something???? Seriously, it’s not idiots like this you have to worry about, it’s identity theft and the like….this is a nuisance, but most of the time these guys get caught……I’d say teach young women to be proud of their bodies and this kind of jackassery can be laughed at for what it is – the pitiful behavior of someone begging to be caught…….Meanwhile,the REAL criminals – hackers, malware inventors, state-sponsored online spies work day in day out doing the REAL damage-

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    I joke around a lot, but this is very bad. Most of the commentary has covered everything. Women get victimized in some way, around the world, every minute, every day.

  • Well, kids are a lot more sophisticated these days – they have access to all the raunchiness there is on the web and naturally are curious…..I doubt many of the upskirt victims were traumatized BUT that doesn’t lessen the crime. Kids have killed themselves when “private” sexting became public. But here’s the dilemma –
    Few people seem to realize we’re going through a sea change in communication of sexual material these days… has been said again and again, starting not so long ago we went from a society that taught sex ed gingerly in SOME schools to a society where ANY child can access (perhaps with the help of older friends) the raunchiest, nastiest porn – sex with animals, child porno, fetishism, I dunno – anything you can imagine…..just google it, or learn newsgroups (NNTP) or even the darknet if need be. It’s all there for the asking. (
    Hey, when I was a kid the big score was finding the folks Playboy’s hidden under their bed – and later finding that unmarked book shop in the city with cheaply bound paperbacks with gay love affairs (not even graphic – mostly described rather tamely – to the point that at age 12 I didn’t get it at first). The rest was word of mouth – some accurate, some laughable.
    And the sex ed classes in 6th grade? A medical lecture – no mention of feeling or foreplay or even different positions! It was sad……
    Now of course sex ed has improved greatly since the 1960’s – but no one foresaw the internet, and how suddenly anyone could see pictures, films, descriptions formerly found only at “stag parties” or those movie theaters downtown where it seemed they had a lot of X’es on the marquee and no kids were allowed inside.
    So how does a 12 year old react to real beastiality films? A nine year old girl watching orgies of every possible type in living color? It’s happening as you read this all over the world. And don’t deceive yourself, that “parent lockout control”? If your kid hasn’t hacked it he or she has a dozen friends who did.
    My advice? Let them see what they want. Is it OK for them to see people gruesomely murdered again and again on just about every movie filmed? Stabbed, shot, pushed off cliffs? Blown up in wars? Maybe you ought to take time to have that “birds and the bees” talk with some visual aids. Explain to them that people film stuff on the web for fun and profit…….and for GODDESS’S sake, make sure they understand their own posts can come back and haunt them…….Yes it’s cute to send your BF-GF a risque skin shot – but what if everyone in the school sees it – the cardinal internet rule: “Don’t post anything you wouldn’t tack up on the bus station bulletin board with your name on it” applies here. And remind them: Even looking up some pornographic material online can be illegal, especially if it involves minors.
    I know the schools are starting to teach internet safety, but it’s barely enough. How do we as parents allow the children their natural curiosity while keeping them safe from predators?
    It’s a complex issue involving human rights, proper education, and jurisprudence.
    I had friends who let their preteens look at whatever they wanted – asked their folks if they didn’t understand……bright kids, they laughed at the nutty things grownups do, and themselves grew into normal adults…..ones who knew exactly what was going on when some creep with a camera followed them around. Most people will probably label me some kind of monster for saying this – but hey, I’m just the messenger. It’s here, it’s now.
    Sex is funny, it’s absurd, it’s beautiful, and it’s got all sorts of variations just like everything else in human nature. One kink is taking pictures of underwear…… sad, how pitiable, how moronic really. Here’s a guy that wants to get help, he’s begging for it, and now he’ll get it – end of story. But the moral isn’t “the good guys win again”……the moral is there has to be a new way to approach sexuality. Because obviously something isn’t working……there’s a whole new generation that has learned THE REAL “facts of life”………what will their world be like? I won’t live to see it,but my bet is that it’ll be a lot more honest than ours was (by ours I refer to people over 60)……

    Well, well – perhaps there IS a problem

    But it’s a little broader than just sex:

    My goodness, what a can of worms we’ve opened!! Guess we’re all basically done for….

    Well, it wrecked my life – but that’s not statistically significant….is it?

    So, from underskirting to web addiction…..what’s the tie-in? What’s the relationship…..? How do they relate to each other? How should I know? I’m just another web addict! Still, food for thought, isn’t it?

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Do you have kids of your own? There’s this concept called “age appropriate”. It exists for a reason. You may think it’s fine and dandy to watch porn with your 7 year old but it’s not healthy. They’re not mentally and emotionally mature enough to understand what it is they’re watching. They can’t grasp the concepts-even if you think they can, their brains are physically undeveloped to handle it yet. If you’re going to go this route, then there should be no limitations on all the other things such as snuff films, and gratuitous violence and gore. Hell why not watch Faces of Death on Saturday mornings instead of Sponge Bob? That’s just irresponsible. Kids don’t need to see all that. They need to learn their ABC’s first and how to do chores. Leave the graphic stuff for later when their brains are more developed and they can understand the difference between an orgasm and rape. They are not similar. It’s not being overbearing or sheltering kids, it’s prudent parenting. But there is an enormous difference between some creep with a voyeur problem and advocating that preteen kids be able to watch Debbie does Dallas. What you’re going to end up with is a child that doesn’t fear a pedophile because they’re desensitized to pornography and hey, Mommy and Daddy said looking at naked people is OK. That’s not only irresponsible, it’s dangerous. And you condone it because “everyone else is doing it”. Lovely rationale you’ve got there.

  • you are SICK! it’s like men getting away with rape cos “she was asking for it” It’s not hard to angle a phone to look down a woman’s shirt. Yes there are women all over with low cut shirts (Dazey’s just hired one and I am shocked by her sexy look), and short skirts but that NEVER gives a man the RIGHT to violate her in any way shape or form.

  • Whelp – you seem to be condoning the perv’s behavior. Who’s to say he hasn’t date raped, stalked, murdered, etc. Consider the fact that every felon has only been charged with what he was caught doing meaning he’s likely guilty of much more. The prison is full of them. Do not downplay this guy’s intentions from what we KNOW he has done. Wake up!

  • Gosh MooCow that commentary with all the links etc was excellent. I worked at a high school on a galaxy far far away and we thought we had all these security controls on the computers, as set up by the county office of ed. with all these guys hired and paid a lot of money to make all the county school kids safe from nasty porn etc. Every kid at the school knew how to break through those controls. Every kids’ younger siblings learned too. It wasn’t that hard, they even showed me the hack codes! I’d say, so how do I see so and so website, like some news ones like Al Jazeera were blocked and they would grin and show me the hack. I caught kids in my class watching porn on school computers. and of course it was even easier on their own phones. I caught kids taking raunchy pix of one another and then harassing and bullying people using the pix. I now see that kids are using the after school app where there is lots of bullying and inappropriate sexual pix etc. Kids have been masters of the internet far longer than almost all of us. Parents don’t really have a clue. We had them sign an internet use policy, yup that really worked. We took kids off the computers if they did inappropriate things, like hacking, or watching porn, or playing games when they were supposed to be doing research, typing up a paper. I am class of 30 I’d see 4 or 5 actually doing the assignment and yes of course you can’t see what every student was doing, and the clever ones turned their screen a bit away from my gaze, or it’s easy enough to click a link when u see teacher coming. And so it goes…

  • Omg I’ve totally seen this guy just hang around shop smart about a month ago.
    He tried to pick up on me!
    I ignored him
    Later I saw him in the store parking lot grabbing and rubbing himself as I drove off!
    I almost went back ant told store manager. Now I wish I did!!!
    Very creepy guy. Have me the heeby jeebies.
    He’s full of bs…. realestate bs!
    He was hanging w low lifes

  • If u notice that a Perv or pedifile is Upskirting u ….. U have every right to Break his phone . Its is a violation and U have a right to defend Urself in that manner .

  • Too bad someone didn’t ‘accidently’ stomp on his phone when he dropped it near their feet….

  • Enjoying the rain

    Did anyone notice he has the same last name as one of the four arrested for the stabbing murder of a 17year old boy in eureka? (The story is in the journal) perhaps a connection …. Maybe a family member … Should be looked into maybe can help track the s#%head down

  • This guy is still out there!! Keep sharing!

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