[UPDATE 7:30 a.m Confirmed Stabbing] Possible Stabbing in Hoopa, Medical Crews at the Scene

scannerBefore 1:30 a.m., we got word over the scanner that there was a possible stabbing on Marshall Lane in Hoopa. According to the scanner, the victim was stabbed twice by her cousin while she was inside her residence. The suspect reportedly used a knife.

Medical crews are on the way to the scene, as of 1:35 a.m. We’ll update this post when we hear more.

Update 1:55 a.m.: Medical crews are in the area and trying to make contact with law enforcement.

Update 2:17 a.m.: The scanner has been relatively quiet since medical crews arrived at the scene. We still haven’t gotten confirmation that a stabbing actually took place, but we’ll let you all know when we find out.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m.: According to Sgt. Tony Gomes of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the victim refused medical treatment and did not want to pursue charges. “She had some cuts–not too significant, ” he said. “The victim was uncooperative with law enforcement and did not desire prosecution.”



  • What is going on in Hoopa? So many assaults this week.

  • Have you seen Hoopa?

  • Eureka is second most dangerous city in California and u talk crap about hoopa

  • To those who continue to spread the rumor that Eureka is the 2 most dangerous city please do your homework and discontinue being led by the other Sheeple.

  • Like I said a couple days ago,Hoopa needs law enforcement!!!it’s very troublesome because it’s getting worse and worse and they aren’t getting any help.im praying for the whole area.keep your chins up

    • sharpen your pencil

      They aren’t getting any help, you must have forgotten your pill this morning. If the police come and investigate a situiation, example a stabbing, and the victim refuses to cooperate how is that not getting help.

      People in hoopa need to cooperate with the law that they have. Not this same kind of underworld mentality they seem to enjoy.

      • I’m sure they don’t mean these specific people need help, they mean the town In general, ever since our tribal police are no longer deputized, and can literally do nothing, everything has completely gotten out of control, I’m not saying this is hcso fault, they certainly try, and i am thankful, but at the least they are usually 20 minutes away, these kind of people realize this, and take complete advantage of it. The actual people of Hoopa, and not the trash that bring us down, and from which our bad rep stems, are starting to really get scared, its hard, we used to be able to leave our cars unlocked, and belongings such as bicycles outside all night long without a single worry, now, if I forget to lock my car at 6oclock at night, or leave a bike out in the middle of the day, we will catch some weirdo digging through it, and the bike will be long gone, its heartbreaking, and we have absolutly no idea what to do. If you have any decent suggestions, that don’t include biased, I welcome them.

  • Hoopa the wild east of Humboldt

  • Neighborhood watch if people around ain’t the bad ones .start a petition to get more cops out there I was up that way a year or two ago and it seemed mellow but at night it was a little different

  • Hoopa is isolated without deputized law enforcement there to respond in a timely matter..non Hoopa and local know this…it might contribute to the up-tick lately of criminal activities…back in the day there was a chief of police with dispatch and a deputized small crew and a small holding cell…now no one but the sheriff’s located here in eureka to respond…an hour or more away..over loaded with the Eureka criminal element. Neither is at fault. :/

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