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Humboldt Stabbing TrackerRecently, we’ve covered a lot of stabbings in Humboldt County, and our readers have noticed. A commenter wrote a few days ago, “Eureka sure has been stabby lately, yikes!”

Well, that commenter may be right. We’ve reported three stabbings in Eureka ALONE between February 7 and February 15. We also reported three stabbings in Hoopa during that time. And those are just the ones we heard about. Who knows how many stabbings there were that we didn’t hear about?

An interesting thing to note is that before the stabbing in Hoopa on February 4, we hadn’t reported any since December 23. So, what accounts for that uptick in stabbings in February? We don’t know, and we won’t pretend that we do. But we’re going to put all of the information here so we can try to figure it out.

What does that mean for our readers? Well, it means that they’ll get a more accurate view of where and when these stabbings happened. And it means they won’t have to wonder, “Is it just me or have there been a lot of stabbings lately?”

So, what do we know so far?

We reported six separate stabbings in Humboldt County over a 12-day period. Yep, that’s an average of one stabbing every two days. Of those incidents, two of them resulted in multiple people with stab wounds, and one of them resulted in death.

Number of Reported Stabbing Incidents: 7
Number of People Reportedly Stabbed: 10
Number of Stabbing Deaths Reported: 1

Y’know what would be helpful here? A map.

Click on the markers for more information:

Here are the stabbing stories we’ve covered this year. To make it easy, we put all of the stories under the days the stabbings happened rather than the days the stories came out.

February 4:

Man Stabbed; Law Enforcement Asks Public’s Help Locating Suspect

February 7:

Male Stabbed in Eureka

February 9:

Victim With Multiple Stab Wounds to Knee Cap

Motive Still Unknown in Last Night’s Home Invasion/Stabbing Case

Suspects Free on Bail in Stabbing/Home Invasion Case

February 13:

Homicide in Hoopa

Suspect Named in Homicide

February 14:

Valentine’s Day Stabbings in Eureka, EPD Searches for Suspect

February 15:

[UPDATE: Confirmed] Stabbing in Hoopa, Medical Crews at the Scene

February 19:

Woman With Life Threatening Injuries

More on the Woman Found Badly Injured in Fortuna This Morning

Fortuna PD Says Friday’s Stabbing Wasn’t ‘Random’

We’ll continue to update this page as we hear about more stabbings. Although, let’s be honest here, it would be nice if we didn’t have update this post very often…

But now it’s time to ask our readers a question. What other things do want us to track? Hash lab explosions? Homicides? Helicopter sightings? Mysterious booms? Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and feel free to guess why we’ve had so many stabbings recently.



  • Time to start registering knives. Ban to follow.

    • Ullr : You are correct my fellow friend. Knives kill people, according to the liberal logic we should immediately institute a ban on any knife over 1 inch in length. Require people to license their knives and have a data base on all knife owners, Sounds stupid ? Yes it does, same with guns. “satire”

      • Its sad and pathetic that you are too dim to grasp, “the liberal logic”, (its just logic).

        Different items have differant killing potential. For example, although you could kill someone with a toothpick, it is vastly inferior to an automatic rifle, in killing potential. I understand it may be a difficult concept for you, but many people find this to be obvious.

        Maybe a hypothetical question would illuminate things for you. Do you think that our military should use rocks instead of modern weapons? Why not, rocks can kill people?

        A firearm allows a person to kill many people, from a distance, with almost no physical effort.

          • Thanks for these links! What a wealth of information… af

          • 8 times more deaths from firearms than knives according to your own link. Im not a part of the mass shooting hysteria, rifles aren’t really a problem, handguns are the problem.

            Nice strawman attempt though, very pro-gun of you.

            • Ummmm… you held up the proverbial rifle as an example, I just put it in a factual context. Knives are the tool of homicide 5:1 over rifles. The opposite with regards to handguns.

              • No, you did not put what I said into a factual context, that would have been comparing automatic rifles to toothpicks, not knives.

                Of course, beacuse gun laws work and automatic rifles are illegal, they aren’t used much in crimes. Not this it matters, my comment was comparing killing potential of differant items.

            • Continueing the research, I discovered that if the gun free zones & towns (like Chicago) were banned, America would actually drop to the bottom of the OMG list.
              Sitting duck galleries are the number one threat, not tools.

        • I think the idea of liberal versus conservative is a false dichotomy used obfuscate the real underlying conceptual dynamics.

          I’m generalizing: those that want various weapons banned see the State as an instrument of protection against the unwanted aggressions of humans, organized or not.

          Those who do not want weapons banned see those tools as a means of self protection, and, ultimately, self responsibility for their welfare and well being.

          Humans have been killing each other forever. One tool removed from the arsenal will not change that. Personally I have no desire to have an omnipotent State that can assure my every need and secure my body and belongings against unwanted intrusion. That is my responsibility.

          • Those that want to see various weapons banned, see the state as a vehical for limiting the killing potential readily available to people (who as you say been killing each other forever)

            The idea that a firearm is a resonable tool for self protection is based in ignorance. It is more lily that someone in your family will be shot with the firearm than an intruder. Of course, handguns are not the only way to defend your home.

            A state can never assure every human need and that is not what progressives want. Recognition of two simple facts; humans have always been subject to temporary lapse of sanity/violence and likely will be for the foreseeable future, different items have differant killing potential, leads one to the obvious conclusion that some items should be restricted.

            • WhoAreThesePeople?

              “Guns don’t bother me. Idiots with guns bother me.” -Charles Bronson

              Why are we bringing guns to a knife-fight?

            • Think of a different, perhaps not to distant future, where the whole thing gets all Hollywood on us. That’s when it’s all about personal responsibility, your going to be responsible for food and security with a knife. Others with firearms, maybe some with drones and energy weapons from beneath bunkers.

            • ….and you’re more likely to hit yourself with a hammer if you have hammer’s around. It’s a tool.

              • Yep, but you have a lot less chance of seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else, with a gun, than a hammer. A hammer is a tool for more than just killing people. And if you carry a hammer (or a handgun) all the time, everything starts to look like nails.

      • you mean just like the UK?

  • It’s sad we have a tally running for stabbings.geeze people what’s happening here.Humboldt has become unrecognizable.STOP the insanity

    • stabbibgs going on and on in ARCATA N EUREKA since i bin here in 1988…they just were not reported. my frind DOUG unarmed was stabbed to death on street by wildberrys on thanksgiving 2013 n the DA says its manslaughter n 2 yrs for it. seems like ‘the sysyem’ doesnt care even if reported….SAD

  • How about all the good things that go on here.Surely we have some?right

    • I second this one…a running list of all the good for us to go to when the bad news gets us down would be great!

    • Yeah, let’s track some good stuff. Random acts of kindness Maybee.

    • u mean some arkley performance or the trucker parade? i’m proud we demonstrate against MONSANTO regularly

    • Great idea…and of course lots of great, positive events/things happen here, more so than most places in this country.

    • Absolutely! My son lives in Arcata and I love to visit the area. The Farmers Market in the Plaza and the Kinetic Races are great! I like the area so much that I would move there today if there were any jobs.

  • Kim,

    Thank you for this! It really helps to put things in perspective when you see the actual numbers. Sometimes, a problem seems worse than it is, or the opposite, until you actually look at the bigger picture.

    Along those lines, I would love for you to track all of the heroin and meth busts of more than an ounce. There’s been a disturbing trend going on at the Sheriff’s office for several years now, where they jail the small time dealers and pile on bail, but immediately release the guys caught with multiple pounds, usually without even charging them bail. I think it would be helpful for the community to see this trend, because it’s extremely disturbing. Something stinks to high heaven in the Sherriff’s Department and it clearly involves the influence of the drug cartels.

    • WhoAreThesePeople?

      Perhaps it’s because the people making and distributing the pounds of meth have familiar surnames. Like names that coincide with our local politicos and landowners. If I recall correctly, the last big meth bust was a guy named Hiller. Doesn’t his family have a road and a park named after them?

  • Well done! Tracking and mapping local brush/forest fires would be great too (ones occuring in and near our towns, like on the Peninsula, in greenbelts, etc).

  • Track catch and release repeat offenders. Put the top revolvers names at the top.

  • I’d like to see tracking of violence without labels. The tidy labeling is misleading. Tools are not the problem, the behavior is. There’s been a tremendous upswing in overall violence as more & more people loose hope & prosperity. Perhaps an economical chart combining the upticks between the two. Hopeless desperation & violence go hand in hand, not tools & violence.

    • Yes, it’s not the criminal’s fault but their upbringing, economy and sense of “hopelessness.” Spend millions more on mental health outreach, right? Absurd. People are responsible for their actions! Start tracking liberal insanity. No, that would break the computer.

      • You have the child-like (conservative) notion that thier are good guys and bad guys.

      • People are responsible for their actions only if they have learned to be; that is, only if they have been taught it and rewarded for it. Personal responsibility is not an innate skill. This is particularly true of personal SOCIAL responsibility.
        Whether we are sharing a play ground or a bunker, we’re all in this together. And this is what I think is missing in the “conservative” viewpoint. af

        • WhoAreThesePeople?

          Logic, reason, love, and intelligence are what the “conservative” viewpoint is missing.
          They voted for Reagan, then complain that the 5150s are all over the place. Reagan defunded mental health facilities, putting the problem in our faces.

          They voted for Bush, then complain that the homeless are all over the place. Bush started a series of wars, taxes, scams, taxes, police states, taxes, more wars, more taxes that drained the American people of resources and assets and redirected them to his buddies in the banks and oil companies.

          They’re voting for Trump. ‘Nuff said.

      • When the upticks tick up, there’s usually a strong correlation underfoot. You prefer tidy labels, I prefer fact. It’s the offender, not the tool.
        I reserve my right to label boxes for commenters, however. I know, I know, it’s not the commenter, it’s the keyboard. Keyboard violence is also on the upswing. Must be the knife violence. No, wait, it’s the gun violence. No no no, it’s the desperation & anger over economics and losses of liberties combined with violent keyboards that drive them insane. There it is, a tidy label. Happy now you keyboard abusers?

  • stabby mcstabbers

    It would be great to track how many stabbings were between folks who knew each other &/or had an altercation prior to said stabbing. How many random stabbings is the question I guess. And if random were they linked to gang initiation.

    Chinese new year Year of the Monkey just beginning, it may bring lots of wacky craxy stuff,
    even if you think its crap its not a bad idea to read about, its interesting&somethings to be said for a 10,000+year cultures calendar that survived the global take over by calendars based on the sun.

    Also knives are easier to get, way less expensive, and less jail time than guns, in fact its the most popular weapon in jail, can make your own.
    And easy to grab in your kitchen, have seen it happen at house parties when I was young.
    It honestly reminds me of the latino gangs I lived around in LA, and I wonder if this is signaling an uptick in latino gang activity in our area.
    Its just a part of gang life, from what I saw, & if we dont want that element growing here it would be good to let your local law enforcement know your concerns. I would rather that element stayed south personally, they solve their issues with violence and have done so for so many generations now that its not a behavior you can just tell them to stop. Its a pride thing as well in gang culture,my friends who were killed by latino gangs in my youth used a knife every time.

  • Probably because the cops have been catching so many people with guns lately so the people that have guns are keeping them.put away and using a more stealth mode. Idk just a guess.

  • I mean there was a lot of shootings after that gun store was broken into in eureka but the police have recovered most of those guns now.so knives are more available to people who are pissed of and probably high on drugs. I noticed a lottt of people are on heroine maybe thats the issue.

  • If it had been 9 shootings, would there still be only 1 death?

  • Tracking: I’d like to see Wild Critter sightings.
    Stabbings: Certainly quieter than a gun; more easily concealed; significantly shorter range; smaller carbon foot-print; cheaper and reusable, and one need not get a permit to carry. I also think a knife requires more forethought to use, and that extra time might cause a rethinking of the need to stab somebody.
    Since murderous actions are (to me) a sure sign on mental health deficits, I think they are important to track both en masse and broken down to geographic areas (town/rural) and choice of weapon.
    Keep up your excellent work! af

    • 100% agree. The desire to kill someone for any reason other than self defense is, to me, a mental health issue. I don’t understand the desire to permanently injure another person. But then I have never been mad enough to even slap someone. Let alone to do actual harm.

  • We really have wonderful things here,artists of everything,painters,jewelry,dancers,so many talented people here,folks who help others,we need to stop pointing out all the negative and let’s start on the positive.were great people here we just need to expose it,all the beauty that surrounds us!!

  • i’ve been reading this blog for a year or so, never has anyone mentioned Pelican Bay
    Prison as a significant influence on crime in Humboldt. there are ‘support’ systems
    in this county and Mendo county based in gang violence as problem-solvers.
    the deep violence in the prison system doesn’t stop at the gate, nor the physical. I
    lived near the Florence, AZ prison complex and the dark, violent energy in the area
    was thick, palpable. Pelican Bay’s SHU houses pain and suffering and anger, not just bodies.
    think about it.

    • So true and sad, prisons are alters to human suffering, this may sound strange but while is spent my youth sleeping in those places I used to have visions of weird creatures that lived underneath them feeding on the suffering like it was something I was sure of that they where real. Once when I worked in the kitchen in SQ I ended up getting locked in a basement under the chow hall that was a huge cavern of fenced off areas and bricked in walls. I felt the things strongly there and smelled them. I’m not sure if they are demons or aliens, or what.

  • Drug related fires (hash lab, meth lab, electrical for grow scene, etc) vs. all non-drug related fires
    And what Christopher, Shak and Bob suggested above.
    Also, not quite sure how this would go, but something about business turn-over. How many businesses, and where, are opened and closed every month in HumCo.

  • I’m curious about developments in some of the doggie doings. For instance, the botched amateur amputation; the backyard escapee who showed aggression at the neighbor’s when a cop was there (and shot him); the impounded dog who was stolen (liberated?) from the shelter; etc.
    Is it possible to follow-up on any of these and similar stories?

  • There was another one yesterday that I heard on the scanner but never saw or heard about again. I called it in to kmud but i guess they couldn’t track it. Kym? ( this was tuesday AM)

  • Welcome to shankville USA!

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