Valentine’s Day Stabbings in Eureka, EPD Searches for Suspect

EPD Eureka Police Department BlurAt approximately 12:50 this morning, Valentine’s Day broke red when two victims, including one off-duty correctional officer, were stabbed outside the Pearl Lounge on Second Street in Eureka.

According to Sgt. Shawn Sopoaga of the Eureka Police Department, one victim was reported to have stab wounds to the chest and abdomen as well as defensive wounds on his arm. The second victim was stabbed in the back.

“Both of their stab wounds were not critical,” Sgt. Shawn Sopoaga said.

Eureka Police Department is searching for a suspect last seen running westbound in the alley. At this time, Sopoaga said, there were conflicting statements from witnesses so he was unwilling to name the suspect or give a description.



  • Did he work in the county jail,if so he might have picked up a beef with an inmate.

  • Are knives covered by the second amendment? With all of the stabbings and knife wounds going on it makes me wonder how any new laws will solve anything, but it is becoming obvious that something needs to happen.

    The real problem lies within human nature. A knife, a rock, a bomb or even a nail can kill someone. Changing the right to bear arms laws will only take away our right to protect ourselves from this increasingly violent society.

    The Garberville Sheriff’s office is still under-staffed, and the natives are restless. I’m begining to wonder how safe Humboldt Co. really is.

    • The contract reads that all individuals are self governing, except those who literally hurt others. This assures the bad individual is dealt with, not the whole country. The right to life, liberty, property & happiness remains intact even if some weirdo escapes their moral compass.
      It’s not the tool, like you said, that did intentional harm. It’s not the masses, like innocent individuals shout. It’s the individual. The state was given the power to dole out consequential ramifications to the individual who broke the contract. The innocent retain their innocence.

    • Different items have differant killing potential. For example, although you could kill someone with a toothpick, it is vastly inferior to an automatic rifle, in killing potential. I understand it may be a difficult concept for you, but many people find this to be obvious.

      Maybe a hypothetical question would illuminate things for you. Do you think that our military should use rocks instead of modern weapons? Why not, rocks can kill people?

      Human nature, or human culture, is something we can work on improving, it may well take thousands of years to eliminate violence and temporary insanity. In the meantime, we can make resonable limits to the killing potential we allow citizens to possess.

      Self defense is a human right, thing is, statistics tell us that it is more likely, you or a member of your family will be harmed by a firearm in your home, than defended by it.

      • Thank you. By using your logic I need a full automatic weapon to properly protect myself.

        The jury is still out on whether a person is safer with, or without a weapon. It is a logical idea that a criminal is less likely to enter an armed home than an unarmed home. You are welcome to be defenseless if you want to be. I understand why you don’t want anybody to know who you are.

        Plus, I have a dog that would pee all over the floor and make an instruder slip and fall anyway.

  • Nobody important wants to change the right to own guns in America. You don’t need to worry about that made up allegation. It’s ridiculous and fear mongering.

  • Not very safe Ernie it seems it be wise to carry these days especially in hupa ,but really it’s just everywhere we live in very uncertain times murder may ham runNing rampent when will it get better . Would luv to read a article about meth busts or heroin oh but they get o/r d

  • Bar brawl and no one is talking, what’s the off duty officer’s involvement. Ummm

    • Maybe he saw some if his clients, and they decided to teach a cop a lesson? Perhaps he came to the aid of someone else? Maybe you shouldn’t jump to it’s the Officers fault conclusion?

      • Jacqueline, it was not the fault of the officer that was stabbed. It was the fault of the person who did the stabbing. One of the victims is my nephew. MS 38#, thank you for the show of support. We appreciate it very much.

        • I hope your nephew, and friend both have a full recovery. A. is a good guy. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fist fight. Everybody shook hands, and kept drinking at the same establishment? Only pussies pull out wepons. They are ashamed of being put in their place.

  • Knowledgable Source

    The Pearl is a popular hang out for law enforcement and prosecutors. There has already been a brawl involving cops and a girlfriend prosecutor. For Eureka it is more upscale than most of the other drinking establishments. I don’t think this is typical Old Town Eureka crime. Let’s find out more about this one.

    • old town observer

      What you say about the Pearl seems accurate, when I have been out late and near there I have several times been eyeball to eyeball with some of the Pearl customers and been pretty alarmed at their belligerence and ready to rumble vibe.

      I am not surprised someone got stabby with them, I am surprised street scuffles don’t happen there more often…then again, would we hear about them?

    • What girlfriend prosecutor? is this a known fact, or a rumor?

  • Eureka, California’s second most violent city just behind Oakland.

    • Nope.

      You didn’t read the study.

      Oakland is the most crime-ridden city, and Eureka is the second most crime-ridden city on the basis of your chances of being a victim of crime. That includes non-violent crimes, so your claim that Eureka is the second most violent city is ludicrous.

      In the violent crime section:

      Eureka has 5.79 violent crimes per 1000 people.
      Stockton (#4 in this study) has 15.74 violent crimes per 1000 people.
      Richmond (#11 in this study) has 10.93 violent crimes per 1000 people.

      Eureka is only second due to your odds of being a victim of a crime, including non-violent crimes.

      Take another look at the study. It’s right here:

  • Nice that no one has bothered through all this dribble to say I hope that both victims of this violent stabbing will heal and be ok.

    • Humble One, thank you for the thought. One of the victims is my nephew, and has been out of surgery for about an hour and a half. Both of the victims are going to recover, after a lot of healing time.

  • This is what happens when you delegate your Responsibility’s to some one els for money. Do you really think most peace officers are going to risk their lives for the pay check they get, would you? The reason a lot of people get killed with their own guns is they ether don’t have the fortitude to use it when needed or they don’t know how to use it, either way they should not have one to began with. If you’re going to own a firearm (which I think everyone that is competent should) then train with it and learn to respect it.By the way Automatic guns have been illegal in CA for a long time and most guns in the military now days are select fire because 90% of the time auto fire is nothing more then a waist of bullets.

  • Automatic firearms are technically legal in Calif. You can go to the Calif. dept. of Justice and get an application, but it will be denied, this is for private citizens. Police departments and many gun manufactures in Calif. make and shoot full automatics all the time.
    If fully automatic weapons were completely illegal in Calif., the movie industry would be hurt.
    Also prior to 1986, there were several thousand registered owners of fully automatic weapons in the state. When the owners died, and the person who inherited the the automatic weapon could and did have the weapon legally transferred, even if they lived in Calif. The number and names of these people who still have full automatic weapons in Calif. is kept secret, for good reason,so the public has no idea how many of these weapons are still in the State.
    My Masters Degree thesis(geography) was on Gun control in Calif.
    There are now 3 companies that provide fully automatic weapons to the movie industry and one private individual(whom I know personally), that has a current permit to purchase fully automatic weapons in Calif.
    He was the last private individual to issued a permit by the State and the State admitted that it was a mistake.
    Also, know matter what state you live in, a private individual can only buy an automatic weapon made before 1986. This means there is a finite supply and they are very expensive.
    Currently,you can buy a fully automatic weapon in most states,restrictions vary by state.
    Crimes committed with fully automatic weapons are very few. When I wrote my thesis, there were only two crimes committed with legally owned automatic weapons, one of these was a cop who killed his informant, both crimes were committed in Ohio.

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