Fistfight Preceded Stabbing, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty: (See previous story here.)

EPD Eureka Police Department BlurOn 02/14/16, at about 1:00 a.m. officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon call at the Pearl Lounge. Upon arrival, officers learned that two people had been stabbed following a verbal dispute which escalated to a fist fight on the sidewalk in front of the bar.

Two men were involved in the initial fight, which was quickly broken up by bouncers from the Pearl. Employees from the establishment asked the involved parties to leave and encouraged them to do so in separate directions.

Shortly thereafter, one of the men involved in the initial dispute and a friend walked out the back door of the Pearl and were reportedly confronted by several men. Another fight broke out resulting in two men being stabbed. The remaining participants fled the scene prior to law enforcement arrival.

The two stabbing victims were transported to St. Joseph Hospital.

Anyone with information regarding this matter should contact the Eureka Police Department Criminal Investigations Section at 441-4300, or Sgt. K. Howden at 268-5261
K. Howden

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    • Every individual has the right to have a good time without living in fear of being attacked or threatened. You probably won’t understand tho, since we are all either “the hot dog or the bun”.

      • here ya are, .

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      • Give it a rest with hot dog ………

      • When SHTF, bacon fest

        Serves him right, doesn’t he know he isn’t a welcome member of normal society anymore? He now is a member if the law and order scene and they don’t have friends even amongst themselves.

        • Your comments are deplorable. I can only hope you were attempting to only get a reaction from others and that this doesn’t really represent how you truly feel. These were two couples enjoying a night out with friends. They were abruptly approached by a nut bag whose only purpose was to initiate a fight, not even knowing these people. This person was not known to the friends. I hope you are never put in this position where you are almost killed, for no reason, other than to glorify a nut bags affiliation. I hope the young men who were assaulted make a speedy recovery and that the nut bag or bags are found and prosecuted. We are not safe anywhere anymore! Think about that for awhile people!

        • 1. I fail to see how it is his fault. It would seem there was a fair fight that he won. Then someone got butt hurt, came back with a wepon, and lay in wait.
          2. His friend wasn’t law enforcement. So it would seem he does have friends in “normal society “.
          3. Most LEO’S consider one another friends. Hence the moniker “Blue Bloods”.
          4. People who think like you are what’s wrong with society.

  • As the owner of the Pearl, I just wanted to clarify that the fight was outside of the Pearl and the suspect who did the stabbing assaulted the two men who were having a cigarette outside. In response, they gave the assailant a smack down. Our staff then came out to break the fight up. The two men were asked to wait inside while we ran the original assailant off. He then went around the block and waited for them on F street, where the stabing occurred . Our security went to make sure the perpetrator was gone and found the stabbing victims and assisted them while we called police. Pearl patrons had no idea there was anything happening but due to the situation we decided to clear everyone out and close the bar so EPD could do their job. We are wishing a speedy recovery to the victims. Anyone with info please call the EPD to help them get this loser and lock him up!

    • This is an out and out lie Alex. You are covering your ass and the business. Your bouncers sent them out back without checking to see if anyone was there and your bouncers did not go with them outside to make sure they were safe to leave. Shady to say the least. You and your business are liable and culpable

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thank you Alex for your update. May the folks stabbed recover and the assailants be apprehended.

  • So this guy is a giant P. Got his a$$ handed to him. Then came back with his buddies and a wepon. Congratulations boys you all have successfully showed us how pathetic you actually are! I hope they find you soon. You are the result of the participation medal generation, and can’t stand loosing.

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