Eureka Named 2nd Most Dangerous City in California…In 2014

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 5.22.42 PMWhat’s this? A list of the “20 MOST DANGEROUS CITIES IN CALIFORNIA” from some website called Home Security Shield. Yikes! And Eureka is number two. Uh-oh, we better let people know. Let’s just check the date on this. September. Ok, it’s a little old. 2014. Wait, what!?! It’s almost a year and a half old. Why is this on our Facebook feed now?

That’s what went through our heads earlier. This “listicle” has been making its way around Facebook locally.

Well, we did a little digging, and this story was dealt with a long time ago. LoCO’s Ryan Burns pointed out when the list came out that the stats used are misleading. For one, the stats are from 2012, and the system treats everything from petty theft to first degree murder exactly the same.

The truth of the matter is that back in 2012 Eureka had a high property crime rate, while several other cities ranked above Eureka in violent crime.

We did a quick Google search for the “most dangerous cities in California.” The first thing that popped up is called “These Are The Ten Most Dangerous Cities in California.” It’s from October of 2015, and Eureka isn’t even on that list.

Now, we aren’t going to claim that Eureka isn’t dangerous. We’re just going to point out that the FBI says these ranked lists made from their data are misleading.

Why do stories resurface on the internet months or years after they’ve lost their relevance? We may never know. But remember, don’t trust everything you read on the internet and check your freakin’ dates.



  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Thanks for the clarification! When you live in an area that has less folks than say Oakland, and the statistics are not delineated it is easy to go “Oh, my ” hair on fire about an internet headline.

  • Anyone can say anything on their websites for any number of reasons: political or just for clicks and advertising exposure. The more sensational or overstated the more it will generate hits.

    Crime statistics typically run about year behind. It just takes that long to collect and process the data. Because it comes into the State Attorney General or FBI from so many different law enforcement agencies, not all may keep records consistently or submit them timely.

    Generally crime is reported as property or violent crimes, but in California you can break those down into sub groups and locations here:

    • What surprised Oliver and I was how many people commented and even shared on Facebook without really reading even the headline let alone the article. It tells me we’ve got to be super clear about what we’re posting.

      • I am really impressed that you took the time to look behind the headlines. Misleading stories and bogus “scientific” studies are everywhere, even on some of the most reputable sites and They prey on the public’s fear in order to get viewers/readers. I spend way too much time researching this stuff but I do because I am on a relentless search for accurate information. Since I did research while in university, I find the studies and delve deep. I had just completed looking in to this one when I saw your article which came to the same conclusions I had. Thanks again for this. It is so rare!

  • its = belonging to it it’s = it is

  • Well.let me see in 24hours humbolt just north humbolt had 1high speed chase with a naked man running from the vehicle 2roberys 2stabbings and 1murded not to mention ? Vehicle wrecks because humbolts got about the worst drivers ok have ever seen
    For a town this size that is alot of activity

    • sharpen your pencil

      Anyone can look at one day or week under a magnifying glass and say everyday is like this, however if your ignorant enough to take that stance we all know what category to throw you into.

  • Statistically and per capita if Bridgeville had one homicide in a year it would be the homicide capital of California.

  • With all the drug addicted homeless around Eureka I still see our city as dangerous, especially at night when all of the two-legged cockroaches come out to rob, burglarize and steal. The worst of the bunch seem to congregate at the McDonald’s on the north end of Eureka and behind Wal-Mart. I can see why Bayshore Mall has an armed security force with K-9 units. It’s not getting better either, folks.

    That’s why I joined a neighborhood watch group. and yes, it really does work as long as you keep open communication with your neighbors. It’s up to all of us to work together to keep our city safe.

  • Alot of crimes that gang related are covered up due to agreements between gangs to avoid exposer and Theres different parts too depents what part of Eureka

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