21-Year-Old Woman Alleges Man Sexually Assaulted Her for Hours

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

CaptureOn 2/13/2016 around 08:45 AM Deputies responded to the 24000 Block of Birch Circle in Willits in regards to a sexual assault call. Upon their arrival they contacted the 21 year old victim who reported the suspect assaulted her, against her will, over an approximate 5 hour time frame the previous evening, in her home. The victim indicated the suspect was an acquaintance who was visiting her residence. The victim stated the suspect made threats towards her and her family while committing numerous sexual assaults against her. The suspect left the location upon the arrival of another member of the victim’s family.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detective Unit conducted the investigation and interviewed the victim and witnesses. They ultimately identified and located the suspect, Jedidiah Jones, a 36 year old male also from the Willits area. At the time of the assault the suspect was on felony probation for cultivation of marijuana with the Mendocino County Probation Department. He was subsequently arrested and charged with the above listed violations.

Jones was booked into the Mendocino County Jail and he is being held on a “No Bail” status.

Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Detectives Division via the Mendocino County Tip Line at 707-234-2100.
(Title of Crime/Incident) 261(a)(2) PC [Rape by Force], 288a(2)(a) PC [Forced Oral Copulation], 236 PC [False Imprisonment], 1203.2 PC [Violation of Probation], 422 PC [Criminal Threats], 289(a)(1)(A) PC [Penetration with a Foreign Object]



  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    May the woman be protected from all retaliations and be given a strong support of family, friends and the victim witness advocate with the DA’s office. May she receive medical care to address her needs from the assault and a rape kit obtained. May justice be served. So sad to read of her being assaulted. May he not get out on bond, but be held in the jail until his trial.

    • This guy is innocent. It’s a set up. Woman are victimized all the time, and that is inexcusable, but this man is no rapist. Praying the truth will come out

  • I was raped by my then husband 15 yrs ago, repeatidly. That never came out in trial, i was too embarrassed to say anything. This slimballs defense will be” she let him in…” gauranfucking tee u. Lived it. Know it. Nightmares still, begging for my life. Prayer is my life now. Be strong lady, pray.

  • I hope she can recover and move forward with her life, very disturbing.

  • Peace, strength and community support be with her.

  • You bastard. Lowest of the low

    You’ll get your just due

  • I wish Humboldt would use this phrase more often… ““No Bail” status.”

  • Guilty before proven innocent, eh? I wonder what percentage of reported sexual assaults are fabricated attempts at retaliation, happens all the time.

    • “This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty”. Papa Sancho, your comment makes you look like a scumbag and I have a feeling this has happened to you. The percentage of Sexual Assaults far outweigh the percentage of False Accusations.

    • One of the best guys Ive ever know was accused of sexual assault against one of his students. The student had made inappropriate statements to him previously, which he reported to the principal and the parent were aware of. Then she made the accusation. 3 months later she admitted that it was all fabricated and she was infatuated with him after meeting with a counsler. By then it was too late, just the actuation alone had destroyed his life, he and his wife had to move and he changed careers so he would never have to face a similar situation.

  • Unfortunately this happens too often and has been going on for many years. My grandmother was sexually assaulted when she was 20 years old. She allowed a guy, who was a friend of our family, to stay in their house while he awaited to move into an apartment. While grandpa was away working the guy raped my grandmother several times. She never reported it nor told my grandfather. Years later after my grandfather died she told my father. My father sat me down and told me what had happened to his mother. He then, in his most scary strong voice, directed me to NEVER allow any man to stay with me in any unprotected place. Not even with my roommate present. I will definitely heed his advice. Sadly we cannot trust all men and especially young men to be respectful of women in vulnerable situations,i.e. drugs, alcohol. And why is the question. I have researched this and the only evidence I found that made sense is some human men (males of all species) cannot control their instinctual genetics in a cultural environment where these instincts are immersed in constant stimulation. It’s like commanding a species to never attempt to propagate. Like the motivation to murder (dominate males will kill rivals of all sorts) the behavioral instincts are too strong to control. Society will never impose a deterrent to sexual assault as it has not found punishment for the taking of a life. The only prevention is for women to protect themselves. You can’t teach genetic behavior. And most importantly this maybe the reason, but is in no means an excuse.

  • If (some) human males cannot be trusted to walk among us without RAPING, then they should be confined.

    Living as a female in this society restricts the ‘freedoms’ you males take for granted.

    The stats are 1 in 4 women are raped during their lifetimes. Why should a person live in fear just because of their gender? Why should a person restrict their experiences and lifestyles just because they are born XX? Why should a person be *on alert* at all times just because we live in a culture where we are viewed as meat socks?

    • That stat is complete bullshit. Its been well refuted. The figure includes unwelcome sexual advances, including verbal (there are other problems as well)

      I have never heard the idea that walking around without having to consider self defense is a freedom.

      People shouldn’t live in fear because of their gender, that’s a strawman argument. You dont have to live in fear to exercise due diligence. I hope you dont lock your doors or wear a seatbelt out of fear. Anyone, regardless of gender (I think you mean “sex” as in biological sex. A 6’4″ 280lb, biological male, can be a “woman”, in terms of gender) can be a victim and has a responsibility to see to their own safety.

      “Why should a person restrict their experiences and lifestyles just because they are born XX?”

      They shouldn’t, now if they are relatively smaller and weaker than a large portion of the population, then they need to reconize that that makes them a more attractive victims, this is true for males or females. I know a smaller guy who feels he has to take extra precautions because he is a more attractive victim than a large male. (especially when hes traveling)

      If females were viewed as “meat socks” then we wouldn’t be having this conversation and this guy wouldn’t be charged with a crime.

      Why should jewelry stores or banks have to lock thier door and have alarms? Do we live in a burglary culture where burglary is normalized and accepted?

  • If this creep cannot control his “instinctual genetics” perhaps he should lose his instrument of aggression. Removing a hand was suggested as a deterrent to the kid stealing the ‘tip jar’. Put him out of his misery.

  • This is very close to where a convicted sexual offender murdered Kayla Grace Chesser. So sorry for her hope they lock this guy up and have some people do to him what he allegedly likes doing to others.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    “This guy is innocent. It’s a set up. Woman are victimized all the time, and that is inexcusable, but this man is no rapist. Praying the truth will come out”, if indeed the young woman is lying about being raped over a long period of time, my hope is that her false accusations are revealed and then she faces the legal consequences.

    And if her proof of rape is founded via the rape kit and dna evidence, then may she have her justice.

    While there are cases of false reporting of rape, my prayer is that in the end justice is served.

    For the accused and the victim.

  • Can we get the followup? Victim was, once again, the alleged Perp, and the real felon was…oh wait. False accusations of rape are only prosecuted One-Way. We need to start printing the names and faces of women who falsely cry “rape”, perhaps even a national database? “Hi, whats my name, you want me to buy you a drink? Sure, Missy, but 1st, can I get a thumbprint verification real quick on Fakerape.com?”

    He still deserves to be slapped for that haircut tho. Willits boys. *sigh

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