Suspect Named in Homicide

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

CaptureBased the ongoing HCSO investigation into this mornings’ homicide in the Hoopa Valley, detectives have named Gearold Sotolongo aka Roldo Pratt as a suspect and he is now wanted for that homicide.

Sotolongo is described as 30 year old Native American male, 5’8, 225 lbs, black shoulder length hair and a full beard. Sotolongo was last seen in the area of the Alameda Trailer Park on Highway 96.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or Detective T. Fulton at 707-268-3646

Earlier Chapter: Homicide in Hoopa



  • Look close. I see a kid,angry, shitty parents, probably the most wretched upbring ever. No excuse, just an explanation. I pray he gets the help and mentoring lacking his whole sad life.

    • I see someone who took a fellow human beings life. No one should get away with ending someone else’s future. I understand where you are coming from and yes it is sad to think of how some people have horrible upbringings. however, there are plenty of people who have been there and survived. These people end up making something good of their lives. If he took someone’s life he should be punished.

  • Fuck maybe it was good for the guy u don’t know how is life was for him so you can’t say shit about him just saying all of u are bitchs anyways all I see is a good man and one that don’t take shit from no one

    • He will be both taking, and ging shit when he gets to priz. ayyyyyyyyyyyy i just say.

    • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    • Nope… I see a bitch ass punk who killed a good man…a good man who loved his life and his family and was always happy….this punk had to jump him cuz he knew he couldn’t take him on one on one…

      • Was he always happy? He suffered from mental issues and refused to take his medication… prescribed medication. He self medicated with street drugs which led to his battles with addiction issues. His family became the “enemy” when they tried to help him. I agree that he was (at one time) a good man and I believe that the good was still in him when he passed away. I also believe/know he heard voices and those voices were evil and he did things he wouldn’t have done had he been mentally balanced. My point is this… We have many people in Humboldt who suffer from mental issues or disease… many in need of help! Yet how many of us know how or where to go to get them help? How many of us even know what the signs are for some one who may be mentally unbalanced, if there are any? How many of our young people do we have to lose before we start looking for the real problem? Drugs? Alcohol? Or could it be more like what is going on with a person that they turn to drugs or to drinking… What is wrong or going on in our communities that our children can’t deal with unless they are high? We are losing our children… suicides, drinking and driving, drug over doses, and now like this… OUR children are dying!!
        May you fly with the angels, Rog… Forever loved and never forgotten!

    • No one can judge another perspective . You never know what another person has gone though, it’s real.

  • Someguyyoudontknow

    All you motherfuckers shut the fuck up my brother is a good man and the best brother i dnt think he did it he dnt pull knives like a punk he handles his shit with hands like real men do

  • Such anger. So much saddness. How can we heal. We must get beyond the anger

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    And now we have two families torn apart by the actions of their loved ones. I am saddened that there will be folks hurting in their loss and children without their father. Anger resulting in the loss of life. Children unable to grow up without their dad. Yes, it is very sad. Resorting to call out others and swear to me indicates your loss. Not showing who you are by not using your identity here may be a good thing to protect your family. Sad for both families involved.

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  • I’d like to start by saying my condolences to the family and their loss. I personally believe that nobody has the right to take somebody else’s life other than in self-defense, protecting your family or fighting for my country. I am an elder In the community and it’s sad to see how one person’s actions affects So many people. I know/ knew both of these young men and neither of the two deserve to be where they’re now . Open your eyes and your heart and stop raising your fist let’s see where this goes. I hope that the people investigating do their job and good. I am under the understanding that Gerald has no prior arrest record for violent crimes or possession of any type of Lethal Weapon or has ever been locked up. He just doesn’t fit the type a person that would do something like this. There were other people there nobody knows nothing why is it that on the reservation snitches are b****** and people don’t want to walk around, known as being a snitch. I’m under the understanding that Gerald has not admitted to doing this and it just seems like the work of somebody else. Listen, let’s not fool anybody. These two boys are/were Saints. Rodger Allan Yale has been know to use drugs (a lot) a matter of fact the person that has been writing the blogs (one of his families meber) I’ve seen him sharing a bag with Rodger. Why are you judging others about medical issues or what not when you should be judging youself. In high school both were good kids. Gerold was some times weird probably because of his medication??? but I’ve never seen him hurt anybody. Rodger was known as an instigator and a little bit of a bully but that is normal and a high school atmosphere. My question is what really happened out there? Was Rodger being a bully and somebody came in the defense of Gerald with a knife? Who else was there and do they have priors? Who pulled out the knife. Was anybody drunk or druged? Just remember what it says up top there.

    This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed 
    innocent until proven guilty:
    if you/anybody really wants to help these two out and find the truth and find his murderer you just to get information out there so that the investigators could find what really happened.

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